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Yeah but I can't imagine that ABQ is cheaper to fly into than DIA but to each there own. Anyways I'm not aware of any good used gear shops here in Abq. Sports Systems usually ahs some couple season old gear pretty inexpensive though.
At least this thread wasn't all that serious to begin with...
She clearly doesn't spend much time on Epic...It's a good year when we make it to July
I don't know about actual classes but the sticky in the back country section has links to quite a few online resources that would make a good starting point.
The additional days at resorts matter a lot for me and many of my friends. Living in Abq every resort is a drive for us and a lot of people don't have passes being they have never lived/been stationed some where with snow. As such when everyone in the office decides to go skiing it's kinda a toss up as to where we are going. Last year Monarch partnered with most of the major resorts in NM, quite a few people bought the pass never skied a single day at monarch and they...
Or4) he thinks he's really good and just doesn't know any better. At one point I thought I was really good even when skiing around people much better than me than I learned more and realized how terrible I was. Also his definition of easily skiing double blacks doesn't really mean much. I can make it down most stuff with two skis on my feet relatively easily, making it down in a confident fluid manner and actually "skiing" is a completely different story... Edit: typos....
Maybe someone knows of a board that has room postings from the employees? I know a lot of them do house sharing with long term foreign visitors.
 You would need a really warm sleeping bag for that. I have seen temps hit below -25F fairly often at night over New Years week
Also look into the Snowshoe Motel. They are usually around $70 a night have a free(albeit not great) breakfast and for some reason a super nice hot tub and sauna room. They converted one of the hotel rooms and it's super nice.   Also you are right on the bus line (the stop is on the parking lot curb) which gets you all over Summit county and the bus runs till around 0100 so you can run into Breck for dinner or to catch a concert.
Everyone responding might be interested in researching what's called flow state which is an almost meditative state and is the actual psychological phenomenon that's happening when people are said to be "in the zone"   They also did a study and found that Neymar (famous Brazilian soccer player) has 10% of the brain activity that an amateur player has while playing. They believe that this holds true for all high level athletes which certainly implies that thinking gets in...
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