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I'm not as educated on the biomechanics as a lot of people on here but beyond what others have said about being able to see the biomechanics of a turn while skiing switch is going to be very different simply because of the way our bodies are built.  All the joints now bend the "wrong" way and the COM of the skier is naturally forward of the feet. As the most stable position is the COM centered over the feet the skier now needs to move it backwards. Normally this could be...
 Who cares if it's overkill if they enjoy having it. Skiing clothing is just as much about fashion as it is about functionality. If the person gets to feel good about themselves wearing it then good for them, it's not overkill. 
Thanks for the info ^^ I went last year and it's a great program. I highly encourage anyone who is able to to attend. 
 You should see some of the clubs in Vegas $40 is like a 1.5 drinks or less for bottom shelf. I have seen $30 for a vodka tonic. It's ridiculous.
 From Frisco Breck is super easy. There's a bus that runs every half or hour depending on time of day. That bus also runs until 2 am so you can take it into Breck to enjoy the restaurant/bars and not have to worry about driving.  I can't remember if you can get to Vail directly from Frisco without a car. You can get to Abasin, Keystone and Copper all from Frisco via the summit stage which is free.   
 Vail probably will have more "expert" terrain open by acreage but much of that is the bowls which can be great fun but are by no means challenging  terrain. Breck tries to get the Horseshoe bowl open by Xmas which offers some shots that are significantly more challenging than the terrain what will likely be open at Vail. This is of course all snow dependent. If you aren't set on a hostel I would look into the snowshoe motel in Frisco. Their rooms usually run around $70 a...
Ha good luck with that. I started a fairly controversial thread years ago and people still post in it occasionally...
Search Birds of Prey downhill. The race is on golden eagle (the run being discussed) and is typically the first downhill race on the world cup circuit every year. The steepest section is called the brink.Compared to most of the other runs being discussed on here the pitch and exlosure is not really that bad, what makes it different is they water inject the surface to make it harder and more consistent for the racers. Its basically an intentionally created ice sheet.
Dude this is an internet forum we are all here to spend time talking about skiing. If they didnt want to reply they wouldn't you aren't taking up anyones time.
 I was skiing that a couple years ago, crashed and couldn't stop sliding. It got to the point where I was sliding like .5 mph, barely moving, but still couldn't stop it was more comical than scary but still gave me an appreciation for what happens when they crash at speed on that course.  
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