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 Or even worse stick around just enough to complete ruin the integrity of the snow pack... but that always happens in Colorado anyways
 I think a lot of people are for sure falling for the grass is greener. I can remember some very nasty threads occurring (some of which I may have started ) in particular some of the back country threads devolved pretty epically. Also don't forget about the pet troll that was Chaos, those threads were always a train wreck to watch especially when some members couldn't take the obvious goading.   
 Breck Is were I would go for a party it's very lively in April and will be the tail end of spring break season. They should also have their concert series going on which is nice.  At Breck you can ski down 4 o'clock all the way into town and basically walk across the street to Mi Casa which has one of busiest/best happy hours in town. Doesn't get much cheaper then $5 pitchers of beer .  
Sorry to see you go. Have a good one
Follow up question. Any got an OEC 5th edition they would be willing to sell?
Park City is only $100 more that would be a good option but you have already been there so I'm assuming you want to try something different. Snowbird is a pretty good deal as well but given that the lodging is at Snowbird not many options for night life there. The lodging at keystone would make things tough as the bus doesn't run late there.   Side note: Why does your club assume that the boarders are the only ones that want to go the park      Edit: Are these up to...
It's cute that he thinks that no one here has an understanding of business despite the fact that a significant portion of our regular users are business owners. OP if you truly know Smith's manufacturer and they are willing to give you the EXACT same goggle then either something illegal is going on or Smith needs to fire their contracting office. Knowing people is not  equal to access and if you think that manufacturing cost is the only thing that goes into the pricing of...
Going to be honest I'm not really sure what that article is talking about. The town is small and while I have spent very limited time at Winter Park I don't remember there being much of a night life especially if your group is staying somewhere like the YMCA out there. That list seems a little suspect in general. Winter Park/Mary Jane does have fantastic terrain though and usually a pretty solid park if that's your thing.     What are the other destinations that your...
Last season at TSV and Wolf Creek where weird. They both had pretty big Decembers and a decent start to Jan and then it just quit snowing. I moved to vegas in mid Feb and by March my friends were posting pictures of pretty much everything melted out.
Your supposed to be able to register as an associate member regardless. I eventually got to it but I couldn't tell you how to get back there
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