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Tikal malbec syrah blend on the water.
Ready for the annual week at the lake. Plenty of kayaks, but is 18 bottles of wine enough?
Yeah, I just read the article too. I would agree that bringing it into this discussion is odd, because it is not even about the same topic.
I have no personal experience, but I remember @Tog mentioning using a freight forwarder was cheaper than shipping yourself:   http://www.epicski.com/t/123542/those-who-ship-skis-how-much-do-skis-bindings-packaging-weigh#post_1668459
JH lift lines were weird. You'd see a full lift maze, go somewhere else, but then come back in an hour and find no line at all.
I think that focusing on tipping the inside ski is most important for intermediates trying to initiate their turns by tipping their skis.  They know they want to tip their skis and they know they want to be outside-ski dominant.  So they try to tip the new outside ski, and it just doesn't work. I was talking to one last year.  I explained it as "tip the less important ski, and the more important one comes along by magic."  It seemed to help. Once that movement is more...
There is a lot of good terrain at PCMR.  It is a smaller percentage of the total acreage, though, and getting to it can be a bit of a commute.
Oops. Here's the correct one:
A minor by-the-way.  I was wrong about the "resort fee" above.  It is not nearly as universal as I thought.  The bottom line still is that you should compare the, well, bottom line, and not the advertised rate.
 The press release claims they will. I spent awhile staring at the maps (some other news org had the actual plans submitted to the forest service, so better than an artist's conception). I'm trying to remember (or figure out) how the CIrque exits would line up with the bottom of the lift, and what it would take to get there. And if it would help get to the Hanging Valley from the Fanny Hill side, or if you would still be better taking the Cirque poma lift and going across...
New Posts  All Forums: