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I've always stayed in town. A benefit is you can stop at World Coffee on the way. I am going to look to stay at the ski area my next trip, though, since I have never done it.
It is counterintuitive that the BBQ joint is the fancy high end restaurant at Snowmass. It threw me for a loop too. Obviously there are better choices for a quick meal.
Well, campers are pre-selected for goals. In my case, it took awhile to understand how much needed to change.
I was an old straight ski hel pusher, and it took me a long time to modernize my technique. Good for you if you can make it happen in a three day camp! To me, the isuse is ease of learning. Once I had better technique on modern skis, I was able to carve on old 200 cm straight skis when I brought them out on a lark. But I never LEARNED to carve on those skis.
My wife and I were sitting at the bar in a local Mexican restaurant (playing trivia, by the way) when the bartender brought a bottle out from the back room and poured a shot for me, the guy next to me, and himself.  I didn't take a picture, so I'll have to use one from the web:   It was AMAZING.  The description here is pretty accurate -- strong notes of oak and vanilla.  Reminded me of a very good whiskey. One hundred times better than Patron, which was my previous...
  That's not how private aviation works.As they say, "no TSA security checkpoints at the airport, private gate entrance," I rode the corporate jet once when there were enough VP's going to get the jet but not enough to fill it.It was very sweet.  It was completely separate from the main terminal complex.  Drive up to the door, the parking valet takes your car.  The plane leaves as soon as everybody is there. When you are 30 minutes out, the pilot radios ahead and the...
Yes sir!  Anything else we can do to annoy you while we are here?
I do. Still uncomfortable. Not enough to do anything about it, but still. ...
I carry my ski's tips forward over my shoulder. However, I have noticed that in the spring when I am skiing without a coat, the skis dig in uncomfortably.
I agree with DanoT. In the abstract the prohibition sounds petty, but having watched repeated train wrecks I think it is smart. And I prefer this to the previous statement that danced around the issue without quite naming it.
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