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Very cool vid but can I presume the path chosen was one to test yourself more than the only path (or best) available? just curious as I've had some friends who would off road and always choose the path less traveled.
Before it's too long ... others can add/edit, etc ...   pete: Jan ? likely ~7th ish KingGrump: Jan 24 - Jan 31 Fuller: Jan 27, 28, 29 dchan: January 30-Feb 7   breilly: Feb 24 - Mar 2 Drahtguy: February 28 +? USASkiDawg: February 28 + ?
   great tribute to your friend. makes me tear up... sweet story, I never get over losing mine but as you, have fond memories.  pete
considerations to simply a 4WD Truck? Depending on what you mean by capable, may be an option in the price range.
Kids had fun at 2016 Nationals .. Ski skill wise team did well but looking to next year to improve other scores. : )    
not if you don't sign your reliability release!!!    nice thing is I can update photos!
Little tyke, cute ... big cat!
While I like RFI in generic sense, I have to be weary as I normall always carry my card and my kids if in ski school. just need to make sure I don't accidently flag a day or pick up a shielded wallet!
Always good to check direct for comparisons ... yes!  I used to keep a spreadsheet of a lot of price options for each trip the first 8 yrs to Steamboat ... partially as I was asked to find a place, handy for keeping the peace. agree too, Ran into a couple from Georgia last year and they booked via a travel agent who got way better prices than Steamboat Central, I'd agree especially given overseas. There seems to be a lot of hidden paybacks that offer agents specials to...
agreed, however you (OP) have a few nearby shops in Chicagoland that rent and allow swapping out the ski's boots, etc if needed. I think Viking Ski has this and I think the ones my brother in law used. If your confident on growth slowing, and new to skiing, then I might aim to the shorter length as it is easier to learn. Does he do other sports such as skate board, roller blade, water ski, etc? even dance ... this may indicate slightly longer. my noting shorter is simply...
New Posts  All Forums: