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So not the most aesthetic pic but it was fun. Some canyoneering outside of Portland. We repelled down the waterfall behind us.
We have certainly lost a lot of the industry providers but I don't really think that the ski recommendation threads are being neglected any more then usual. Every year around this time we see a flood of them and there are only so many times people are willing to respond with the same info.My only gripe so far is that there has been a significant drop in the amount of unique content being generated but I suspect that it will become self correcting over time. We have lost a...
Mi casa and the Gold Dredge have the best happy hours in Breck. Kenosha used to have a really awesome buffet on Sundays during football season. The dive bar is a pretty good place for drinks, Salt Creek is a good place as well but a bit of a club. Gold Pan and Motherlode are good places to hang out as well. Motherlode has weekly open mike nights  
 Well what your calling tip drop isn't necessarily bad if your coming down matching the pitch of the landing. Ideally your whole ski is touching down at the same time and as long as you aren't so far forward that your going tumbling or sticking the tips into the snow that's better then landing tail first. It means your weight is forward.   
 Honestly I hear people mention all the time how it can be a bear in foul weather but in all the years I drove it there where maybe 2-3 times where I would say it was even moderate. Only once where it was it was pretty nasty and then it was mostly wind/visibility not road conditions. Going up hoosier from the Breck side can get hit hard but they immediately start blowing and keep 1-2 plows just cycling up and down it. Once you get over the pass the storm is rarely bad on...
 Breck is a great town but it definitely has a fairly heavy party orientation for the transient people there. Did you by chance look at Frisco? It's not quite as convenient for skiing but it's cheaper, less about the party and an easy bus ride for when you want to go to Breck and party it up.
 What do you mean by tip drop on landing? And what do you mean turns could be longer spaced out? not sure how a ski would control that...
Breckenridge has a pretty good school, though for a first time lesson I think any of the resorts would be fine.   Beaver creek is the least crowded and has some great green/blue terrain but it is also the furthest away. Breck gets very crowded though it's one of my favorite places to ski. The beginner terrain in particular tends to get pretty crazily busy. Keystone also gets fairly swamped and some of their blues are not the friendliest for beginners because significant...
In addition to those ^^   I would have to know how much I'm expected to put in additionally. Being a co-op I would assume that any short falls or new purchases would be funded by the owners. The resort failing could put me with significant fiscal responsibilities. It could be run like a company though where I simply own "stock" but that has significant legal implications and potentially significant restrictions on who could buy in.
I have spent only a little bit of time in Flagstaff but it was one of the cooler towns I have been too. Gorgeous scenery and the people are attractive too. I could definitely see myself living there. That being said I'm not sure if I only had a year to live in a ski town that's where I would go. Imy guessing that riding is pretty high on the
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