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 Yeah but half the fun is the project of converting it. Good points though. I just think it would be fun to have a small camper to use rather than a whole RV. I already camp in my truck plenty and have done sub zero temps in it.  
What are y'all's thoughts on buying something like a cheap econoline and upgrading it?
Multiple vendors make photochromic lens that are supposed to do what you are asking about. I have heard mixed opinions on them. Personally I just carry a low light lens for later in the day and swap as needed.
I was thinking about the beer more and it's actually the one thing that my friends and I usually go cheap on purpose. Not sure how it exactly came about but it's pretty much become a tradition for us to drink PBR, probably because it was the cheapest keg in college, but that's what we still drink now.
Just out of curiosity how competitive is it to get on the patrol there? Seems like there would be quite a lot of people interested in patrolling there.
When my friends and I rent we will spend extra to ensure that our place has a private hot tub. It's nice to be able to have beer and people out there without having to worry about small children coming by.
 Or you know the fact that a huge portion of the population can't afford to spend $10-15 a six pack regularly, but can afford $16 for a 20 or 30 pack...
I usually buy a day of lessons when I travel but I have stopped doing that as much. I have gotten to a point where I want to work on very specific things and unless I know for sure the instructor I am going to get can help on that, then it's not worth the money.
Yes true, I was just trying to avoid getting into a discussion about whether or not pain and suffering is a legitimate award versus litigious over zealousness  
 I don't think anyone made them pay for an addition to the house. I don't know what the settlement accounted for but depending on how much you make them just paying for missed wages could result in a significant amount of additional money since that money isn't taxed. If they paid $100,000 for missed wages that's roughly $30,000 the recipient gets that would have gone to taxes. I took it more as a joke making light of a bad situation.  
New Posts  All Forums: