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 That's what trucks are for  
  Ehh that's debatable. Your essentially making the same argument as skinny skis vs fat skis for powder skiing. Are there people that can blow me away on skinny skis in powder absolutely but that doesn't make fat skis pointless. You take the best XC guy on a downhill and have him run the same trail on an FS XC bike and then on a DH rig guarantee he will be faster on the DH rig and that's even if he takes the same line (assuming we are on a technical trail). Now assume the...
What about an intense tracer 275? My roommate rides his for everything including downhill at Angel Fire.    I'm too cheap to buy a proper trail so I just use my dirt jumper which is KHS. 150. It makes things interesting to say the least.   I really enjoy my voltage but it's a freeride rig though I have seen some pretty awesome all mountain rigs built out of them 
By hip I mean a hip jump which is a jump where the landing takes you in a different direction than the take off. The landing cab be as much so 90 degrees from the takeoff. Angel fire has several that are about 30 degrees off and transition straight into a berm
 I love step ups but man does it suck to get hung up. I think that slight compression you mention for doing a hop is also a key component to setting up a jump right. It seems to help keep you connected to the bike, IMO there is no scarier feeling than feeling the pedals float away as you go air born. I'm mostly self taught at this point I plan on getting a lesson or two before the season is over. Hips into berms still completely terrify me.  
Like I said unfortunately I haven't skied there much since Peak 6 opened. We usually traverse through Ore Bucket though it sounds like that's not an efficient way to get there. The only time I have had to pole on peak 6 was coming out of Beyond bowl but that was mostly because I had no idea how far it was to get back to the lift and didn't carry as much speed as I would have had I known. I do traverse more now to get to specific runs but I was more referring to getting...
 Breck can be awful if you don't know how to get around or aren't an expert skier. If can't handle a few blacks your pretty doomed to traversing. That being said there is really only like two or three places that require traversing. Getting to 6 comes to mind but that's mostly because I haven't ridden Breck much since it opened. If you want to avoid the bottom of 8 you also have to traverse from the top of 7 to the T-bar which is the same traverse you have to take to get...
 That's what I have always been told the goal is. Just like in skiing you should be able to cover the bottom of the rider and see little movement in the upper body except for the arms . Well the trail is gong to make that impossible but that's the goal. I started doing pump track to try and work on that separation. My arch nemesis is berms. I'm absolutely terrible at riding those, my rock garden skills are much better. Jumps are lots of fun though and like you said...
Can you tell me a way to get to blue sky without traversing for ever? I'm serious it takes me like 30-40 mins to get back there 
 It's just my theory but I think when a lot of people think about getting back they aren't just moving their weight back but pulling back on the handle bars as well. This causes an almost ridged connection between the rider and the bike and doesn't let the bike move under the rider and leads to that shooting out feeling. The front end rises but is unable to come back down throwing the rider back. That's my theory anyway
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