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Best Old: An old Salomon SX???  it wasn't an SX91, but something else, my first pair of real boots.  Good 'ole fashioned rear entry boots, yup!   Recent Best: Garmont Shaman
  Atomic LF 120.  This is your boot.  Super wide.  It comes in varying stiffness. 
I think you want to have them in place when fitting the new liners. Your original bootfitter is addressing issues- pronation and you likely have the same stuff going on.  The footbed should transfer nicely to the new liner.    Amateur Hour: make sure the bootfitter doesn't cook your footbed with the liner cook!  I see it regularly.  Yikes!   Your friend is sorta correct.  You can get away with just the Intuition liner and no footbed if you have a neutral foot...
2nd post wins!   Being out of shape is the common enemy for nearly all ski trips.  Not being strong enough to property ski the stiffness/weight/camber of the boot/binding/ski is a real killer.  Most skiers' gear is way too heavy for their strength level.   Feet just can't handle 15K of vert the first day out.  Get in your boots now.  After a few weeks put some weight in your pack and be on your feet.  If you can't spend hours walking around in your boots there's a...
Awesome!  Beautiful fish- I just showed Blaze- he's pretty envious!   Congrats again Adipose!
  Only your bootfitter can do that!
Great idea.  Also look for a sock with more shear.  Look for a sock with the most slippery fibers.  Bridgedale Micro Light are pretty smooth.  Go to a fancy men's shop and get a thin 100% silk sock or to a pharmacy and get a diabetic sock made out of shear polyester.  Some "medical socks" are very slick.
I'm very partial to Jackson.  If you are in college, I think you can get a college pass.  There are great deals through Jackson Hole Central Reservations.
It *was* a recommendation.  Rapport is important.  I'm implying that all over, some people know what they're doing.  If you trust the local shop, that's great, stick with them.  
New Posts  All Forums: