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sad but interesting life. Bone Cancer I've heard is one of the tougher ones in terms of pain. Great he helped so many people and moved the industry forward.
Humm, MARZNC, ... BIL?  that a PEO reference? My eldest had joined PEO when she just started college which implied me as a dad am a BIL. Iowa wise, NE provides Chestnut Mountain and Sundown Mountain in Galena Il and Dubuque Ia respectively. I do wish to hit Lutsen and it looks great, has a great drop for Midwest but given it's ~8-9 hrs from home, always pushes me to justify the added 8-10 hr round trip to Co. However if I can attend a conf or seminar (AKA, per...
Had a timeshare sales guy in the Dell's spin a sale on "what is it you remember? Family trips or the presents you got at Christmas?"   While I wasn't sold on the timeshare, I couldn't disagree with what one remembers.   From simply a Midwest Iowa perspective, if one can spin it then do a once a year family trip to Co. I started skiing late when spouse informed me that we'd do a family trip once a year. Our eldest at the time was 3, so I had a year to learn some stuff....
Having been told to learn to ski in my 30's, I suggest lessons. It was the best money spent given limited (never) skiing experience. Noting you're saying snowboarding for knees, I can say that with same reason's I too am considering learning boarding if not only for knees, for alternate activity.   Two of my kids who ski took up boarding this last few years and both took lessons. They noted that they felt they wouldn't of progressed so quickly without them, that the...
two items I thought about, if early Dec, the 7th, Steamboat my have very limited runs open. I honestly don't know about what's typical at WP so it may not be greatly different but they are higher but as it's early, may too be limited on open lifts/runs.   The other, regarding ski school, the pricing between the two are not greatly different. WP looks to include lifts, SB one can add them for $35 but one may not need a lift if kids are just beginning.  For the number of...
oh sure, try and get folks pumped up!     timing is good, i just started yesterday looking into a dec and/or feb outing ... you must of been sensing the growing anticipation .. :
Cheesy!   nah, kids loved it, as I did... nice videos ...    It'd be nice if the cams had elevation (angle) indicators superimposed lightly in a corner to give idea of the slope.   My middle child said "doesn't look that steep" on first video but changed mind watching second.  
good to hear not any worse ... heal quick.  least ya have a new war story for bar time.
sorry to hear of Anja and her passing.   I sometimes think that their short lives are to remind us how grateful we should be with ours as well as better live it for others.
The Elan website using "ski selector" recommends 186cm for a 6 foot (183mc) and the ski description notes 0 to -10cm as selector.  Current year has a 178cm   I'm 5-9 and ski 172 which some say could be longer, I don't mind a bit shorter but then I may also be compensating
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