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So let me get this straight... You're volunteering to be a sea anchor?
First of all, the data and my representation are free to use.  The data is public domain, according to the USGS website, and I'm releasing my work (and future versions in this thread) to the public domain too.   I searched on the National Map website, which looks a lot like the earthexplorer website, but with different data products. Turns out there is no 1/9 arcsec data available for Wolf Creek, but there is 1/3 arcsec data.  Unfortunately it is in a different data...
At Wingaersheek Beach (MA).
Went to the beach today, and found the dog end of the beach. There were even more that weren't in the frame.
I like the composition of the first two aspen shots, with the convex /concave patterns. Would look nice paired on a wall.
I started keeping track with a connected scale at work (part of an employee health initiative). The user interface was so bad that I realized it was easier to remember the number and enter it in a spreadsheet. I weigh myself approximately the same time every week day, shortly after lunch. With "unofficial" readings when I happen to go by the scale, I see a pretty large (and systematic) variation with time of day.
You've encouraged me to see what other data is out there. The USGS National Elevation Dataset has data with horizontal resolution of 1/9, 1/3, 1, and 2 arc seconds. The 1/9 set would correspond to about ten feet. Wow! I am definitely going to have to explore this further. But now I have other things I need to do.
Yeah, I read the lift locations off of Google maps. I have no problem with you using the pictures, but I guess I should go back and re-read the terms on the USGS site. I think I can't redistribute the raw data files but processed should be ok. Anyone (well probably US residents) can get data if they register. Pretty amazing, really. Not that long ago data at this resolution was classified secret. I will double check when I have a chance and get back to you.
And Northern California can keep talking showers.
The data is from the USGS earth explorer website. The processing and graphics is done with Matlab and scripts I wrote. Now I'm wondering if I can do it on my phone, where I have Octave, an open source Matlab clone. I can share the script if anyone cares enough for me to collect all the pieces.
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