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Quest bars. No simple sugars in them and packed with protein. They are like 3$ a piece though 
Given your stats I don't think an 8 would be crazy but setting it at a 6.5 would be the prudent decision if you don't have a lot of experience. Your not skiing anything where a pre-release would be disastrous so you can always you think you need it. raise the DIN if  
Except MacDonald's lost that suit when it was shown they were purposefully keeping the coffee super hot so that it would be too hot to taste and mask the quality of the coffee.
I'm going to wager that burning quads are a function of technique and not the ski weight... There is some concern that wider skis put more stress on the knees but again that's not a function of a weight and I would guess that boots that fit you so loosely are allowing the skis/boots to produce some funky torques on your legs that would largely be resolved with proper fitting boots.
 I'm not saying that the resort should or should not be responsible as I don't know enough about the area that the avalanche happened in but there are simply too many areas within a resort that could slide to hold them reliable for everyone. In order for a resort to do that it would essentially have to eliminate all off piste skiing. It doesn't take a very large avalanche to be fatal, especially in trees where all it takes someone getting swept off their feet and hitting a...
  I dispute that title and claim it for myself 
Had a bourbon tasting night with my brother and dad
Huh that's usually the first thing I see patrol do if someone hasn't already done it though usually someone has done it for them.   I'm 25 and I'm not really sure who taught me what crossed skis meant. I do know there are usually signs in the park stating what they mean though.
hop turns is the more correct term. I'm not sure there is such a thing as a jump turn and kick turns are pretty useful for turning around but that's about it. That being said 6 true hop turns would be a pretty short slope... I usually only use hop turns for really steep terrain but I haven't skied mt. bachelor so maybe they are warranted.  If you made it down without side slipping the whole way I wouldn't say it was moronic so not sure why it was brought up... Back on...
So there definitely is a trade off in maneuverability but as an intermediate you will get more benefit out of a ski that doesn't collapse from your weight and in reality like others have said you would out grow the benefits of a short ski in a few days. I ski that 185 in trees and bumps just fine. Though at 103 it's a little bit of a pain in the bumps
New Posts  All Forums: