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"Like DUDE .....TOTALLY...... More things to spend and send money on"  
Thanks, I'll check them out -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  SCARPA® present the new Freedom RS 2015-16.For the first time in Scarpa®'s History, two months before the seasonal fairs, we will show to you all a new "secret weapon" in the plastic collection:that's the new Freedom RS, the freedom boot for powder and big mountains lovers.Tested, proved and...
Well I got a pair of 2014-15 Freedom SLs (no stocking dealers in 200 miles of me) Not for me I have extra large calfs. Too bad.  Nice well thought out design and materials. Walk function was very positive in it's lock up. The boot's lower sizing seems to be just what I was looking for also. Wide and slightly longer for more toe box room. I might look at this model again next year when the prices fall and I can justify modifying them to fit me better. That is if I can...
I have a friend of a friend that does weather forecasting with the use of models. Once you hear how they do it and the many variables that are used in that prediction, you begin the realize just how unreliable the prediction of weather is. Yes beyond fives days is only wishful thinking at best.
I have read quite a bit about them and have a pair coming. We will see.
I looked at the camera shots last night. Looking forward to the next storm
  I've seen many people wearing Scotts in lift lines over the past few seasons.  
FYIVery busy on thxgiving. Lift line waits and crowded places in town in the evening.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIA6MMOKz24   Poor dog!
Thanks JC , You saved me a pile of money and time. Wow
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