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If you take the drop in directly below the warming hut as you enter the "throat" of the bowl you'll see an outcropping of bushes and depending on the snow some rocks on skiers left. Directly below/just slightly skiers left is lulu's. It's not a significant amount of traversing . At least that's where my friend has been telling me it is   
or get a 30 in a boot that runs small...
Thought I would expand on the tasting. There is a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle 12 year in there and for those not into bourbon the Pappy has a cult following. It's extremely hard to get and my dad just happened to get lucky with knowing a friend of a friend. There is also a bottle of W. L. Weller which costs $16 and can be obtained pretty much any where with a decent selection of bourbon. They have the same bill mash and are distilled by the same company. So we did a blind...
Just take like 5 tablespoons and your next 48 hrs will be quite interesting as well. Maybe not safe for skiing though... 
Side note/question: They make tuna jerky? where can I get some?
Well everything has sugar... It's what your body breaks pretty much everything into but there is difference in simple vs complex sugars. At least that's my understanding, I'm sure you know much more about it.
Quest bars. No simple sugars in them and packed with protein. They are like 3$ a piece though 
Given your stats I don't think an 8 would be crazy but setting it at a 6.5 would be the prudent decision if you don't have a lot of experience. Your not skiing anything where a pre-release would be disastrous so you can always you think you need it. raise the DIN if  
Except MacDonald's lost that suit when it was shown they were purposefully keeping the coffee super hot so that it would be too hot to taste and mask the quality of the coffee.
I'm going to wager that burning quads are a function of technique and not the ski weight... There is some concern that wider skis put more stress on the knees but again that's not a function of a weight and I would guess that boots that fit you so loosely are allowing the skis/boots to produce some funky torques on your legs that would largely be resolved with proper fitting boots.
New Posts  All Forums: