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Getting towards the end of its aging life, at least in my less than perfect cellar. Still very nice.
Perrsonally I like both Stowe and Sugarbush, but like Sugarbush a little more.  And I really like Winn's attitude.  ("Make your own decisions about skiing with thin cover...you guys are grown ups.")   The Stowe and AIG situation is similar, actually, but for Stowe it happened decades ago back when a CEO could use his company's money to buy a ski resort.  So now it is just historical trivia, and the corporate connection might add stability.  On the other hand, AIG was a...
Finishing off a Preston of Dry Creek (Sonoma) petite syrah we bought at the vineyard a few years ago. It was good yesterday when we opened it but even better today.
 "Expert" is unattainable because it is traditional on Epicski for the standard to be set higher than whatever example is provided.  This is an oddity of the use of the term, not of skiing.  Personally, I think it is silly and makes the term useless, but it is a real tendency around here.
Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see any acknowledgement that this is an unusually tough grading scale. Unless that was your point in post 36.   It is traditional around here for an "Epic level 9" and "expert" to be essentially unattainable.  
 The good thing about this chart is that it has plenty of room for differentiation at the top end, unlike the typical ski school chart.  The bad thing is that it is one to one-and-a-half levels different from a typical chart, so anyone who is emotionally attached to their number, or who just doesn't read it, will grade themselves too high.
The Pugski Mother's Day event congratulates @near nyquist for winning the Kentucky Derby
It label seems familiar, but I can't quite figure out what it is. Anybody recognize it?
But this is a potentially odd beer that is really, really good. Dogfish Pennsylvania Tuxedo with spruce.
Maybe they finished the software.  I was there just a little before you, at the beginning of March. When I was there, Taos couldn't link a credit card.  In fact, they couldn't even add days to the pass they gave me (which was a plastic card with  a barcode, not RFID).     For the additional days, I had to go to the ticket window each morning, show my MCP pass (or the original MCP receipt) and ID, give them a credit card and get a paper one-day lift ticket.  That sounds...
New Posts  All Forums: