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Great idea.  Also look for a sock with more shear.  Look for a sock with the most slippery fibers.  Bridgedale Micro Light are pretty smooth.  Go to a fancy men's shop and get a thin 100% silk sock or to a pharmacy and get a diabetic sock made out of shear polyester.  Some "medical socks" are very slick.
I'm very partial to Jackson.  If you are in college, I think you can get a college pass.  There are great deals through Jackson Hole Central Reservations.
It *was* a recommendation.  Rapport is important.  I'm implying that all over, some people know what they're doing.  If you trust the local shop, that's great, stick with them.  
Because some people know what they're doing.  
Here we go again!!!!!  This is one year newer than the one for sale a few years ago.  The "church window model"   192 Atomic Atlas - a Big Phat Pow Ski!      150mm-125mm-132mm r28m Definitely have been skied, but bases and edges are perfect! $400 for the skis or $475 for the ski + Marker Jester (DIN 16) Binding.  Set up for 27.5 or around a 315-318 BSL   The Jesters definitely have been skied and look a little rough, but if you don't want 'em, I'll...
I'd love that.  Yes Blaze is tying flies...  In fact the other night there was a Wounded Warriors program (or something similar) at Jack Dennis Sports- (an excellent ski, fly and hunting shop) and he got invited to demonstrate fly tying for a bunch of Veterans.  It was very cool for him to meet some of America's greatest.   Hope you're off season is going well!
^^^ That's a pretty good offer.  
Excellent and correct.  Thanks for pointing that out.
This is umpossible.  Rental bindings should be outlawed, then lynched from the nearest tree.
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