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Wow GB must have really gone over the line with his wife. I hope it was a Scott ice tipped pole soaked in lemon juice. : ) 
A wee bit of a trailer chaps....     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQx_SrKS1sQ
" For the love of God man! " Never Kardashiate! Just look at what happened to Bruce Jenner (aka The Creature! )... Yeah that should scare the crap out of you..
Daniel Craig reportedly suffered a nasty bump on the head while filming a James Bond car chase in Rome, Italy this week. The 007 star was filming scenes for new movie Spectre in the Italian capital on Monday night when he was injured while travelling in an Aston Martin car, which was being driven by a stuntman. Repubblica.it reports Craig banged his head on the car's interior during a chase scene and was treated by a doctor on set, but later given the all clear to...
Something for the self loathing crowd for sure...
 Nah I know what a gathering of mindless narcissists those "events" are. I just like the films.
Budget cuts?  No not even, they have the best deal that there is going for that series.   Finding money for it will never be a problem................... Ever!   They probably have shot all of the Austria scenes and are now into the next location.   Someone made an assumption... LOL
" Dat man B on dah snow again in Austria !....... He gonna fall down! "   Ok I'm sick and into Bond films....So!   http://www.007.com/spectre-announcement/   SPECTRE will be released on November 6th, 2015
Now that sounds like me! Damn
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