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Cheesy!   nah, kids loved it, as I did... nice videos ...    It'd be nice if the cams had elevation (angle) indicators superimposed lightly in a corner to give idea of the slope.   My middle child said "doesn't look that steep" on first video but changed mind watching second.  
good to hear not any worse ... heal quick.  least ya have a new war story for bar time.
sorry to hear of Anja and her passing.   I sometimes think that their short lives are to remind us how grateful we should be with ours as well as better live it for others.
The Elan website using "ski selector" recommends 186cm for a 6 foot (183mc) and the ski description notes 0 to -10cm as selector.  Current year has a 178cm   I'm 5-9 and ski 172 which some say could be longer, I don't mind a bit shorter but then I may also be compensating
I hit Steamboat just after Christmas, the 26th though 30th, they had a good snow the week prior but lots of people.  Still, had decent skiing and on 3rd day had 3-4 inches which made for some nicer skiing  but i'll say I stayed on groomers but hit some runs such as Ridge and Twister which were nice bumps.   crux of story is simply from predictions, Summit up to Steamboat had some recent 12-14 inch dumps, crowds have been down as holiday season is over, they've all had...
Synmag,   I suppose I could say your a horrible parent, but this would be overly critical and really, well, I don't believe it.  Just asking shows you care.   I'd generally agree with most, the length should be ok, your child should pick up to their length on some easy runs as it's a big change.   My kids got used to 10cm upgrades and normally skied em a bit short as it seemed to be easier for em but I think too that it really doesn't matter much with kids as they pick...
ah finnn,   such a nice story on snow ... My eldest wants to hit the boat this next week just after Christmas as it allows her boyfriend to go, but sadly had I planned, I almost hit this last Friday AM .. which would of given us his last Sat and tonight the snow again you see.   anyhow, seems we're on edge, with nothing predicted this next week ... why?  but again , the boat is fun with everything including skiing ... just fun.   have to find a place to consider other...
Sundown Mtn (ok, it's a valley) has Gun Barrel ... even a Black Diamond!   Whole Mtn is listed as 475 ft but given other locals, better than most.  Believe it's been around 40yrs ...
Pondering a afternoon/early evening at either Chestnut or Sundown Saturday.   supposed to bump up to the 20's so it'll seem quite balmy ...   any others pondering?  more likely Chestnut, like it better and they have $20 lifts through either sat or sun.  Sundown bumps up Sat and Sun to $34 ... $14 buys me gas and a few drinks in a nicer lodge
I can note it on a bucket list but its 9 1/2 hrs for me ... another 3 puts me in summit or Steamboat.   however I love the idea.  locally, I do hope to hit Wausau as it's 1/2 the time ...     love the idea though
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