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Hear, Hear!  Taking a digger isn't so bad, it keeps you honest.
Snow King.    Our local town hill.  Since I started working at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort I don't ski there too often- still an awesome little hill just adjacent to town.  
Wow!  Still going at ~225+ days.  Just great.   This boot is a true daily driver.  It fits so well, I don't want to take it off some days.
I'm horrible at writing thank you notes: Thanks for the great Christmas pic!  Liberty still has the awesome shark photos you sent- very cool.   Blaze is now 1.5" taller than me!  (I'm 6'2") .  Yikes.   He's still skinny though...
It occurred to me- I never posted the Halloween pics from this year!  The kids are really growing up!   L to R   Damaris is a mummy, Eden Fall Princess w/ hand embroidered dress (Chamber of Commerce Town Square Contest Winner- FOUR YEARS IN A ROW!) ,Liberty as a duct tape Silver Surfer and Blaze as Disco Dude.   We had a great time!  Saw BP at the Wort.  Great day!
Here is a pic of a well loved Dalbello Kyrpton- vintage was four or five years old & hundreds of days.  Not the best pic, but these boots were toast and the dude knew it.    A sales tool just second to a Brannock device- which shows arch length- this jig is valuable as tons of skiers never look at heir heels/toes.  Very important.  Pre-release is way more dangerous than no release. These toes/heels were contributing to early pop out.  
Usually toe grinding relieves point pressure and heel grinding covers a wider more general area.  Smooth and nice heel cup grinds take some time to make nice- costs some bread.  Toe grinds are quick and common.   I think happy toes are important.  There is no reason- ever- to have cramped painful toes.  Jackson Hole is a cold mountain, and toes space equals warmer toes and comfort.   Can you get the volume smother way- like grinding the zeppa or thinning the...
Must shops have a jig to measure such things.  I'll try to take a pic of ours tomorrow.
Bump!   Sock error ends another great powder day.  Saw it a few times this week.   99% of skiers on the market should look no farther than the Smartwool Ultralight (wool) or the Bridgedale Microlight (synthetic).  Your socks should cost no more than US$ 20.00.  Sixty dollar socks???  Skip that and purchase a few extra pairs of regular ones and change them out at lunch.
When shopping for boots use fit sticks to judge shell size.  The whole 2,1.5,1 finger sizing dog & pony show is too nebulous.  These dowels are 5/8" (comfort fit) 3/8" (expert fit) and 1/8 (Whoa Cowboy...Race Fit!)   With the liner removed and the foot in the boot w/ no sock, use the sticks to judge the amount of volume behind the heel- like a feeler gauge.  This is an excellent place to start when looking at boots.  My fit dowels are indispensable part of bootfits. ...
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