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 thread drift/Sorry just had to chime in but FB is not going to go out of style not to mention is starting to take a role in bussiness networking. My Dad works as a financial advisor and at age 55 just got a FB last year because it allows him to better network with clients. It's ahrd to bleieve but it has become a functional part of society.If you do a little research you will see that FB/twitter/instagram has become so integral into oursociety business are building entire...
Is the college pass new? I don't remeber there being one before
 Umm I'm pretty sure he meant like life threatening injury
 What's the point of anything? enjoyment.If your stressing this much about what could happen, I'd hate to see what you would do if your kid decided to do something like join the military...I get it parents worry I know I have caused mine all kinds of stress but kids will be kids and my opinion from my life experiences is that kids especially boys are gunna do stupid things better to teach them good enough judgement to know the difference between stupid and suicide than try...
 Most of the places tourists stay in Summit county are fairly close to bus stops. Big exception being the rental properties on peak 7. I have often stayed in Frisco as well and to be honest as long as you plan for the bus times it's faster than taking a car parking in the satellite lot and than takign a bus anyways to the gondola.
 Can you point to any sport that the marketing represents the average users day? Hell even golf markets with "extremes" about how their golf ball or golf club is allowing pros to hit further and improve their game when in reality you could give me a pair of wood clubs and I would probably only do marginally worse and I know for sure the golf ball I use makes absolutely no difference beyond a fashion statement.Marketing is about selling ideas not reality, it always has been...
 Or the skiers can use the buses...Seriously If you stay in town most places are only a block or two from the bus stops. If you absolutely hate buses then just have someone drop you at the gondola. Take a backpack with shoes in it, ski down four o'clock put your shoes and walk to Mi Casa for everyone to meet up for happy hour.When I go visit friends in Breck we generally park the car when we get there and it doesn't move till we leave
Actually back to front isn't the fastest. You have also have to consider loading outside in. It's actually kinda complicated to figure out, they pay people a lot of money to figure it out   The primary problem is that you have people who are in zone 1/A w/e that don't want to get on the plane until latter and screw the whole process up 
Make it to the bottom in 90 secs?
Haha I once crashed off the screaming eagle jump (my friend cleared it for me) and once I slowed down I kept sliding at comically slow speed. Like I'm pretty sure I can walk faster than I was sliding but do tot he water injection I just could not stop. I really don't understand the OP's point though ratings are always going to be subjective no matter how specific you get. Someone mentioned the detailed rating system of climbing but even that is still pretty bad, there is a...
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