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That sounds like a very significant product flaw especially when the instructions clearly say you can. I can't imagine that your friends experience was more then a pretty horrible outlier otherwise Lange would need to recall those boots...
That's what I would think to. I'm only 5'10" but I skied a pair of 100 flex for a long time. I'm still only in a 110 boot and I wouldn't want to go much stiffer for riding outside a race course. hucks and hits hurt a lot more in a stiff boot 
What bootfitter puts a beginner in 130 boots?
While I agree I think people are concerned about the fact that he wants to go faster and refuses to recognize he needs to get better... Colorado if you really think you don't need improvement go ski Go devil it's pretty much never crowded and is the Keystone race trail. Just don't be surprised when you go through the b-netting... Also you are out of balance. Out of balance doesn't necessarily mean you are going to crash. When you get that far back it becomes very difficult...
I'm not an expert but I would consider myself advanced and I fall quite a bit but it's usually one of two things.   1. I am screwing around not really paying attention and catch an edge. This usually somewhere like a lift line or where I am stopped and I'm trying to do something silly   2. I'm working on a skill I am not good at like skiing switch or trying to learn to huck or pushing my speed through moguls.   That said I still take the occasional tumble due to a...
I don't disagree about it being difficult to get high level certification but hippieflipping claimed that instructors are experts in skiing. I was simply pointing out that this is not true for every instructor. It would be like claiming every engineer is an expert which is also not the Case
Well there is probably two things going on. First the Cat driver probably has a lot more liability then the ski instructor. That is any damage/injury caused be his mistakes is more liekly directly responsible to him where as the resort would be most likely held responsible for something the instructor did. Pay can be more closely tied to the liability and responsibility of the job rather then the difficulty of the job. (Teachers get paid way less then air line pilots)...
Bob will give you a much better answer then me but I have always added a little bit of hoping motion when I unweight to punch through crust to get my skis underneath when I want rather than randomly falling through as tends to happen when you try to carve on it. Edit: As to OP's original question. I think I am as good as I think now. I used to think I was a lot better then I am but once I started learning more I realized just how little I know.
I'm not sure what the price point is but I have already met people that told me between the cost for renting a place/hotel and the lift tickets it's already cheaper to go to Europe
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