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A nebbiolo from the remainder table my wife bought for me secretly after I kept hanging around it every time we were in the store. On vacation oon cape cod, just came in from wwindsurfing on my new 9.5 sq m sail.
Forget the gapers who will ignore the signs. They are hopeless anyway. Think of reasonable people learning to ski. There was one year when blue-black was exactly right for my son. And now don't most of you look for the double blacks on the map when you go to a new area?
Nah, double blue is a great category. (Breck used to have blue-black for the same thing.) There is a developmental stage where it is exactly what you need. At many places blue covers a huge range.
I agree about marketing. But now I remember. 20 and 15 makes a 25 feet long 53 degree segment, which is a fairly serious headwall. It was defining that as a "cliff" that struck me as overstated.
EX is a Colorado state requirement with an official definition. (A pretty low threshold actually -- I looked it up once).
It's a TV show. "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" Posole is good stuff though. "Discovered" it when I was going to Albuquerque a lot and finally got tired of carne adovada.
I've only been to Wildcat once. That was about 30 years ago. It was my first date with a woman who was my girlfriend for about a year. Maybe it has been long enough that I should give Wildcat another chance.
Hampton Inn actually has good coffee. I usually bring my own box of cereal.
 So is S&D a good deal or not?  According to the website, this year it is $1,330 including lifts.MountainX is $210 with lift. S&D runs 9 to 4 minus an hour for lunch, or 6 hours.MountainX skis 90 minutes less, or 4.5 hours. If you scale MountainX up to the same number of hours, you get $1120. So you do pay a $210 premium for S&D. You might eat and drink enough at apres and the banquet to cover most of that.   We are getting closer. But the biggest difference is the 1/2 day...
 They shouldn't have to move you up if you show improvement, because everyone is supposed to improve.  Seriously, the coordinators come around at the first lunch and ask if anyone feels they wound up in the wrong group.  And they move a few people around later, if a mismatch becomes obvious.  There is a lot of room for varying ability in the camp.  They are going to push you, but not beyond what you can do. I would have reservations about taking regular, non-camp lessons...
New Posts  All Forums: