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Well I guess I'll be going to support the guy from my Jiu-jitsu gym in his first pro fight instead. I really do want to get on some snow but I'll wait till it gets a little better. I hope those people going into the Waterfall area took some rope with them... Unfortunately it looks like it's going to be another awful year for NM but who knows the last two years late Nov and early Dec dumped and then it didn't snow for the rest year. Maybe this will be a reversed season
I think it mostly has to do with fashion and possibly the new trend of building jackets that integrate with the pants which allows them to try and sell both. That being said I have never had an issue with snow down my pants. Up my jacket lots of times but I can't think of a single time of snow down the pants. I wear a belt with my pants which provides a very adequate "seal" 
Looks like Joel recalibrated his forecast for snow today.   @anachronism How is wolf skiing right now worth a drive up from Abq? Some friends are heading up this weekend and I'm debating whether or not to go.
Another update and I know it's a little late but Taos is no longer on the Monarch pass which is a little bit of a bummer. If Monarch would add Ski Santa Fe it would totally be worth the cost but they seem to have lost a few other mountains as well.
I can get a Taos or Monarch pass for about $250 with military discount. The Monarch pass also gets 2-3 at most of the mountains in New Mexico so a lot of us buy it with out ever planning on actually skiing there.   I don't know if counts as a season pass but Sipapu is free every day of the year just have to show a mil ID  
 It is pretty incredible the racism in NM is bad. The Native Americans just don't have the national support structures or the public awareness that other minority groups do. Then you throw in the crime, general destitution, and abusive police force (at least in Abq). NM has a pretty dark side that you don't really pick up on until you've been here a few years.  
I also know that the amputee I ski with doesn't like leaving his prosthetic around because of the a fore mentioned priced so he will often leave it in the car and hop/use his outriggers to the lift. Some places it's more convenient to use stairs then the ramp and or elevator so he will walk from the car. He leaves the pant leg rolled up on the prosthetic though so people rarely give him looks  The ski hill is about the only place he utilizes the permit though. 
Don't think so. I asked in a gas station once and they looked at me like I was stupid 
If they don't fit asland's skis I'm interested in the clamps
Have we done this before? I just had the craziest sense of deja vu reading that post...
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