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You missed the second half of my comment, I was joking. I have never seen a checkpoint for going down. Also not to start a 4x4 debate but it doesn't do anything for you going down. A 2 wheel drive and 4x4 are just as likely to slide off going downhill given equal tires. All cars break with all 4 wheels   
 Yes make sure that you bring blankets and water because they won't let you on the road down and they will quickly run out of hotel rooms up there.  In all seriousness if you get up they won't give you grief coming down the mountain. I don't live there but have done several trips with just FWD rentals up there and as long as we got up never had an issues about us coming down.  
 It's very good. Eaten there several times. 
I'm not sure if it's the first time I dropped a decent sized cliff or the first time I hit a big kicker. Actually the first time trying a 360 on a decent sized kicker was pretty scary mentally.   It largely depends on the snow conditions, the most "difficult" lines I have skied where in good snow conditions so while intimidating I would say they are less scary then  some more tame lines in terrible conditions.  
So can someone explain to me the relevance of measuring the distance of the outside leg to the inside ski in a turn? The nature of creating high edge angles is going to cause the outside leg to move closer to the inside edge. Where the inside ski is in relation to the distal part of the leg would seem to be a more relevant indicator of stance width but then again that would really only apply on a flat surface as the slope of the hill comes into play.   The more I read...
 Well the ski came off during a crash in the park above and managed to run a couple 100 feet before deciding going for a swim. The liftie offered to give me the number for a diver to go get but I could see the ski from the surface and decided to brave it.
 I'm hesitant to limit the use of the bed by putting a top on it. I live in an apartment so I have no where to store it if I take it off.
I don't remember any exact words said but I did get quite the cheer/reaction when I stripped down to my boxers to go swimming for a ski in the retention pond under a lift at Sunday River   In the same vain when I was learning how to do 3s and I took off kind off crooked/drifting to the side and I guess I came towards the nearby chairlift because I distinctly remember a girl screaming but I landed it so it was all good.  
Ha well going full time as a patroller isn't in the cards for me for at least a few years, the military still owns me. Maybe down the line sometime though, I was just curious as it seems like a place that a lot of people would want to work at.  
My bad. No need to get agressive and condescending though...
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