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hummm,  I guess that means I like winter tires 
Well,   From the Tesla Motor Club, the authoritative source and even from a Sweed:   I have used both nokian and michelin xi2 on earlier cars and both are excellent choices. I think I'll get the xi3 for the Tesla this fall. we get mixed winters here in southern sweden, from a meter of snow to hardly any at all and everything in between...       I suspect the Tire treads are much like helmet treads ...
I'm a bit of a cheap as* but agree with all points about wear verses life. The op if only going 6k miles a year then ageing may be of greater importance. I choose for tread life but more on the tire being less squishy and quieter. I wanted Blizzak's but tthey're softer and noiser. Nokian's and Michelin not so much. Read too Yokohama for pprice is good deal.
 I'ld lean towards the Mich X-Ice Xi2 or Xi3's.  After reading lots of opinions, Consumer reports, Epic, Tire Rack, etc etc the things that leaned me towards the Michelins is that they are a bit quieter, less squishy ride and rated at 40Kmiles. The miles don't really matter greatly to me as most my winter driving will be on roads that in a day or two are pretty clear. So I'm trading a bit for a quieter more firm ride.  Terms of Warr, sounds you won't need it in any respect...
@Philpug   In case one's looking at a set .. Milwaukee makes a fine line, todays special only at HD:   http://www.homedepot.com/SpecialBuy/SpecialBuyOfTheDay
Back to basics, none of the designer/marketed advertised "best of class stuff - voted by some committee"  
not to dismiss the image but it's a two sided story. If your rental has decent tires, then a FWD isn't too bad. However most rentals have fairly mediocre tires. Personally if doing such a ride in a rental, I trend to like the GM or Ford with posi-traction or such. My experience has been these come with a bit better tire. I do agree with Marznc, if you can double book as you should (with checking) be able to cancel one pretty late in day. Issue is too, 4wd or AWD renting...
 what about brandy? the Apple stuff I posted is very smooth and mellow. not likely out east but in case you see it .. here's their list: http://crwine.com/eat-drink/cedar-ridge-distilled-spirits/
excellent!  Sounds to be a fun excursion and given sleeper(s), can be relaxing.   man! I have no idea what I read but put you at Schweitzer and not Whitefish! what a brain fart! anyhow .. more tempting to make a trip up there!
  I see it similar to Bob ... Hi Bob: have a drink/shot.   Bill: Kill   : ) kiddin ya, I'll play by the rules and respect your opinion .. only if you wish to be killed would I consider it! I would even talk you out of it ....
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