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 you may be done with the tour but one does have to sign up for it ... officially that is even though it's free.  : ) sounds as if all out there should have a good time with some new snow - I'm a bit jealous but not completely as I was lucky to still get a good amount while out in early Feb!
ooh ooh pick me .. pick me!!  oh wait .. my spouse might not care for that!  but skiing ..yeah .. don't blame ya! I'm sure he'll come to his senses, I'm sure there's other attributes and just think, long term .. kids (?) you have someone to watch em!
Looks to be some more snow which should make a few folks happy.    Keep an eye out for the grooming map right at the Gondola entrance and with Ambassadors who often hand out  , nice to have or reference. The Boat has certain runs groomed daily which may late at night get snowed on but as Finn noted, even the blacks can be nice. http://ww2.steamboat.com/web/maps/DailyGroomingMap.pdf  Nice Pics Finn for Gunnerbob ... these mostly off of High Noon?? what you may note, the...
Not checking road conditions, I would trend to leaving Monday afternoon after skiing. I've left several times in the early afternoon but you can (given good weather) leave 4pm and be in Denver around 8pm.    2am to me just sounds tough and if weather changes, flat tire, etc ..
cotrip.org gives road conditions which is great, has road cams   I'd concur that Winterpark to SB is nice, could even ski WP if time permits.  From WP, in good conditions it's around 2hrs ....
Ah, Toast in this case is a good thing! good to hear! Of course, "toasted white bread" it good too!Powdercats sounds like a winner given snow and hopeful forecasts ... I think the guy who was my instructor 16 yrs ago is there ... Sculley ... he won't remember me but I he ... Our group of first timers on second day (he was our new instructor) talked him into coming back and teach us ... great guy, laid back and his compliment to me was that I knew how to fall well (safely)...
Looks to be still lightly snowing, sounding as if it may near 24 inches over last 2 days.  nice, have fun!!!!
only 11 inches reported this 5am ... so folks will have to suffer as it looks to be still snowing ... poor suckers! 
Found this pretty fun reading, and given JH is a gathering site this year:   http://ski.curbed.com/archives/2015/02/see-how-jackson-hole-has-changed-from-1969-to-today.php
I'm hoping for ya that the hopeful front comes though at least one or two days of Fri/Sat or Sun! I'll toss a trail map in the freezer for ya! Remember too, check Finn's shortcut http://www.epicski.com/a/steamboat-springs for other activities. If you like tubing, Howelsen Hill has it, the Athletic Club has a nice pool and hot tubs ($11 for adults I think) and the downtown offers a nice set of shops that one can travel to via the bus and/or most the resort agency...
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