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Orin Swift Abstract Red. A transcendent experience.
No real advice, but an endorsement. I did a trip that was just me and my son (when he was just a couple years older), and I it was a great time.
He did start out styling though....  
 But does it work?
Well if @Philpug wants to go down that path, there is always this....
Taking a break from mowing the lawn, I pulled out a Lagunitas that has been in the fridge a long time. I mostly drink wine, and when I do drink beeer, I tend to look for esoteric choices. (Which L once was, but no longer.) But, wow, I had forgotten how amazingly good L is! Anearly perfect IPA.
Finishing off the remnants of a very nice Paso cab from last weekend.
 We've been having fun with this thread, but this made me think about the actual, original, question.   First, clean untracked powder is incredibly easy to ski, on almost any equipment.  Once it starts to get "lightly stirred" and then progresses into chopped up and finally to skied out, the limitations of your equipment or technique start to show up.  I am sad the party is ending as the snow changes, but I don't stop having fun.  So maybe there is a technique component to...
The problem is when an attractive steep pitch flattens out and you bog down. Either because you didn't know, or you talked yourself into thinking you could make it across.
By about 10 inches per person.
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