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  It's not so much a glut but the price your asking. Not trying to be a dick just set reasonable expectations. First regardless of the condition it's a used ski, just like as soon as you buy a car and drive it off the lot it's instantly worth significantly less. They are also two seasons old at this point which makes them even less, if you go search on Newschoolers that ski was selling for around $600 last year and another season has gone by which means they will sale for...
I think closer to 20' but I'm not the best judge of height. Good news is I'm planning on getting a lesson or two at Taos this week. Hopefully I can work on my drop form some there. I think the bigger factor then the height increase was it was a much more difficult entry then the other stuff I had been  doing. You could either drop the big cornice you can see on my left into the line or take the sneak I was on that required a bit of a hop turn to set up the take off and my...
It was pretty tracked out but I felt I could land it as I was consistently landing stuff in the 10-15 foot range all weekend
I have mixed feelings on that but for arguments sake was he really being that reckless? Anymore so then the people involved in the Steven's pass tragedy?Shane died as a result of an equipment malfunction rather then poor decision making. Yes he was doing something with very high consequences but at that level everything they do is high consequence.
 Ahh I just picked up some radios. Realized they are incredibly useful especially when we have skiers of different abilities in the group. I won't be there till Monday though.  
That's why I might still be interested. Unfortunately I don't have much choice in the matter as that's where I am being stationed next. So I'm there for the next 2-4 years
That's what will PM means  I might be interested as well. Still on the fence as I will shortly be moving to the desert but I will let you know. 
A lot of them simply require a current CaC if you read the fine print rather then stating you must be active duty. I think the intent is often to include DoD personnel. For instance, the $25 pass at squaw, the website only says active duty military but if you watch the promotional video they released the CEO says active duty military and members of the DoD.
I may be returning for the long weekend I will let  you know
 I'm 26 and single which certainly has an impact on my risk tolerance and I'm also an engineer working a desk job.  
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