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Another window would be towards the end of March. (Two weeks between vacations is long enough, right? ) Airfare is quite a bit more expensive than the end of January, but I am thinking it is a better bet for snowpack. Anybody else want to climb on this bandwagon?
For the photo, of course!  The sacrifices we make for journalism.
I went through my photos to figure out when I was at Taos.  I think it was Jan 14-15 and Feb 18-19, both in 2012.  So the last week in January would split the difference.     Here is Al's Run in Jan 2012.
Ski width played no role in my ACL injury, but it may be implicated in the subsequent meniscus injury. I was sideslipping past a traffic jam on a lumpy, icy surface when it tore. So I suppose wider skis (102) may have increased the load.
Even some of us in the heavier buckets like longer but softer skis. I did demo a big stiff charger just for curiosity's sake last year. While it was fun I had to adapt my skiing a lot, and I don't think I will be making a permanent change.
I idly priced tickets last night, and I can get a good deal from BOS to ABQ the last week in January, which is when my wife is visiting her brother. Now I know that is a bit early, especially from this far out, but it is tempting.
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Connecting Killington to Pico and then rebranding Pico as an integral part of K-ton would seem to be an obvious move to bump up the advertising claims for acreage, vert, #runs, etc.   I have no idea how well it would work in practice, since I've never skied Pico.  Where do they come closest together?  I'd always heard top of Ramshead, but don't know if that is accurate.
Highly likely for weekend, maybe for Friday/Monday
I have tried porters every decade or so,and they have never been my thing. Cool bottle though. What size is it? It's not a growler, is it?
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