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Do what ever works.    Any system is better than no system.    Yesterday, a guy came in complaining about forefoot pain.  He was hammering is forefoot with the front two buckles.  I see it at least two or three times a day.  No wonder his foot was killing him.  He was DOA before even hitting the slopes.  The boot fit was pretty nice, but it was so tight on the forefoot it had nowhere to go but to the red line in the pain department.   Flat out, I asked him if he needed...
Zeal GPS Goggles   I was coming home from a medical conference in SLC where I was lecturing.  I rode te Salt Lake Express shuttle and had a relaxing ride down- I'm not a big fan of driving.  My ticket costs ~$50.00 each way.  Blaze and I went down for the weekend.  What an awesome time.  We saw a Jazz game and had a great father/son weekend.  We sat in the highest row in the place.  Nosebleed tickets were $17.00 at the end of the first quarter.   On the shuttle,I...
^^^prickly: no rocker, just traditional camber and a pretty nice side cut. The brand is Lunar. Eden loves it. Yeah a chance meeting with JH Monoman's wife at Casper Resturant led to a fun conversation. The shop keeps a few pairs of snow blades and this monoboard. Note the date of the original post. Eden has been hound doggin' me for years. A few years back she met some folks from Quebec- a whole gang- with monoboards. So yes, there is a French Connection.
On Amphitheater today with JH Monoman ^^^ from above.  Great Guy!!!  A chance meeting led to this...   Eden- soon to be 16-  on Hanna (Apres Vous lift)     On Amphitheater today...     Fun times!    
Am I allowed to play? Rossignol S7. It's just a popular ski.
I think this was the year when our kids grew up. ;-( Blaze is just a few inches shorter than me Blaze went from a 26.5 in November to a 28.5 in January! Eden is just an inch or so shorter than Christy. Eden, nearly 16, is working for JHMR in the Wrangler Day Care this winter. She's had a blast. Eden & Mono board pics and video coming soon.
Thanks for the great day. Any day we spend with The Sage is top notch. Thanks Bob!
Bump for -2.8°F and sunny in Jackson Hole this morning.   Lots of friends are skiing early AM today- Superbowl you know.
Redux: try again.  Thanks!
Top of Tram shortly after we saw The Sage yesterday morning.  He mentioned the Bowl was "a little windy"...   In the second video, Damaris got blown all the way to the fence, Blaze was going to get her.  Howlin' it was!   Relatively innocuous at the base, I wasn't expecting this:       Some great gear cameos in that one.  Eden is carrying the current Atomic Century.  Christy skied it 85+ days last season then my daughter promptly acquired it and now...
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