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Man I thought Vegas was bad with it still being low 80s. That's crazy. 
 I have a pair of scott slalom poles that I got during a big sale. I still managed to bend both of them at some point. I still use them but I wouldn't bother buying an expensive pair again.  
I'm not aware of anything bigger then what you have. I believe much wider and you would be getting wider then a number of vehicle roofs. Out of curiosity why do you prefer a rack? A cargo box has a lot of advantages. 
 Well it is still technically apart of the same mountain chain.... The only negative is that Taos will be really hit or miss. Might  be worth the little extra time to drive up to Wolf Creek/Purgatory the sangre de cristo mountains are very impressive looking and Wolf Creek almost always has the most snow in Colorado during that time frame.     Edit: According to google it's 5 hrs from Amarillo to Taos and 6.5 to Wolf Creek. Both very doable day drives.
You went get as good a deal but it's worth every penny to go to a proper boot fitter. I fought it all through college buying boots that I thought fit but were good deals and every time there was something wrong with the boots. Usually I just sucked it up and dealt with but two seasons ago I finally bit the bullet and I haven't had a problem with my feet since. I'm also going to second that you get the 184. I'm only 5'10" 160lbs and most of my skis are 177 or longer. You...
 I have not ridden the Nordica enforcers but my Dad bought a pair of 90 CTIs last season and I got to try them out for a day. They are a really great all mountain ski with a ton versatility, very quick edge to edge. They held well on the hard pack and did well on the softer snow I manged to find. They are a probably a little on the stiff side for an average intermediate skier but nothing unmanageable, especially at your weight I don't think it would be an issue.  
 5 hours a week is a lot of aerobic exercise, at 10 minute mile pace for running that's 30 miles a week at an 8 min pace that's almost 40 miles. That's not crazy but I don't think it would be necessary. I would increase the running from a 1 mile to 2-3 miles with a possibly longer run once a week. Weight machines are not great except for use in injury rehabilitation where isolation is necessary. Free weights provide a far superior workout as they force the smaller...
 So that can be a con... When I got my first pair of skis I didn't really consider that the heel and toe moved so the binding could move position on the ski. I felt a little silly when I realized one ski had the binding centered a half inch behind center and the other a half inch forward of center 
Edit: Didn't realize there was a second page to the thread 
 You need Gen-Xers and Millennials to be able to afford their primary house first...
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