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Umm this thread is 3 years old....
I just take my boots out and connect the cuff straps and hang them on the bag. The skis will keep them on. they shift a little if you turn fast but just hiking never had any issues. 
You can drive past the resort parking lot. The trail actually goes all the way to the top of peak 10. The trail starts on peak 9
I'm not in Colorado anymore (but I might be moving back in February!) so I'm not up to date on the snow conditions.  I just recommended Fourth of July because the lower snow fields (if they are still there) require no hiking to get too and if the youngsters enjoy it there's usually a few rails set up. I love traildamage especially for Utah and Colorado, have spent much more time than I should admit to on there browsing trails. @segbrown I know its a considerably longer...
 Fourth of July bowl is a solid option (that's the one on peak 10 at Breck). There's a lower section that's usually easy access and the road up barely qualifies as a 4wd trail.  
You mentioned Marines are you by chance retired? The Fairchild AFB Outdoor Rec is fantastic rentals there are a really good deal with decent equipment especially for the kids. They can often also get you lift ticket deals. I dealt with the shop there last year and they are really good.
Do you mean semi-final? ^^^   The final is Mexico-Jamaica.   I did not see but I also heard it was a mess. I heard there were some questionable calls in the US game as well.
 Funnily enough Breck last year was the least crowded President's day I can remember. E had no line pretty much the whole day, except for an hour around lunch, T-bar was 5-10 mins (I know that's long for a lot of people but we are talking Breck Pres Weekend) and 6 chair was the only upper mountain chair with a particularly long line at 20 mins, though there was pretty much no line after lunch. I think it's actually starting to reach a little bit of balancing point.        
Most likely Steamboat. I have not skied there but based on it being the furthest out from the I-70 corridor that would be where I would go. Copper will likely be the most crowded with Winter Park in between.
 Yeah but Taos tends get a few big storms and nothing outside of that, at least in the three years I have been down here. Outside of those storms things can set up pretty firm. Additionally, if you want any kind of night life your looking at staying 30+mins from the mountain and the road up while by no means treacherous can be daunting to people not used to driving them. I would have a hard time recommending it over Aspen or Jackson for someone's first time out West.    
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