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man,  tough few years in there with ACL and abdominal .. but being Midwest, not hitting west but once and locally my only free days on local small hills were sub 0 or single digits .. I'd be happy with 17. The season just slipped by completely for me as did last.  30 sounds pretty good
Sorry to hear of Paco, simply beautiful dog. The breed Vlcak got me pondering as like Bounceswoosh thought a wolf or mix. Wikipedia opening line I like "relatively new dog breed that traces its original lineage to an experiment conducted in 1955" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Czechoslovakian_Wolfdog again, sorry for your loss
awwwww, such sweet pups!  what kind are they?? best pup is a sleeping pup due to playing all day!
 Being from Midwest, having a 10 yr old and two older ones who've skied a lot in the boat .. my question for you (hope you get this) is what's their skill level? they taking classes? what do you folks normally do for difficulty or ease and what are you looking for? Like the comment on having fun regardless. with younger kids, ours always loved to lead us around the runs they took so if you plan on kids lessons, be sure they're not burnt out ... I have whole list of runs my...
   don't worry, congress can pass a law for that!
my daughter's new pup eating from the others bowl ....  sorry to hear of Tasha but perhaps you'd like the Husky attitude: Poor Basenji, the Husky really has attitude ... if he knew how to read ...
I'd venture to guess that deep down inside you weighed the risk verses climbing or just hanging till rescued .. but this in the subconscious?   however good for you in rising to the occasion, though not the best in chosen paths or intent.
nice vid ... must make em on a regular basis - :)
so sad, while most of March remains I don't see a chance getting out again .. maybe April will be nice and allow me a last hurrah!   I'll pretend it's skied out .... as long as I don't look a the pics ....
New Posts  All Forums: