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It's a scott voltage fr30 with a totem 2 step air. It's actually an FR/DH bike. The head angle is 65 so not super slack but definitely not all that steep. We ride mostly smooth flowy trails anyways. 
So a little late to the game but I just picked up a new bike for downhilling last week:     Got a good deal and there's still a month left at Angel Fire where I will be almost every weekend now . I'll try to remember to take some pictures when I go this weekend
Just a point of encouragement. Finding the first ski buddy is the hardest, once you find one then you get plugged into their friend network too and can meet their skiing friends. From their it's just kind of a self growing process. Almost all of my current ski buddies are people I meet through skiing with someone else.  
Beyond just changing conditions though is that each level represents a spectrum and it must. Otherwise we would have to take every trail in existence and rank order them so you know exactly where it is. Even if there was a hundred designations there will be one that just barely makes it into the rating and one that just barely doesn't make it out, the former will be an easier X rating and the latter a harder X rating. Even climbing which has the most spate designations I'm...
Buy boots there. They will make sure you get a shell that fits your foot. Out of curiosity are you working for one of the oil companies? 2 weeks on 2 weeks off is a sick work schedule if you are most of the companies I talked to out there want you working 20 days on 10 days off.
They should install a gondola or something for both the rocky mountain and Colorado chairs. That base area has always been bad it got exponentially worse when they installed the gondola and removed all the other parking. Even on none crowded days that area is a sh%# show. E chair, the t-bar, chair 6  and peak 10 usually aren't too bad though the installation of the imperial chair has made 6 a lot busier.  Did peak 6 stay super crowded over the season or did it get a little...
 I agree especially with the upcoming labor day sales OP could very likely find two pairs of skis for the cost of one especially if he's willing to buy old demos. Right now Christy Sports has all kinds of skis for around $400 on sale online and in store labor day sales will likely be even better. I personally like to hit up the Summit County sales but I'm sure there will be lots of good sales all over the state. 
If you search through the threads you will find that now a days a 90-100mm ski is typically used for a single quiver all mountain ski. The Bonafide would be an excellent ski for what you are seeking. There is nothing wrong with going smaller if you really feel a need to but skis in that range will perform very well for what you want.
They are both going to be pretty awful but Spring Break will be better. President's weekend is usually the busiest weekend of the year. If your really worried about crowds unwound head over to Copper
Just keep in mind that there isn't a lot in Pagosa Springs. Any none skiers and pretty much the only thing for them to do is the hot springs which is nice for one day but not multiple.   There also isn't a whole lot of intermediate terrain at Wolf Creek. I'm sure anachronism will pop in shortly and give you a complete run down
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