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I've seen vids of WC, where they move their skis a bit so they get a turn score.  I'm talking about the amateurs who come out on soft snow days and literally bounce their way down.  Some of them turn a little, but I really think some of them don't turn at all.  Just splash, splash, splash down the fall line.
What about those guys who don't turn at all?  Is that zipper?   (Sigh).  I invested $2.49.  I guess I better RTFM, erhh.. RTFB.
It's kinda funny how all that bright sunshine on white snow confused my phone.  The sky wasn't really black.  Thanks for the comments, all!
I agree. In the way I use the words, there is a difference between skiing a line and zippering it. (I can only zipper easy bumps. )
Here's the lower flatter part of OL and the view from the bottom.
Here are the bumps I skied Sunday. Most people stayed mostly in one line. There were 4 or 5 guys doing pseudo-competitive style, although I think some of them would have been marked down for not turning enough. One of the WC-style guys was with a little girl (early elementary school, maybe). The only coaching I heard him give her was "remember, hands forward".
One dimension missing here is that the SX did get better during its run. The 91 was better than the 90 and the Force9 / 92E was better than that. (Vanilla 92 being an exception IMO ).
We have mandatory water restrictions (on a patchwork town by town basis) here in soggy Massachusetts.
Killington will be down to just Superstar pretty soon, but that will be going for a while. I wouldn't lap it exclusively in midwinter but it is a fun time in the spring. I will probably go back one more time.
OL  is done, but Superstar will live on.   The main part is over here, piled above the headwall.     Superstar is a short headwall, a long flat piece, and then the final steeper pitch;     For the rest of the spring, Killington is giving 25% off on weekends and 50% off during the week if you have a season pass to another mountain.  The online advance purchase deal was slightly better than that, but worth remembering.
New Posts  All Forums: