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 I'm not sure those are tracks from Travis Rice, can't access the article at the moment. If I remember correctly that ride was actually his second attempt and the day before it was aborted because he lost/dropped a ski so it could be from that. It is indeed a crazy line though.   
I hope for New Mexico's sake that the long range forecasts are wrong. They were supposed to be significantly above average this season and it was going well until mid about Jan, early Feb when it just stopped snowing. I was bummed when I moved mid Feb since it had been a pretty good season but it pretty much never snowed the rest of the season once I left.  
 Umm not the same at all. Demonstrating the benefit of lessons to people who would otherwise might not take one is a way to develop repeat business. Not just for lessons but to the mountain as well. New skiers who feel like they are progressing and enjoying their trip are that much more likely to return. Considering the struggles to bring new blood into the sport not such a ridiculous idea. Especially when you do things like tying it to the purchase of equipment which gets...
I've never driven the southern route but Naybreak knows what he is talking about.     Y'all should look into getting some no fault insurance and taking the rental for a little off roading   Moab is one of my favorite places I have been domestic or international and you will be there just about the perfect time of year. Check out the Moab Brewery while your there.
 You know I'm younger and al,l but I have hunch that what your describing has always been true. The vast majority have, do and always will suck. Very few people have the desire to become really good at a sport/hobby whether that be tennis, golf or swimming. I mean just go to a pool and look at all those people flailing around in the pool instead of using proper strokes . We could put everyone on 60mm carving skis and they would all still be sliding their tails around and...
My bad
 Not sure what racers you are watching but they typically have a wider then average stance. You need the skis further apart to create the edge angles they achieve, if their legs were close together the inside leg would get in the way. That being said you are correct that when carving on goomers the majority of the weight is on the outside ski but when skiing off piste that is not always true. Powder in particular demands a much more evenly balanced stance. Liquidfeet gave...
will be nice for downhilling as well
 Don't know much about the on the hill rentals but pretty much everything is owned by the resort at this point so not sure there will be much difference between the shops.  
 I know you ended up not needing the locker but I have always left a backpack and shoes at the bottom. Either under a bench or in a corner and never once have I had a problem with my stuff being messed with. The race teams often leave their stuff at the bottom or in a restaurant on the hill. Honestly I worry more about my skis outside then I do about my gear bag in the base area.    
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