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This year I replaced my K2 Coombas (102 mm wide) with Atomic Automatics (109 mm wide). I have found the Atomics do hold better on ice. I can think of three possible reasons: 1) the Coombas were worn out, losing torsional stiffness 2) I was more obsessive about putting a good tune on the Atomics, because they were new. 3) The Atomics and Coombas "want" different fore-aft weight distribution. The Coombas like a centered position, while the Atomics demand a slightly...
I have not noticed any downside to 3 degrees on wide skis.  Honestly, I think it is just unexamined tradition to do anything else.
My wide skis hold pretty well on ice (109 mm now, 102 mm previous pair).  My real slalom ski (much shorter, and 64 or maybe 67 mm, I forget) holds better -- incredibly well, in fact.  But the wide skis are not "bad."   One key is to put the same edge (3 degrees and frequently sharpened) on a wide ski that you would on a narrow if you want to work on ice.  It is customary to put a 1 degree edge on wider skis, for some reason.   And I'm sure there are some skis that just...
Years ago, there was a park feature at Tremblant that included very tight, highly banked loops.  I remember because my friend's son fell in from the side.  We tried to get him to ski down the middle, but he was being difficult and whiney (the kids were quite young then).  I jumped in and threw him up over the edge when I realized the feature was, in essence, a high-speed blind curve frequented by teenagers.
I think it's a good idea, but it would be hard to do well. Both in site selection and construction, and in getting customers to understand the point.
My favorite was a Kimmel throw away, "When I saw him looking up as he thanked his family, I thought they had passed away. Then I realized they just had really bad seats."
I have posted video of myself for analysis a couple of times over the years, and each time it was a bit tough on my ego but extremely valuable. Of course, it is even more valuable as a follow-up to in-person lessons than trying to make it work entirely by itself.It is especially useful in the common situation where you have a lesson that clicks, but a week later you find you don't quite understand everything you thought you did.
See, there is some advantage to being an out of shape desk jockey in middle age! As a better - shape old guy, I am still getting better.
I think you are exactly the target audience for that type of program... I'd do it.
Call ATT and ask what your options are.  I think what Gary got is the "International Day Pass" and the other is the "Roam North America" option.We upgraded our plan because we needed to anyway, not specifically for Canada.
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