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It's cute that he thinks that no one here has an understanding of business despite the fact that a significant portion of our regular users are business owners. OP if you truly know Smith's manufacturer and they are willing to give you the EXACT same goggle then either something illegal is going on or Smith needs to fire their contracting office. Knowing people is not  equal to access and if you think that manufacturing cost is the only thing that goes into the pricing of...
Going to be honest I'm not really sure what that article is talking about. The town is small and while I have spent very limited time at Winter Park I don't remember there being much of a night life especially if your group is staying somewhere like the YMCA out there. That list seems a little suspect in general. Winter Park/Mary Jane does have fantastic terrain though and usually a pretty solid park if that's your thing.     What are the other destinations that your...
Last season at TSV and Wolf Creek where weird. They both had pretty big Decembers and a decent start to Jan and then it just quit snowing. I moved to vegas in mid Feb and by March my friends were posting pictures of pretty much everything melted out.
Your supposed to be able to register as an associate member regardless. I eventually got to it but I couldn't tell you how to get back there
I've already been accepted as a candidate patroller for Lee Canyon. I start training next month  I also already have climbing gear. I actually like Las Vegas it's just the heat I really don't like. I want it to feel like it's at least beginning to transition come September but oh well.
Schweitzer is a pretty cool mountain. I haven't gotten to ski most of it as I went in a terrible year and most the mountain was closed but it had plenty of beginner and intermediate terrain. They were also surprisingly tolerant of shenanigans but I don't think you need to worry about that with your group   
I'm so jealous of everyone right now. Having moved to Vegas it's still over a 100 everyday here and no signs of cooling off anytime soon... I will continue to dream about my trips back to Colorado while I suffer through this heat.
I was thinking the same thing. I feel like every season I see a thread about Magic Mountain being sold. I had to check the post date to see if this was new or not.
And the view from the South Rim as we get ready to depart. This one is on my Cellphone as we decided a DSLR was too heavy to carry for the trek. My buddy had a gopro which takes surprisingly good photos. I might start carrying one of those for future hikes.   
Stayed at my friend's house in Sedona the night before we headed to the Grand Canyon to do a midnight Rim to Rim hike. Pretty good view.     
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