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It would be an honor to share with w/ Epicski.  We have some time to figure out the mechanics.
Maybe a Skype video conference with a modest donation to EpicSki???  It's just a two hour class.  It's got some great stuff in it... 
Jackson Hole is an awesome town- we all know that.  The amount of talent sitting on the shelf in this town would knock your socks off!  From avalanche safety classes, wine and cheese pairings, beer brewing to trading stocks- the satellite campus of Central Wyoming College offers some really fun community education classes.  It is resource we are fortunate to have in Jackson.   For the second year, I'm offering my 2 hour ski boot class to the public.  I'm a college...
Awesome!  What a great idea.  Ski companies anybody???  
Thanks Trekchick for bumping my thread.
If you're skiing properly- no matter how loud they are, you shouldn't hear them on decent.  At least how it is for me.    Tunes are most useful on the lift.
Keeping it going!  Bumped threads rock!   ^^^No doubt the best $50.00 upgrade any skier can purchase.  Any support is better than no support- as long as it doesn't throw you off balance.  The foot is surprisingly accommodative and will adapt to nearly anything.  Off the Shelf (OTS) inserts fit some people very well.  They have to- numerous companies sell millions/year.   Like most things in life, it boils down to just a couple of flavors.  OTS inserts are either...
I think the attribute missing from this list: "loosey goosy-ness"   I ski with a lot of people visiting Jackson..  Most people are sooooo tense and firm in their stance that even the smallest jilt throws them off- for the day or week!   Being able to roll over something that would otherwise take you down in a great skill.   Tense=Bad   Loosey Goosey = Good
I'd like to think there are some really great nuggets in The Book on Ski Boots!  Ha!  Good looking guy right there!  
New Posts  All Forums: