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My bad
 Not sure what racers you are watching but they typically have a wider then average stance. You need the skis further apart to create the edge angles they achieve, if their legs were close together the inside leg would get in the way. That being said you are correct that when carving on goomers the majority of the weight is on the outside ski but when skiing off piste that is not always true. Powder in particular demands a much more evenly balanced stance. Liquidfeet gave...
will be nice for downhilling as well
 Don't know much about the on the hill rentals but pretty much everything is owned by the resort at this point so not sure there will be much difference between the shops.  
 I know you ended up not needing the locker but I have always left a backpack and shoes at the bottom. Either under a bench or in a corner and never once have I had a problem with my stuff being messed with. The race teams often leave their stuff at the bottom or in a restaurant on the hill. Honestly I worry more about my skis outside then I do about my gear bag in the base area.    
 Except that those jobs are highly competitive. You not only have all the people who want to do what your doing but also all the local teens who don't have to make a living wage from the job and therefore are willing to work for less. Not to mention dinner sever jobs are what everyone wants so that it doesn't conflict with their skiing. I would not assume that you will be able to easily find a job that will allow you to both make a living wage AND not conflict with...
Are you looking for rentals on the hill or just in town? Before we bought our gear my family rented from Blue River Sports for many years and always had a good experience.   Lonestar is also a great ski shop though I have never rented from them but there service has always been good.
 Mountain project is mostly rock climbers which is also a very different group. The truth is that true mountaineers are a very small niche group even then the vast majority are doing single day trips and go out in fair weather.   
 Climbing gear isn't super common but certainly crampons and ice axes. Longs peak has a route where people are normally roped and placing ice screws but more due to exposure then actual climbing. Pyramid peak is another that usually has climbing and there are quite a few others though the routes are the less traveled ones. It's also not that uncommon for lines to require a repel to get into. Obviously this is still a very small subset of the general skiing population and...
 Tons of mountaineering/ice climbing in Colorado. Not so much the glacier travel type of thing but climbing 14ers is very popular in Colorado and many of the mountains have technical routes up them. Most also have an easier way up. PNW also has quite a bit, especially on Rainer. OP seems to be on the right track though. I'm interested to see what the end design looks like.   OP if you need more testers I'm more then happy to help    
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