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I just noticed I used that "a bit wooden" line back in the original 2010 post. Sorry. Guess I need a ghostwriter.
Something I found in my wine pile. Cabernet, carmenere, syrah, and merlot. Quite pleasant. Finished off the bottle with leftovers tonight.
Bump for a new year and a new skier. He looks a bit wooden. Needs to loosen up (and uncross his tails of course ).
We are all individuals!
More like lead from.Taos has good blue runs, but I would argue it doesn't have any green runs. It has run outs and cat tracks and connecting traverses doing double duty. Well, there is a short slope with its own chair next to the parking lot, so I guess there is one.
But seriously, if the wax smokes it's too hot. If it doesn't melt it's too cold. That is all there is to it.
Well that is a bit of an over-simplification. The DIN levels were determined by studying what it takes to break bones. And tearing ligaments takes a lot less force than breaking bones. But lower levels still correlate with a reduced chance of ligament and soft tissue damage.
When setting my bindings balancing actual injuries (minor thankfully ) against actual undesirable releases, I found a 0.5 din change to be noticeable. I haven't felt the need for finer tweaks though.
Yep. http://www.epicski.com/t/130327/atomic-automatic-109s-anybody-ski-them-yet#post_1794003
I would think that with the hasp out you could see when the notches line up.
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