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 The runs are benchy and not super long but Wolf Creek fits your criteria. If you plan right one of your days could be on a locals day for $43 normal rate is around $70ish. Ski Santa Fe is $72, it's a little on the small side but is good for at least a day and has some great steep tree skiing. Schweitzer would be a good one too. I haven't skied it in good conditions but my friends that live there say it has very quality terrain.   
 How could that possibly stop you in a reasonable amount of time with any kind of speed? Your skis have to be skidding to create enough friction and to do so they need to be somewhat perpendicular to the fall line. We can get technical and claim that the fall line isn't YOUR direction of travel but then you would stop eventually regardless which is what  tdk meant when referring to turning uphill to stop. A more accurate way to describe a hockey stop IMHO is turning the...
I'm surprised no one has said Vail yet. That town is just ugly to me.   Keystone is not great either.   What about Albuquerque do we count as a ski town for Sandia
 The shift advisor was who I spoke to, like I said I think it was just a very hectic morning for them and a rare occurrence. Side note: I thought the skill scale only went to level 9 but a guy walked up and said he was level 10 and the instructor organizing people didn't seemed fazed by it. Has it changed or does Taos use it's own?   @brocktice I might be there Saturday. I'll probably be taking a lesson in the morning but maybe we can get some turns in after lunch.
Been meaning to get on here and report back about my week at Taos. I got to spend an afternoon skiing with @KingGrump and he did a great job showing us around. My dad and his friend spent the rest of our time there telling me they wanted to learn to ski bumps with the efficiency that KingGrump does. Unfortunately my dad was having issues with his back most of the week so bumps didn't help very much.   I took two lessons while I was there and the first day I had Peter...
Nice report. Your impressions align pretty closely with the general consensus here, if you're starting to enjoy moguls you will have to spend some time on E chair next time your at Breck they were probably a little steep for you this time around but next time you should be able to handle some of the more tame runs over there.
you should definitely post that on the image of the month thread if you haven't already
Is rampant misuse when the definition by Webster says that it can mean exactly how people use it? See definition 2 
 The snow is not a major draw for Taos and is actually why a lot of people in Albuquerque will often bypass it for the southern Colorado resorts and ski there only a few times a year. As to the parking it sounds like your pretty spoiled with the MJ situation. I think it's more the rule then exception that you can't easily ski to your car. Taos is a very unique and cool mountain but I don't necessarily disagree with you about it not being the greatest mountain ever. 
Well I had watched the junior freestyle team from Winter Park launch that cliff a couple days earlier. Couldn't let a bunch of 14 year oldso show me up. They still did though...That slab release was scary. Going back to the topic there are some days that just feel off and as my mom has told me sometimes it's a harder decision to step away when you should then to push through anyways.
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