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Phil! Your skis have disappeared! And what are those giant ears on you helmet? You just come back from Disney Land? 
The stated reason to over compensate executives is to make them care about the success of the company. Paying them at F.U. levels per year is stupid. Their primary preoccupation becomes gaming the pay formulas. Pay them enough so that they are not tempted by crooked side - deals, sure. But accumulating all the money anyone could ever need should be a long-term project.
While we are drifting, how about the renter's point of view.  After a VRBO rental, the owner emailed me and told me that the cleaner said I had taken two items.  The kitchen towel?  Well, maybe it got mixed in with our dirty clothes.  I could imagine that.  (I never found it though.)  The large sofa pillow?  I don't think so.  It wouldn't even fit in my suitcase unless I left all my clothes behind.
Me too.  But I imagine it would be different if we were just an inch or two taller.
Lesson is at Highlands. Thanks, we did have fun at A-Basin.  I would have taken a break, but every time I started to go inside somebody else I wanted to ski with was coming out. I'd love to go back to Mother's day at A-Basin, but we are going to the wedding of a friend's kid that week.  Maybe I'll get back to the A-Basin spring thing in 2016.  This Aspen trip is a substitute.  
I find it impossible to imagine doing that without throwing in a totally inappropriate (disastrous, actually) braking move on the ramp. 
True, but it is highly unlikely that anyone knows.  And if they do, they will be binding engineers and not be allowed to say.
I saw Josh the day I took the bus to Stowe.  As we loaded into the gondola I said "Hey, I know that guy!" and he said, "Hey, I know those boots!"
I read an article by a former car rental local manager that claimed there were no real fixed rates in the business.  If there were extra cars, the counter staff had essentially infinite discretion on offering prices.  Don't know if it is true, but your story sounds like it might be.
At the Utah Gathering last year, I spent a couple nights in marznc's condo.  One of the people there had a 2WD car, and she couldn't even get out of the parking lot.  It wasn't all that steep, but the sand truck missed our turn off and the pavement was glazed.  Sharing rides wasn't an option, since she was returinng to the airport. After awhile of being unable to help, the gang told me to go ski.  I felt a little guilty but I did.   Even backing out and 3 guys pushing...
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