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 It's also a little bit of a carve you pressure the inside edge of the outside ski just before the lip which starts you turning than push off as you come to the lip I'm also not sure what you mean by any other take off. If straight airing for a grab or doing a flip your skis should be flat as you go off. The amount you pop (jump) largely depends on the amount of pop the lip of the jump. Some require you pop a lot others you almost have to absorb some of it because they...
The pole plant isn't really necessary. A lot of modern park skiers don't even ski with real poles.  The modern way of doing it is to takes a wide stance and sort of push off with the outside foot. There is a little bit of a carve into it which you definitely need for higher rotation spins but for a 360 you can get away without out it. Now I just need to figure out how to stop rotating backwards as I spin. Had my 3s dialed for two seasons than last year I couldn't land one...
 Consumer reports is hardly reliable they are extremely biased and not many people treat anything  besides their appliances recommendations as a good info 
So I was thinking about this some more today and is it really true that the pros are taking more risks today or is just that we hear about it more. There were quite a few descents in the 80s that have never been repeated. Not to mention people started trying to ski down the 8000m peaks in the late 1970s early 1980s.  
Those prices are pretty outdated everything is at least $10-$20 more expensive now. Copper was $65 a day for active duty last year but I don't know what the price would be for retired. Even than it's one ticket per ID at the window. At the base they will usually allow you to buy multiple tickets.
Do you mean the disk brakes on the center of the wheel? or the clipless pedals?
If you have amazon Claim  by MSP is a great one. I think it was the last film Shane McConkey  appeared in.
Military is $75 per person and his dad should be able to buy tickets through the Academy in the Springs Edit: Also keystone could be an option as well. I would have your dad call the outdoor rec center at the Academy and se what deals they have going on. If you are going in late January you might hit the Snofest which is annual military appreciation week at Keystone and lift tickets are usually heavily discounted. I would avoid Keystone on a weekend but mid week shouldn't...
Three stars also means average according to their scale so 3 stars means neither good nor bad Edit: also that data is based on historical results and past ratings so even if they have fixed reliability issues it wouldn't show in the JD power rating for quite a while
But isn't this why they invented RECO? You don't need a beacon with that   In all seriousness though I think I have worn my beacon a handful of times at the resort and it was because I was planning on going to the practice park they had set up.   Maybe I'll start wearing it more this year. I did used to carry my shovel and probe though because I never took them out of my pack but I have been skiing a lot less with a pack at the resort the last two seasons. 
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