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The Pugski Mother's Day event congratulates @near nyquist for winning the Kentucky Derby
It label seems familiar, but I can't quite figure out what it is. Anybody recognize it?
But this is a potentially odd beer that is really, really good. Dogfish Pennsylvania Tuxedo with spruce.
Maybe they finished the software.  I was there just a little before you, at the beginning of March. When I was there, Taos couldn't link a credit card.  In fact, they couldn't even add days to the pass they gave me (which was a plastic card with  a barcode, not RFID).     For the additional days, I had to go to the ticket window each morning, show my MCP pass (or the original MCP receipt) and ID, give them a credit card and get a paper one-day lift ticket.  That sounds...
 I was annoyed too, since I always want to make first chair but have a lot of problems with mornings.
Yes, Taos and Stowe had a few bumps in the first-year implementation too... and I'm not talking about moguls!  Not malfunctions, just annoying extra steps required.
Finally had a Dogfish Head I don't like. Not just a hint of raspberry, it is overpowering and just plain weird. I like beer. I love raspberries. Go figure?
Are you thinking colorant gets excluded from the new crystals? Maybe.
Really?  I didn't know that.  If it is really that hot, maybe it is oxidation.
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