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 I'm sure there is the possibility but I remember a couple of years back when CAIC reported several partial burial IB slides. If I remember correctly there was one at Vail and one at Abay about a week apart. Both of those were listed on CAIC's website so hopefully that's an indication that it is being tracked. To me it seems that IB slides are kinda an all or nothing type situation. Large enough that people caught are seriously injured/killed or small enough to not really...
 I think the last one is particularly interesting. Defining when it goes from sport to stunt is a different take not one I'm sure I agree with though. I get where the guy is coming from but attempting "stunts" is what pushes the sport. Just look at the way freestyle has progressed in 1999 a switch 540 won skiing best trick. That's something you can go to the local park and see 12 year olds do now. The progression of sport is built upon people doing the impossible. A non...
Avalungs have been shown to be very effective in real world application they published a video of guy who survived something like 2 hrs under the snow with one. Contrary to what most people think as ling as the snow doesn't melt and freeze into an ice mask you can actually breathe through it, however, the CO2 you exhale can't escape the snow and eventually builds up to fatal levels. An Avalung protects against both ice masks and the build up of C02. It pulls air from a...
I agree that meadow skipping can be a lot of fun but the reason I got into BC in the first place was because I wanted to descents of 14ers. I am also curious as to how many people got into simply for untracked powder? The allure to me has always been the idea that I could see a line and go ski without the confines of being told where to go. To me it's similar to trad climbing there is aesthetics to climbing and conquering that unmarked line.
My preferred method is to buy a shell and than layer. You should be able to get a decent shell and a puffy for underneath for about that much if you some bargain hunting.  
What do you mean pre-released on jumps? It's quite easy to produce forces that will cause a ski to come off when landing and they should. If there is any kind of spin this is doubly true. I have even caused my skis to release when I hit my boots against the ski. If it's coming off on takeoff I would assume he's catching something on the lip, if landing unless it's a heel release I would be skeptical of it being a case or a pre release
Hey we bought a used sled for $900 and were able to move 5 people at a time with it. It was an ugly and beat up one but it got the job done. 
For that money may as well get the pass with a motor:  Never wait in line again! and when it's not your turn to ski, hey your still getting drive. 
Not true? Here's a good thought experiment for you. If I pin a piece of paper to a board and only use one pin, when I pull on it the paper will tear rather easily at that one point. Now I place three pins on the paper and the paper is harder to tear. The more pins I add the harder the paper is to tear. Now snow pack is obviously a thousand times more complex but the same principal still applies each tree acts as an anchor stabilizing the snow pack. If you don't believe me...
   I don't know personally I don't like flat landings. If you learn how and when to bail properly off a jump with a slopped landing you just go sliding. There is skill to falling and bailing I think it's one of the most under emphasized skills in the park particularly learning how to crash when you know your coming up short. Learning to absorb when you case can save your knees and feet    
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