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Is rampant misuse when the definition by Webster says that it can mean exactly how people use it? See definition 2 
 The snow is not a major draw for Taos and is actually why a lot of people in Albuquerque will often bypass it for the southern Colorado resorts and ski there only a few times a year. As to the parking it sounds like your pretty spoiled with the MJ situation. I think it's more the rule then exception that you can't easily ski to your car. Taos is a very unique and cool mountain but I don't necessarily disagree with you about it not being the greatest mountain ever. 
Well I had watched the junior freestyle team from Winter Park launch that cliff a couple days earlier. Couldn't let a bunch of 14 year oldso show me up. They still did though...That slab release was scary. Going back to the topic there are some days that just feel off and as my mom has told me sometimes it's a harder decision to step away when you should then to push through anyways.
I'm kicking myself for not heading out to Santa Fe today. I was skeptical that the storm was going to pan out so decided to save some money. Should have gone.
 Some of the cars my friends drove in college might be less reliable then those homemade releases... but in all seriousness no I don't think car brakes are just as likely to fail just making  the point that lots of things we use in every day life have single points of failure. To go with a more realistic example what about a pre release on a binding in no fall terrain? Shane had done dozens if not more ski base jumps before the failure. You add in the other guys that were...
 The Steven's pass tragedy was hardly a case of sharks in the water, it was more like seeing a bunch of shark fins and thinking well they will probably leave me alone. Interviews with the survivors have shown tat most people out there knew they probably shouldn't be. As to your other point is flying in a plane Russian roulette? what about driving a car down a mountain pass? Your brakes failing could easily lead to death. What about astronauts? The Challenger explosion was...
Most of the resorts I was going to mention have been included but I'll throw in another vote for powder mountain. The fact that you park at the top is interesting enough and then you have a whole portion of the mountain where you just ski down to the highway and they have a shuttle that comes and picks you up. Ski Santa Fe is pretty cool because the whole thing looks out to the desert floor so your skiing looking out onto this barren desert for miles.
OR just get the instructor to take y'all to the best stashes
Updated the top post to make it more readable and add a few resorts.
I think you'll have a much better chance at selling the 88s for what you want. If you like the 83s I would keep those. 
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