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Hehe, nice
How about a helmet mounted pirate bandanna or wrap to go with? Maybe a  pirate hat? Just in time for the new pirates of the Caribbean movie? I think so...
Happy Birthday :)
Very nice, good seeing people ski even at 80. The snow should stick around to utah for his birthday :)
 Wonders what percent of people under 30 years old in the Usa have no healthcare insurance. My guess is well over the 16% as a whole. There is evidence pointing towards 40~60%. Have fun with a survey asking real people instead of believing whatever the politicians and TV say. They say 16% because however bad its believable.  Reality is much worse than they let on.   OP I really am glad things worked out for you, its too bad the younger generations don't get decent..or...
 I could see a beard gathering if near my local.  You're favoring the biker beardski I see?
 Seconded,  putting ON a lift pass sticker  at my new resort..even tho season pass  vs  ID card/arm band pass makes me feel gaperish   Sticking the pass on your goggle band copying racers isn't bad..tho just plastering a helmet with pass stickers is...bad 
Imitation as the greatest form of flattery perhaps? Just include the aviators and you're set  
 I have to say its eye catching.  Just figure to ski or board with your A game tho   A very interesting design.
I have not skied them, tho I hear they generally hold well on ice/hard snow and good in variable snow conditions. At your height and weight, going up to the longer lengths ~180ish is not a bad idea tho. The nomad line varies tho, you have some range from soft to fairly stiff..Check out reviews from people around your weight that ski hard. Google search for video reviews of different ski lines, then you can see how the reviewers ski.
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