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  Picture from Angel Fire last week. The lifts close tomorrow, so one last lift served day tomorrow and then probably one or two more shuttle days. It's time for some snow    This one is from my friends helmet cam  
That's what all the shots at wolf creek were for Jmeb I haven't used the refelctix stuff but I'm a big fan of the 1" blue styrofoam you can buy at most hardware stores. The main thing is that windows are your primary enemy in the warmth battle that's why blankets are so effective for blocking off the driver area. They minimize the area you need to heat and eliminate the single largest source of heat loss you have. Also air under the sleeping area is not great. Insulation...
 Heating to 70* is pretty high. A 20* degree bag with a fleece liner will get you through most nights. Morning comfort is a different story but if you get the car temp to 60* its pretty comfortable with a long sleeve and pants. Since it looks like OP is outfitting the van for camping putting insulation in the windows goes a long way, even if it's just the padding you put under carpet (we got some for free from a flooring store and used it in my friends van). The other big...
Well Hippie's technique has the added benefit of making you more visible below rollers. The poles are like those flags you put on dune buggies. Clearly it's the more superior method...  
Well I can help you with that, it's mid October and it was almost 90 degrees here today in Albuquerque. It was about 80 in Taos if I remember the weather reports correctly. There Aspen's weather isn't looking so bad now is it.
 It doesn't help your friend but if your planning on making multiple trips out to CO it would make sense to look at buying a pass. An Epic pass is less then $600 and you ski more then 5-6 days (essentially two trips out) then you start saving money and could ski Breck and not have to worry about cars and buses and what not. 
 On the bright side, maybe they'll fix the I-70 traffic by creating a new tunnel through the mountains
 I still have nightmares about the 11/12 season. You couldn't even really ski on Vail pass by mid March it was so bad. The 111/12 and 12/13 seasons are what made me temporarily take up park skiing. 
 My Dad had a G35 and while I never drove it in snow (Living in Ga and all), I drove it lots in the rain and never had any issues even with the OEM tires. Of course I always turned the traction control system off. Those things do more harm then good if your already adjusting for the conditions. Traction control is great for when you unexpectedly lose traction but downright dangerous if your intentional sliding or even driving near the edges of the traction.  
 I know I was using the group lesson for calculations, Breck offers a deal that is 3 days of group lessons with gear and lift tickets for $660 or $220/day. The women and wine half day doesn't include the lift ticket or gear rental. The 79$ lesson that OP referred to does include lift ticket and gear. She is also going before the 16th so that price is relevant. I love Breck ski there whenever I can but to claim that it is price competitive with Copper for day skiers is...
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