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 I'd add Summit county. Specifically Breck, at least for your base of operations, the town has lots of options for non skiers and free buses run all over summit. They could also take a car and make the drive to Idaho Springs for the hot springs. I would avoid Southern Colorado with the exception of Telluride.
 This year they may have gotten enough snow to bury the wate injected part but usually it all gets scrapped off cuz of skier traffic. The day it's groomed is probably not too bad though. With the exception of the brink and one or two of the jump pitches it's really not any steeper than there single blacks. The Brink is a pretty cool feature though certainly intimidating for people progressing.
Jesus please learn a 360 before trying a 180. 3s are significantly easier and please, please, please start on a small jump. You really don't need a large jump to spin a 3. You may even want to try learning a few grabs first. Also speed is your friend the worst thing you can do is patially rotate and then knuckle the jump, even if you land sideways as long as you make the landing you will e relatively safe.
 Yeah btu that thing is a literal sheet(water injection) of ice the entire season. I was also going to point out that snowbasin at one point groomed the start of the grizzly downhill and that thing is steep. Even steeper than the brink on the birds of prey course. According to patrol the skiers were doing something like 0-85 in about 4 seconds.
ONly risk to putting boots in the roller bag is if they run out of overhead space they will make you check it
Shoudl be fine. Worst case scenario they'll make you check one at no cost. I haven't realy flown on United but that's my experience on everyt airline I have flown on. Not to mention they aren't going to be measuring your stuff so as long as it's not clearly larger than the dimenions no one will say anything.
 Being in the governemnt contracting process I can tell you that the companies are fully aware of what is actually needed but it's significantly easier to get additional funding once a contract is awarded. The hard part is winning it and the governemnt has specific criteria that it judges by and they are tailoring their proposals to be the most competitive under the system. They'll add what the system really needs once they win the contract. It's part of the reason...
Copper would be a decent choice. Frisco is relatively cheap to stay in and the buses run to BReck providing a lot of aditinoal activity options. Only downside to Copper is that the terrain is pretty ability divided. As you go lookers left the terrain gets harder and while this is really nice most of the time, keeps the avanced skiers away from the beginners and vic versa, it does make it difficult for you to break off for a run and meet at the lift.
I'd also go in and talk to the shop. I'm not sure about ski area shops but every shop I have bought demos from the price has been negotiable. They are also likely to start the prices higher than the really want to sell them for just to get the people who will pay to do so and than drop the price after a week or two. Heck I've seen skis drop 100-200 over holiday weekends 
Using a groomer wouldn't help much. Typically the courses are water injected to help prevent ruts forming and a groomer just wouldn't do much. The problem here was it was just plain too warm to do anything about it.
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