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 As long as as you have a car it won't be too bad but there's nothing in blue river but houses and a hotel or two
I'm at work so youtube doesn't work great and the videos aren't loading but if they aren't included there are some great urban downhill videos of the course in Brazil. The course actually goes through people's houses it's pretty cool. Someone should pull the McGarry crash from rampage last year.
It is absolutely fascinating and the first time I have seen the concept articulated. It's something I have experienced in a slightly different way. I am right handed but box south paw(left handed). I started trying to force myself to box from an orthodox stance so that I could switch stances to give myself a little bit of an edge. One of the most interesting sparring sessions I had was against an orthodox boxer who was also trying to learn to switch stances. The thing...
The guy who taught me to ski is an adaptive skier that skied in Turino for the Para-Olympics. I don't get to ski with him that often any more but every time I do it's pretty humbling. He still kicks my butt down pretty much anything.  
^^ when has the OP leaving ever stopped us?   I just know for me personally. I would never want to bum in a place like Taos. It's just too difficult to find a job and there aren't nearly the support structures there are in a more traveled area. I know several people who are living the bum life and in places like Breck when their seasonal job falls through they have friends with couches or floor space to crash. Taos and other places while you do have friends the options...
O just a thought OP but have you looked into couch surfing? If you bought a Full Epic pass you could chase storms and hook up with people to crash with. Not sure you would be able to get away with never paying for lodging but you could certainly get by without paying for much. There are people that are more than happy to let you crash for a week at their place. Find a good paying off season job, budget right and you might not have to work at all during the season.
So with the oil price crash it's probably still a little rough but depending on your degree have you looked at Oil Field jobs? There's a couple of them based in Denver. Sometimes you'll be gone for a couple months and sometimes you'll be like my friend who has worked less than a month total since Jan. The money is good too
Yeah I want downhilling in Angel Fire this weekend. The trails ended up with an inch or two of snow on them it was kinda misreable.
Have you ever done those? Besides golf most of those are about getting out into the wilderness solitude... Lots of climbs require hikes in and biking has about as much impact as a hiking trail. NOne of them involve building anything...
Oh! I just remembered one that I have mentioned before but is worth noting here again:   If your car is "stuck" in snow before giving up and calling the tow company make sure to turn off the traction control.   With traction control on as soon as one wheel starts slipping the system will divert all power to that wheel preventing the other 3 from spinning even if they have traction. With it off you get power to the three wheels that still have traction thus making it so...
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