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Or even a hat! Maybe those neck muscle exercising fans toughen the ears against frostbite too.
Don't forget visibility.  I can have a great time in the trees in seeing conditions that would really freak me out on an open slope.
I had a chance to try all 3 Automatics at the Alpine Meadows demo day during last year's Gathering.   Here is my review http://www.epicski.com/t/127183/epicski-members-thumbnails-from-the-2014-gathering-demo-at-alpine-meadows#post_1716949   Basically, the 109 was my favorite. It was at the sweet spot of trading stability at speed vs maneuverability in the trees. The test was a bit inconclusive, since the 102, 109, and 117 were in different lengths. I recorded the 109...
That was Feb 2012. I didn't get to Taos last year or the one before, so I don't know.
Ummmm, your description isn't very specific.
 ... to the road.
Actually I think "the best" should have a range of difficulty. I like a challenge but other times I like swooping flow through easier trees, especially if they have good snow.
I happen to know you have plenty more ptex.
I wear a drug store stretchy sleeve on the other knee to protect against banging my knees together. The hinge sticks out a ways.
That's a shame. The one you link looks similar to mine. See the pad in the second photo? That's the one I had to swap to a flat pad. The calf piece of many of these comes in regular and short versions. You need short to fit above a ski boot. My fitter was good but all he really did was measure circumference in a few places. The online place probably has a tutorial or could walk you through it. When he came back to deliver it, he showed me how to put it on, adjusted the...
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