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That's not really what I am saying. Families get multiple days off for thinks like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Presidents day. There are no such holidays in April which makes it difficult for a family who doesnt live near the mountains to plan a trip to go skiing.
 You kind of answered your own question. Families have off for Thanksgiving so people travel to ski by April all the school holidays are essentially over. 
  So just to change topic slightly did anyone notice how poorly the article is written? It states multiple times that thinning for ski runs is some unheard of thing then goes on to talk about a recent case in Vermont. Then mentioned a whole lot of issues that are certainly topics for discussion but wholly unrelated to illegal cutting. It's kind of a mess of an article 
 So true. Locking diffs are night and day. That and turning off your traction control. Chains/cables are good too but the only time I have ever needed them was when we were driving my friends 1970s chevy flight line van and that was mostly because the tires were bald. We had a big snow in Albuquerque and had a hill were a bunch of people were getting stuck. I helped a few cars up and as long as I had my diffs locked starting and stopping  even pulling a car was never issue...
you could try a rain jacket underneath. The only problem with putting something over a water/wind proof layer is that you basically kill any kind of breathe ability  the layer has. I would think your best bet would be a puffy. Unless your crashing a lot I wouldn't expect things getting wet to be an issue.
 Hmmm I'll have to look into ski Las Vegas. I wonder how reliable the snow is. 
So I was just informed that I shall be departing the land of Colorado and New Mexico skiing for Las Vegas. What's within driving distance of their? I know Big bear is fairly close and Salt Lake is only 5ish hours.   Unfortunately I probably ruined any good mojo for the early season. I'm moving in Feb so it probably won't start snowing until then   
Well no pictures yet from this weekend but a fairly successful day at Angel Fire. Got a lot of runs in and tackled some new terrain. Took a pretty hard spill in a rock garden but no serious injuries. Good timing on the weather it started snowing in Angel fire today and they are predicated to get 5-9 inches.  
It's snowing in Taos!
Looks like Taos could be picking up some a decent amount of snow on Thursday but then it's going to get up into the 40s and 50s again. Hopefully it'll all melt off so we don't get a rotten layer on the bottom of the snow pack.
New Posts  All Forums: