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Chipmunk holes, hah!  I've got a woodchuck in my back yard.  A big hole (comparatively). But no garden, so he is welcome to stay.  It's an unusually blonde woodchuck.
Well sure, but till you reach that state of effortless flow, there are a lot of years of sweating to get through.
I choose to run a bit too cold to reduce the amount of sweat.  And open vents/zippers before higher exertion pitches like mogul fields, rather than waiting till you notice you are too warm.  I find neck gaiters (the turtle fur things) very helpful since adding and removing them provides a quick way to make a big change in how much insulation you have.   Also a helmet with removable ear-flaps.  Base layer with a 1/4 length neck zipper.   Always wear sunscreen so you have...
A comment from reading, not from my experience -- I've done a few pedal turns, but only to see what they are about. But I'm thinking that there is probably a lot of fine-tuning to pedal turns that could make them less tiring.
Opinions will vary.  My preference is to NOT to get an all-mountain with an Eastern bias.  Anything 98 mm will do, 109 will also do*, so get something completely different instead.  My "other" ski is a real slalom ski that I bought at a ski swap. For men, that means a length 165-ish cm long,  67-ish mm wide, depending on year and brand.  You may have a preference for your second slalom ski, but for the first one get whatever you can find in good condition.  *if you put a...
Another side note, the 109 was definitely the sweet spot in the Automatic lineup. The 102 was scary when I tried to plow through crud. The 117 was only a tiny bit more stable than the 109 but much less nimble. It's too bad it's been discontinued. I don't pay enough attention to know which atomic replaces it.
By the way, I agree with qcanoe that a real carver would be good for you. I have a real slalom ski I bring out when it is really, really icy. But it will help you learn to reduce that skid even on the marginal days when it is not mandatory.
The automatic. Coincidentally I tried one of the 7s the same day and hated it. I thought the 7 felt vague. The automatic was stable when i let it run yet nimble in the trees.
Well, I have only one demo day on them, but they impressed me so much that I bought a used pair over the summer. I have yet to ski on mine, obviously. I'm just under 200 lbs, 5 ft 10 and somewhere in the advanced through expert range. I plan to put a good sharp 3 degree edge on them, and expect them to shine on all but the true ice days.
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