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YEs, the meetup information for the 2nd round through the mountains will be the same as the first.I'm certainly not hikeing the bowl for another year, but there were some young fit guys who seemed to think is was a piece of cake. Try getting in touch with @Jamesj's son Vince or (I think) @skiNEwhere
Hike successful! About 15 people did the hike. I had the honor of being the slowest. Excellent skiing!
A well stocked ski town refrigerator.
Riding the Cirque lift this morning.
This morning we budgeted 20 minutes to walk to the meetup, and it took less than 5. So we got to hang out and watch the staff put the base area together. We also got to watch an avalanche dog practice riding the lift.
Traynor's was fantastic. I knew it was there from the trail map (I know, weird huh?). There is a gate at the bottom of Ruthies lift. We got there as a group of patrollers was about to close it, but they waved us through. And counted us, I noticed. You go down a pretty long traverse, go around a lump that splits to traverse. And suddenly we came to the pitch and it was a level of heart-in-your-mouth steep we hadn't skied today. I started out pretty intimidated, but...
Sorry Matt, we are slow. Bunch of us here now. And the second shift just arrived.
Don't forget your powder straps if you have them. Might find some leftovers, and losing skis is a bummer.
He is coming by ground shuttle. I knew it was unlikely. DIA is not exactly near anything.
Earlier, I think Stowe was way ahead, but I think the other guys are catching up.  This year I have 3 days at Stowe and 1 at Sugarbush.   Both Stowe and Sugarbush are making snow on trails worth skiing -- it's not just high traffic areas. At Sugarbush the Mt. Ellen side gets less traffic on the harder trails than the Lincoln Peak side.
New Posts  All Forums: