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Bob Peters - facts:   Bob Peters serves the community.    Great days skiing here @ JH! 
What a great day. We did a fam tram around 10:40 and got off in a hurricane. No pics though. Rough weather. The snow was cold and amazing. A real Jackson day.
JH has been skiing like a dream.  The was excellent snow for my Boot Camp.  We skied and talked ski boots for three days in amazing conditions.   The pillow skiing has been great.  The way the snow has piled up has left well defined and cool pillow tracks.  Blaze and some local friends skied all day Sat pounding lines. Blaze is having a great time on his 182 Bent Chetlers.  He is rocking the Bumble Bee Full Tilt.   Now 1" taller than me, he's very strong this...
New Casper Lift today!    I watched (nothing really but general labor and gofer') The Great Norm Duke splice the new rope for Casper Lift.  Very cool it was.  I've been privileged to see and do some very interesting things- way above my pay grade- though life.  This was one of them.   People in the know say coverage is better up high than at any point last season.  Will investigate...
Snowing Today!  Hurray!
      The Intuition Life Cycle:   1) Slightly more roomy after initial mold   2) I can't believe these things are soooo warm   3) Wow! These are so light   4) Tons of great daze!   5) Getting Sloppy   6) Death   What are you guys waiting for?
Washing:   I've heard from numerous reps say that Tide is great for Gore-Tex.  I've been using it for years.  Gore-tex is a membrane,  the pores need to be clean.  It's far more durable than you think.   Early Gore-Tex is the best of them all.  Hot chocolate   DWR durable water proof repellents aren't that great.  Some of them are nice, but it really depends on the fabric it's being sprayed on.  They can wear off quickly leaving the material adsorbing water like...
These are my recommended cams for Jackson Hole:   Teton Pass Wyoming Department of Transportation: Teton Pass   http://wyoroad.info/highway/webcameras/WYO22TetonPass/WYO22TetonPassWest.jpg   Alpenhof Tram Base Cam. Very important for gauging Tram lines.   http://alpenhoflodge.com/tramcam/images/cam/jackson-hole-tram-live-webcam.jpg   Top of Bridger Gondola. This is better than the Top of Thunder...
  A great feature of Intuition liners- very important for older skiers too!
Best Old: An old Salomon SX???  it wasn't an SX91, but something else, my first pair of real boots.  Good 'ole fashioned rear entry boots, yup!   Recent Best: Garmont Shaman
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