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I think I would. A lot of it is about the feeling of accomplishment I get from doing things like multi pitch climbs or climbing a 14er. I also can't deny that I do enjoy being able to tell stories from it too but if was to suddenly be told no one could ever know about the things I do I would still want to do them.
So the classroom portion was worthless to you? The field portion is certainly more valuable but it's ridiculous to say those people aren't more informed. Do you dig a pit every time you go out? Most of the people I know pretty much never dig a pit just read the reports before they go out but I digress this is really the topic of the thread. I know personally I do a lot of really dangerous stuff and no one gives me money or pressures me to do it.
Exactly. There is beauty in the exactness it takes to achieve those lines I know several of my friends head out without much knowledge. In fact several of them don't even take beacons. I have tried to get them to at least buy beacons but the sheer number of people out there has convinced them that its really not that dangerous...
I'm not sure if there are guides available but I would definitely read @anachronism's unofficial guide. There is a ton of good info in there and talking to a local when you get there is always a good choice. The primary concern with wolf creek is how long of a run out are you willing to tolerate. Also be prepared for a lot of traversing   
Amazon is a lot better for streaming sports film content. They have all the MSP films plus some others and they have climbing, kayaking and others should you feel the need for summer sports come march and April
 It's interesting that you mention this because it contrasts with what was given the win in the Redbull Rampage event. The winning line had two monster drops in it for sure but was almost completely devoid of tricks. The judges awarded a lot of points for the speed and flow of the run compared to some of the other competitors who were doing flips over 70 ft canyons and spins off of some of the big drops. I will say though that I do think there is something kind of cool to...
Have you seen the rates for the experts of sky diving? They kill themselves all the time and I truly mean kill themselves. The vast majority die in swooping accidents which is completely avoidable and is a failure of anticipating how far from the ground or the approach angle but when the goal is to skim a foot across a pond or weave between poles at high speed.  Did always find this quote a guy in my office told me funny: If your body looks good at the end of your life you...
Not sure it'll offer that much. Might make a an out of the way chair more popular but the true "stashes"   typically aren't real runs anyways. Not to mention that the audience using it will more than likely be intermediate/beginner skiers and it won't make much of an impact.
It's so hard to characterize though because there is a continuum for mountaineering as well. The best example probably being the Eiger, there are routes that are little more than an arduous hike up and then there is the north wall with the nickname of murder wall because of how many people die on it. Same route same mountain though I can't think of any route that would be safer in the winter than the summer. I know Aconcagua is considered easier with some snow on it...
POV from the winning run. The drop in the middle is massive.
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