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I used to have the Epic local and the Rocky mountain Super Pass+. Helped that for military the RMSP is only $259 all in it was less than $800 for both 
If it's just a bruise you can still ski as long as it doesn't bother
Hey I was thinking of hitting up santa fe tomorrow. PM me if interested in meeting up 
Used to be a picnic table at the bottom that  people would sit at just to watch all the people sliding down, it was quite entertaining
Yeah I've seen them run Imperial with what looks like 6 chairs on the rope. It's usually poor viz conditions any way when its like that. A Lot of times you can't see the chair ahead of you.
 While that is some what true the Horseshoe bowl is probably one of the safest places to get introduced to true steep terrain. Lulu's is probably the steepest no hike/no traverse terrain I have seen and it has very low consequence to a fall. As long it's an average snow year there is nothing hit just a really long slide if you are unable to self arrest. That being said Imperial pretty much negated that benefit. I can't tell you the number of people I have seen up in the...
The issue is that you can't put a lift where the T-bar is as Afski mentioned it's too exposed and there is a 45 degree turn. The only place you could run it up would be the Horseshoe bowl which would put the bottom of the lift in a fairly useless place. The t-bar is often running even when Imperial and 6 are closed due to wind. Not to mention it's kind of a fun rite of passage and provides some good entertainment on the way up .  
It is possible and afski gave pretty good descriptions but to be honest that's a lot of lift riding to get there and you waste half the vertical. Not to mention if you want to effectively lap the area you need to take the t-bar.   From Imperial I would hit whale's tail or traverse over to magic carpet/ Sadie's then take the t-bar and hit horse shoe to chair 6 and repeat. You could also take the groomed ridge back over to the bottom of Imperial from the top of the t-bar....
Ridden is on main street in Breck. Haven't been in since they opened about a 1.5 year ago but they had decent prices
Well I got a new truck. Ended up getting a Silverado, went in looking for a Colorado but got everything I wanted in the Silverado for only 1k more and I didn't have to order it.   They ended up giving me 19500 for the Jeep. Not too bad considering I bought it for 25 and spent 4 years beating it up off roading.  
New Posts  All Forums: