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The laws are only on tap beer. Bottles are full strength and unregulated in terms of how much they can have. Kinda sucks to not have tap beers but really not that hard. 
 You can do the same thing with goggles now a days. Takes about 1 minute for me to switch out lens and you can get a lens in pretty much any tint imaginable but it was just a note. If you have something that works then by all means keep doing that.
 I also know an adaptive skier that you can't tell when he wears long pants. It's kinda funny to see people glare at us while moving gear around and then see the look of shock when he sits down and takes a leg off   
It's already useful by not being 20 pages long debating whether you should wear one or not. I was skiing with my dad and some of his friends a couple years ago when one of them totally tore apart his ear on a branch, he wears a helmet now just for that. Out of curiosity when was the last time you tried goggles? A lot of companies have helmets specially designed to integrate with their goggles now that might be worth taking a look at. If you just like not having to carry...
 Okay well if you have a background in it that makes a lot more sense. Honestly there are quite a few park skis these days that will work well for you and I know you wanted to stay with the brands you mentioned but none of them with the exception of possibly Scott really make great park skis anymore. If you get on 3point5/promotive you'll have access to High Society that makes a great all mountain ski with park bias that would be pretty much perfect for what you want. You...
Just out of curiosity but when you say you want a park ski what are you planning on doing with it? A pipe ski is a completely different animal then a slopestyle and if all you really want to do is hit the occasional booter and be able to ski switch I wouldn't even bother getting a park focused ski but a twin tip all mountain instead. Unless you plan to start doing a lot of spinning and jibbing you won't really see a benefit  
If your passing through Colorado Springs (Not Sure if your driving or flying) then Phantom Canyon Brewery is pretty awesome. If your into spirits at all the Breckenridge Distillery tasting room is pretty awesome. There bourbon is very good, as well as their vodka and they recently started experimenting with rum.
Don't believe so BD is the only one as far as I know that makes an avalung pack since they own the patent on the Avalung. 
 I remember that year. It was awful, I took up park skiing... It's finally cooling off here in Abq. As recently as this weekend I was still having to run the AC in my car. I shouldn't need the AC in Nov
Whoops I meant to say linked not sure why I wrote published. I haven't published anything on snow science. I can send you a paper on rocket nozzle construction though...
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