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 Being heavy doesn't necessarily make it better. My current skis are some ski logiks that are very light but stiff and they handle crud very well. I'm not sure that there is any ski out there that will prevent you getting tossed around some if it's truly frozen crud. I would not get a ski with a flat tail based on what you are looking for.  
As a general rule the more skier's left you go the harder it is
So I have been thinking about this more and had some thoughts on the topic, to preface it I am not an instructor and never have been. That being said the few friends I have tried to teach have always had a fear of the acceleration experienced as they enter the fall line. As such they exhibited the habit of simply going too slow to turn because they knew as soon  as they turned they would accelerate. The hockey stop provides them with a tool to deal with that acceleration...
So this is kind of random but has anyone noticed that the shadows on Kachina create a weird effect where the runs look much steeper from the bottom then they do from the top? The K chutes in particular look crazy steep from the chair.    
 The demand isn't for big crowds. As much hate as a lot of the big crowd resorts get on here there's a reason. This forum consists of mostly very high level ski enthusiasts (who else would waste so much time debating whether a hockey stop is a good way to teach parallel turns or perhaps its not a hockey stop but a stivot )    Vail for instance is a mountain that many here have disdain for but it's pretty hard to deny that it's one of the best mountains around for...
 So based on these two posts I have some input. First I'm not sure what you mean by big air? That typically refers to the freestyle park event like you see in the X games. If you mean big cliffs then the reality is since you consider yourself a possible lvl 7 that your probably not going to be dropping 40 ft cliffs before your ready for new skis. I don't mean that as a negative just I wouldn't use it as a criteria for this pair, by the time your ready for that kind of...
Not to be snarky   but that's the definition of supply and demand economics
Nit pickers on Epic?
Taos is up to $86/day still not bad compared to Co and Cal destination resorts but it's starting to not be as great a deal as it once was. 
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