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This is an attempt to override local practice with a universal USGS policy.We still call it Filene's and Dunkin's.
That's right, demo, demo, demo! And stay away from those sloppy rental wines.
Same for me.
My MCP math: Forget exactly what I paid -- $359? $379? something like that. 2 Altabird free, 2 at half price ~ $52.  20% Gold Miners Daughter discount -- well worth it, but I probably would have stayed somewhere dirt cheap down in the valley otherwise, so I guess I won't count that. 2 Mammoth free, 1 half price ~ $50. Squalpine, 2 free, 1 half price ~ $57.   So that is 379+52+52+50+57 = $590 for 10 days of skiing.  Pretty good.   I'm not sure I will do so well...
After trying on new hiking boots, I bought a big tube of Shoegoop. I think I can bring those old dogs back.
Except that how you ski the run-in controls whether you land in the right place or not.  At the most basic, you don't want to scrape the side of the cliff on the way down.
I'm not a TGR regular, but the comments above made me look. It was actually pretty tame by their standards. I will stay over here anyway.
I agree, well written and fun to read. Luckily there was more snow by the time of the Gatherings. The white ribbon through the desert catwalk at Mammoth still looked like that, though. Pretty freaky.
with a screen name like that?
Doesn't the pacesetter flow-down machinery provide a quantitative comparison?
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