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Yeah I'm just not a faYeah I'm just not a fan of how they look. I like the look of the Tacoma a lot more.I have looked at an f-150 and like them but still am not sure about their size.
No particular reason though I like a truck and am single though I may have the same hindsight in the future. They are a little more expensive but no objection to one.  
I can afford a truck or an FJ or an Xterra... I don't want a sedan
Yeah  but   
 2008 Unlimited Rubicon. Most of the reliability stuff has been from after market parts so I don't really fault Jeep. Doesn't change the fact that it's become a pain. I actually like the Xterra as well it was down to the Xterra and Jeep when I was originally buying.   the budget is the 30-40k range. Should be able to get about 20k for the jeep on a trade in.  Honestly, it's because I'm terrible at parking and a full size is huge and the sticker price.  I could talk an...
So after 4 years of love and abuse I think I have finally decided to get rid of the Jeep. While I love my jeep when it's working, the reliability has simply become too much of an issue.   So right now I'm looking at:   Toyota Tacoma '15 Chevy Colorado FJ Cruiser I would love to get a Touareg but I think that is going to be outside the budget.   I think my days of serious off-roading are on hold for now but I do need something that can handle mild terrain so I am...
It's a scott voltage fr30 with a totem 2 step air. It's actually an FR/DH bike. The head angle is 65 so not super slack but definitely not all that steep. We ride mostly smooth flowy trails anyways. 
So a little late to the game but I just picked up a new bike for downhilling last week:     Got a good deal and there's still a month left at Angel Fire where I will be almost every weekend now . I'll try to remember to take some pictures when I go this weekend
Just a point of encouragement. Finding the first ski buddy is the hardest, once you find one then you get plugged into their friend network too and can meet their skiing friends. From their it's just kind of a self growing process. Almost all of my current ski buddies are people I meet through skiing with someone else.  
Beyond just changing conditions though is that each level represents a spectrum and it must. Otherwise we would have to take every trail in existence and rank order them so you know exactly where it is. Even if there was a hundred designations there will be one that just barely makes it into the rating and one that just barely doesn't make it out, the former will be an easier X rating and the latter a harder X rating. Even climbing which has the most spate designations I'm...
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