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Connecting Killington to Pico and then rebranding Pico as an integral part of K-ton would seem to be an obvious move to bump up the advertising claims for acreage, vert, #runs, etc.   I have no idea how well it would work in practice, since I've never skied Pico.  Where do they come closest together?  I'd always heard top of Ramshead, but don't know if that is accurate.
Highly likely for weekend, maybe for Friday/Monday
I have tried porters every decade or so,and they have never been my thing. Cool bottle though. What size is it? It's not a growler, is it?
Last gathering @jgiddyup and I were profoundly unimpressed. No draft beer? Now the Wort Hotel? That's a good bar. And this time I have to finally make it to the Stagecoach.
It may be more than 5 years, but a visitor was killed near Toilet Bowl and a patroller was killed at what was then named Wally World in his memory.
I've given up on the Aspen idea.  My current plan is to fly to San Francisco and drive with my son, who lives out there.  We both have Mountain Collective Passes, so we will probably do a day at Alta/Snowbird on the way up and on the way back -- maybe Feb 26 and Mar 7?   Anybody else from the Bay area want to form a caravan?  Heck, lets call it a parade!
 It probably does.  Lots of person-to-person variation.  I did a lot of work debugging software at the top of Mt Haleakala on Maui, which is only 10000 feet.  Everytime someone did something dumb, they would make the excuse "altitude brain".  I only knew one guy who really seemed impaired, though.  He really suffered every night. Another 2000 feet on the Big Island probably makes a big difference, though.  I remember reading that most of the visiting experimenters work...
Mini-gathering in Taos?  Lots of semi-local bears.  ABasin pass comes with 3 days at Taos.  I got one for the Mother's day event, I think @JohnL did, and some of the usual suspects probably did too.  And I'm sure @KingGrump wants to see what Vail has done with the place. 
Eh, brah!  It's all good.
He is out of balance because the net force does not go through the center of mass. He will rotate clockwise. While the force on the base is perpendicular to the base, the force on the edge is perpendicular to the edge. In soft snow the base dominates the combination, but on hardpack or ice the edge can exert significant force. I don't think you want it to, though. I am having trouble visualizing the contortions that would put significant force on the side edge. A...
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