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Park boots will work fine for recreational skiing. The big differences are typically that the buckle locations are modified to help protect them from rails and a lot of times have additional padding in the shin and toe box for when you land back seat.
Hey to be fair beginner skiers make loading on a board way harder. When I decided to try snowboarding the only time I fell loading or unloading was when a lady actually pushed me over trying to wedge going up to the lift. Almost fell a couple times as well because they would force my outside of the chair. That and loading/unloading on a snowboard is way harder.  
Hey if your interested send me a PM. I might be up there that same week. I don't know the mountain too well as I normally head to wolf or santa fe but it would be cool to finally get some turns in with you.  
Now you just need to incorporate using it to also create a change of direction. Then you'll be able to avoid pretty much anyone  
Yeah but the Airport lot really isn't that bad. Though I prefer to just avoid it all and take the summit stage from where ever I am staying
But it's the internet...
But you are saying that you don't have time for a hockey stop. If your skiing in control there is no movement of your COG it's simply a further rotation of the legs. I can hockey stop at any point in my skiing when I am in control (I'll admit I get back seat time to time and then it's true I can't immediately stop). There is no possible way diving is faster then a hockey stop which I can do as a natural reaction I don't even have to think about it. Not to mention if your...
Yeah never understood why people hate on Spring skiing. Soft snow, low crowds and big storms. Not to mention when your down the patio at the bottom is actually pleasant to sit out on and drink a beer. If you live on the front range you drive home and go play beach volleyball after skiing a big storm all weekend. Spring in Colorado is paradise for me.  
I have been in your terms "cut off" many times at high speed and never had to lay it down to avoid them. Ended up spraying a few people with snow as I slammed on the brakes and turned but always avoided the collision. If your passing them close enough that you can't see them begin to initiate the change of direction then you shouldn't be skiing at high speeds. I ski fast pretty much every where I go
I get that but that can be said about any difficult terrain. I just doesn't have to be nearly as steep to require total attention when there are moguls.
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