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I have read quite a bit about them and have a pair coming. We will see.
I looked at the camera shots last night. Looking forward to the next storm
  I've seen many people wearing Scotts in lift lines over the past few seasons.  
FYIVery busy on thxgiving. Lift line waits and crowded places in town in the evening.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIA6MMOKz24   Poor dog!
Thanks JC , You saved me a pile of money and time. Wow
Don't go down without a fight!
I just got back from two days at Mammoth. Good times, great coverage. Conditions go away after about 1pm when the crud really builds up and large ice spots get exposed. I was surprised at the amount of people during the week. Could be because of the way the season has been so far. If they get snow again. Heck I'll go again. lol
Why the Swiss stay home....Beautiful.! https://bay179.mail.live.com/default.aspx?id=64855#!/mail/ViewOfficePreview.aspx?messageid=92f86313-3e59-4d9d-ad70-db7a0f27dd21&folderid=66666666-6666-6666-6666-666666666666&attindex=0&cp=-1&attdepth=0&n=2115412149
Howdy, I've been out of the loop for a while. I'm up at Mammoth seeing if I really want to ski these conditions. (I'm spoiled by Heli-skiing to much I guess ) Sierra Cement isn't my thing. I got to see a new Rossi ski owner bring in his skis into Footloose with no less than (14) core shots to his skis. No thanks, I'll pass   In a coincidence, Ski manufacturers were here having some sort of demo days for those that are ski shop employed. I saw the whole Scott "The...
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