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They released the new theme for the upcoming Bond film, Spectre. Not sure I'm a fan of the song but I'm hoping the movie will live up to Skyfall and Casino Royale and not end up being another Quantum of Solace.   Sam Smith's new James Bond theme released to mixed reviews   
That's not true they sell the epic pass through December. The price does go up a little but I ended buying one in December two years ago and it was still under $600.   
Well with all the talk of wine this is what I'm drinking tonight     Though it is sundown and yom kippur already started so I shouldn't be eating or drinking anything...
 I don't remember the name of the shop and my dad is out of the country so I can't ask him but Chris owns the shop. It's near downtown.   
 Do you buy your wine from Chris? You might know my dad if so.
@pete Malbecs and Shiraz tend to be more inexpensive than other types of wine. You would be hard pressed to find a cab or merlot that is considered good (not good for the price) much under $40.     Petit Petit Syrah is pretty good and can be found for around $16   I also like some of the Dancing Bull stuff which is pretty inexpensive as well but wine isn't really my forte. I can give some much better recommendations for bourbon though     Edit: Sorry roadrash paged...
 Excellent point Is it strange that I am way more comfortable on a table jump then a drop even if the jump is putting me just as high in the air? I always thought it was a little funny how the brain works that way. Going outside of your comfort zone is an adrenaline inducing experience even if the repercussions are lower...
Not a bad view for my ride yesterday
 The Ski Logik Ullr Chariots I bought from Skizoo. Hard to beat skis, bindings and shipping for $150 
Talk about a sport that's hard on the body and knees. You ever seen a high level judoka that specialized in drop seo nagi when they get older? Their knees are totally decimated. I think getting taught to crash happens a lot in freestyle as well. I know I found someone to teach me after I stress fractured my foot hitting the knuckle of a jump. Mountain biking(especially downhill or freestyle with jumps) and motocross are some others that come to mind as well that knowing...
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