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I didn't try this, because 22 Oz is too much of a commitment, but I love the way the last description ends.
Purely academic interest, but do you need to load it with coffee? Can't you get the same effect drawing a blank shot?
 Hmmm...  that option might help with traditional boot fitting too.
Looks like skis might fit between the seats.
KeurigHave you tried Marley coffee?  Run by one of Bob's sons.I agreed about Keurig till I discovered them. They use a compatible but non-Keurig pod with a paper filter inside, and start with good, properly roasted beans.I really like their Buffalo Soldier (medium roast). My other complaint about Keurig is that the branding is fake.  Find a regional chain you like?  If you try their Keurig pods you will find it is the same Green Mountain coffee with licensed artwork.  ...
Well, could be a difference between stats per jump and per participant. One in 60 will accumulate to one in four pretty quickly.
I admit to being pathetically ignorant about your geography, but you've got to love a range called "The Snowy Mountains".
I think "storytelling" to yourself plays a big role.  When something bad happens, there is immediate shock, fear and dismay.  People say things like, "a horrible accident," "nothing he could have done", etc.  But wait awhile, and some people start to tell themselves stories.  "He did X, Y and Z wrong."  It restores the illusion of control and helps them believe it won't happen to them.
 NH is the week after, but I don't think that matters.  Mass and NY are the same week, and that swamps everything else. Many years ago, we went on a cruise out of Florida that week,  I happened to run into someone that I knew who lived in another part of the country, and he said "I wondered where all these kids came from!" Still, when my son was in school we always skied that week -- Tremblant, Sugarbush, Sunday River, Breckenridge, and Salt Lake.  Was it more crowded than...
@Alpinord (Slidewright.com) is a sponsor.  I buy from him, mostly. @Doctor D (racewax.com) is too.  I've bought some things from him.
New Posts  All Forums: