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I get that but that can be said about any difficult terrain. I just doesn't have to be nearly as steep to require total attention when there are moguls.
Umm I do and I don't see a whole lot of correlation... I mean I guess you get rattled around but I am not a big fan of rock gardens. I also like moguls on occasion   
I have never had to lay down to avoid hittting someone. I have lost control and had to lay it down in the trees to make sure I hit the tree feet first but as I said I was out of control
I have never really understood the whole chasing powder thing as an intermediate. I mean I get it everyone talks about how great it is and everything but when an intermediate skier does get it they wallow and crash every few feet and have a miserable time. Not to mention if its a really big dump half the intermediate terrain won't even be skiable. That being said a ski trip is about way more then just skiing even if your hard core skier, the new terrain, the new vibe, the...
You can't get a shovel, probe and beacon for that price unless you get really lucky, let alone the skis, boots and bindings. Add to that skins and a pack to carry everything. The easiest way to cost save on equipment would be to find a pair of used skis meant for a resort and snowshoe up but I still doubt you will be able to find decent equipment for under $200 all in. Also don't even think about going into the backcountry without a beacon shovel and probe set up.
To be fair I haven't spent a lot of time in Vail village but yes Breckenridge has much better night life. The cost of Vail tends to keep the crowd older there, tends to be more upscale restaurants and less bars. You encounter people driving from Vail to Breck fairly regularly for the nightlife scene.  If you decide on Summit send me a PM and I can give you some recommendations on places to go. If you really want to try a unique experience make some friends with a car and...
Ah makes sense. What time of year will you be coming through are we talking Dec-Feb or more like Feb-Apr? 
     So I'm not really sure why people keep saying that the bus system in Summit isn't all that extensive. It runs over the whole county and with the exception of the swan mountain flyer, which only runs to Arapahoe Basin and Keystone ski areas, the buses run till 2 am. Breck has pretty good night life with a good choice of bars and a few clubish places. If you really wanted a night of partying you could grab a shuttle down to Denver for $70 round trip which is a little...
Do you still ski the same terrain you did before shaped skis? I have a feeling if you went to the beginner terrain you would see plenty of people falling
Yeah I would imagine that since they give instructions that it is safe to do so any resulting failure of a boot would leave them open to liability suits 
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