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Not a can, a big refrigerated plastic bag (judging by soups at work cafeteria). But the great thing about soup is that you can abuse it without hurting it. In fact many kinds are better after reheating. Most other cafeteria foods are much less durable.
I agree. Magic is indeed "magic", but only if they get enough snow.
I almost always get chili, and it is at least pretty good almost everywhere. The green chili stew at Wolf Creek was excellent all but one time, and ththat time was OK.
 My experience has been that a storm after a dry spell brings out the "few runs before work" crowd, making it very crowded for a few hours, then it empties out.  When there has been a string of storms, it gets less crowded.   I wasn't there, but didn't someone say last year was much busier than normal?  Didn't they get a higher than usual rating in Ski magazines annual ranking?  Maybe someone does read that thing.
You keep finding holes in my education!  I had to look up Montsant, and discovered it is right next to Priorat! I'm a big fan of bargain grenache and monastrell from Calatayud or Alamansa.  I'll have to keep an eye out for wines from further West. edit - The other West.  As in East.  As in away from the ocean.
A nebbiolo from the remainder table my wife bought for me secretly after I kept hanging around it every time we were in the store. On vacation oon cape cod, just came in from wwindsurfing on my new 9.5 sq m sail.
Forget the gapers who will ignore the signs. They are hopeless anyway. Think of reasonable people learning to ski. There was one year when blue-black was exactly right for my son. And now don't most of you look for the double blacks on the map when you go to a new area?
Nah, double blue is a great category. (Breck used to have blue-black for the same thing.) There is a developmental stage where it is exactly what you need. At many places blue covers a huge range.
I agree about marketing. But now I remember. 20 and 15 makes a 25 feet long 53 degree segment, which is a fairly serious headwall. It was defining that as a "cliff" that struck me as overstated.
EX is a Colorado state requirement with an official definition. (A pretty low threshold actually -- I looked it up once).
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