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Hey @Finndog we never drank my wine! We did drink one Cote de Paso at the near nyquist rainbow Jenny SpikeDog mdf matchstix party early in the Gathering. It did taste better in the warm California sun than Jackson. Are you skiing today? I still haven't met you in the flesh.
That Apres the day before yesterday was a good party. Thanks to the Colorado crew +Tog for hosting. There was way too much beer, though. Is that how you know you are a grown-up? Parties no longer run out of alcohol?
Okay I will admit I have not tried a narrow ski in crud. Nonetheless, my skis handle crud very very well at both low and high speeds. Thinking about this some more, deflection can be a good thing in the right degree. Suppose you are skiing a surface that is mostly heavy stirred up snow (tending towards mashed potatoes but not quite there) with occasional 6 x 6 x 4 inch blocks of ice mixed in. What do you want your ski to do?
So that's why Jackson was so empty today! We walked right on the tram. First lap, one box wait. Second lap, zero box wait.
Were you planning on trying to straight line? When I put a ski on edge, even in crud, I expect it to turn. If you want to call turning "deflection," go ahead.
One last hiker gets in under the wire as patrol closes the hike behind us.
The first part of the hike, a boot pack "ladder," was still pretty sketch. Steep, icy, shallow or rounded steps kicked into a snow and ice wall. I re-kicked 5 or so of them on the way up. Still not as sketchy as when we did it earlier in the week. Part of it had been rerouted and reset. Or maybe I'm just getting used to that feeling that I am going to fall backward off the mountain. After that section it is just a steep walk. The snow was good and everyone skied it...
Actually no. If they are on edge and going the direction they are pointed, wider skis will not float and be deflected by crud. My 102 mm by 188 cm Coomba is a nearly perfect tool for the job. The Dynastar Cham 127 , 127 mm by 190 cm, stiff and weigh twice as much as my skis, were even better at blasting, but there was too much of a nimbleness tradeoff.
Gelande Quaffing championship! Taken from the porch of the Moose. I'm not going to stand over there just for a better view.
You guys must have a better sense of direction than me, because I have gone the wrong way when I was startled by someone coming up behind me saying "on your left. " It wasn't a cattrack, I expect it there. Fortunately they spoke far enough back to adapt. They said "or right " as they went by.
New Posts  All Forums: