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It really denpends on how much free time you have, amd if you can/want to spend that time skiing. This is my second year back after 5 years "off". I articled at a big accounting firn where january to March ment being in the office 12-14 hours a day monday to Thursday, and 8 hours for fridays and Saturdays. Sundays were usually free, but i was so beat from the week and behind on life, that skiing wasnt important. Articling was followed by a year of battling serious...
I dont have kids. And my significant likes to ski. 1I work a full time and usually drive 2 hours to ski. I.make it to the hill both days of the weekend, and that adds up over a 6.5 month season.Can't say I have much of a city life though.
I was last at Louise on Sunday. Conditions were great, but it was a bit on the warm side. April has been a snowy month though. Let us know how it skis!
I hit 50 on Sunday. I was only able to take vacation around Christmastime, so Im very happy with the total. There are 5 weekends if skiing left in Alberta, but Liz is getting "shoilder season shoulder surgery" this week, so I will be on nurse duty for a bit.
Yrah, the frontt side is notoriously, lets say fast....Low snow, south facing, and on the windward facing. "Scrape Louise" is a nickname earned by frontside conditions. The back (not Ptarmigan, but Paradise and the backside of the summit) skis like a different hill. Visibility helps though! How was the snow/weather at sunshine?
That's funny. We were lined up G and I made a remark that patrollers were lucky to get first tracks. She noticed they were opening, so we skied out of G up to the gate. Really nice run! Especially at the top. We repeated that one on our next lap, but the sun was really getting to jt. Really fortunate to have skied it early!
See above
Thanks!   It's the south side of Terminator Ridge (hike-to, but inbounds) at Kicking Horse in Golden, BC
It's a bummer that you had a bad day. I am not sure how Lake Louise measures its terrain, and there is a good chance that numbers are padded, but it feels big to me, compared to other Canadian Hills (obviously dwarfed by WB) and American hills I have visited (Alta, Snowbird, JH, Bachelor). Part of the issue with size is most of the hill, 2500 acres is contained in the back bowls, which were under pretty thick cloud most of the day. I had a great weekend at Lake Louise, and...
The above picture shows our best run of the day. Wind and high temps really got to the snowpack here. The South Faces like T1 south shown above warmed up furst and skied the best all day, never turing to mush. The noryh faces didnt ski well until late afternoon, but Whitewall was pretty decent from tge start....just a bit of windcrust to deal with. Lower mountsin was hard/fast groomers in the morning. Some of the ungroomed, like Terminator softened up nicely, while...
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