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Here is the announcement: http://www.epicski.com/t/146634/2017-epic-gathering-whistler-blackcomb-march-5-11-2017#post_1993644and the roll call: http://www.epicski.com/t/146636/whistler-blackcomb-2017-roll-call/60#post_2047767and I see you have posted in the room/ride share thread:http://www.epicski.com/t/147967/2017-whistler-blackcomb-gathering-shared-rides-and-lodging-thread#post_2048427
Racewax (Doctor D here) has a very basic guide -- this is what I have http://www.racewax.com/0-5-0-7-1-0-degree-base-bevel-file-guide-sks-set-all-3-angles/ He has a wide range -- go to http://www.racewax.com/tuning-tools/base-edge-tools/ and look at the options. Another cheaper option is the "Beast" tools - basic and cheap and some people swear by them.  (I've never used any Beasts myself.)       Other respected online stores include Slidewrigh and Tognar.  For...
Ok, clarification time.  You say "SKS edge tuner" "base bevel appears to be 4 degrees"   Are we talking side edge or base here?  4 would be aggressive but sane side bevel but insanely sloppy base bevel.   Usually, "edge" by itself means side and "base" means base.   I set all my skis at one degree base bevel and 3 degrees side bevel. Some racers go to an aggressive tune, with less base and more side, maybe as far as 1/4 or 1/2 degree base and 4 or 5 degrees...
I just noticed my time in Utah is going to overlap with this. I'll send you a PM.
 Very true and quite annoying.
Same thing for me:  It went to classic.avantlink.com/blah blah blah and the top of the list said  "Sorry for the inconvenience, but we no longer advertise for evo, and are still in the process of converting some of our older links. We recommend looking for similar offerings from the merchants listed below:"   pasting the displayed URL as plain text worked for me too.   The actual link on this epicski page...
I once saw a guy split his skis at the end of the day when there were only about 3 other pairs out there.  What the heck is that going to do?
Anybody procrastinating on passport or travel, get moving!
Don't forget moving on a ski day means you have to move out of the room the same time you are getting ready to ski.  I really dislike doing that.  Since you travel infrequently, you probably don't have it down to a system.
I just recently got this one from Slidewright. I'm pretty happy with it. It comes with a round blade. I used the 7 degree panzar file method previously. http://www.slidewright.com/skiman-sidewall-sharp.php
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