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 I remember that year. It was awful, I took up park skiing... It's finally cooling off here in Abq. As recently as this weekend I was still having to run the AC in my car. I shouldn't need the AC in Nov
Whoops I meant to say linked not sure why I wrote published. I haven't published anything on snow science. I can send you a paper on rocket nozzle construction though...
TPJ I asked this to Kook earlier but didn't really get a straight answer from him so could you please clarify. When Atkins says that the trees have to be dense enough to push through to provide protection was he referring to them acting as protection from an avalanche coming down from above or to be a factor in slope stabilization? I also don't understand why Kook keeps quoting that Atkins article as it has nothing to do with slope stabilization and is an analysis of the...
Pinkbike posted this for Halloween
I clearly meant you trying to say I was making advice about the resting places of rocks but w/e.You keep refusing to address the points I make. I'd be happy to keep debating but would request you start a new thread since several requests have been made to end the thread drift.
Actually I wasn't giving advice. I didn't know hence the question mark at the end... thanks for the attack
Most of the lines you see in movies are scouted early in the year and the landings probed for rocks. Some of them the guys just go for. I guess on really steep slopes the likelyhood of large rocks is diminished because it isn't likely for them to stay rather then role down?
Not really even at 490 stems/ha that equates to a spacing of a little more than 14 feet between trees. Still what CTKook would consider sparse trees. I agree that they do need to be somewhat tight but not unskiably tight like CT suggests. The study also found that less than only about 5% of avalanches start within the trees. This would correlate to a lower probability of avalanches in the trees. Within the 5% that occurred the study found that density beyond what they...
Please enlighten me as to what it is really saying then when it says 15m spacing on a 35 degree slopes makes release less probable?
So the rest of my post was irrelevant? That study defines what it takes to stabilize a slope to make it safer then an open slope and 15m spacing isn't exactly difficult skiing...
New Posts  All Forums: