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An episode of big-time falling was very helpful for me back when I was learning. Way back when, Wildfire at Killington (a fairly boring black run) was a big challenge for me.  It was right at the limit of what I could handle, and I always flailed a bit. One day my friend convinced me to give Outer Limits a try. This was when Outer Limits was new, and they had no way to groom it.  It really did have the oft-quoted VW-sized bumps. I fell on every single bump. I think it...
Not only double blind, but placebo-controlled.A placebo parachute is something to wrap your mind around.
Everything is relative.  I think you would have had a good time skiing with the group at the Gatherings this year.  It boggles my mind to think what it would have been like if  they weren't skiing "slow."
Right angle to MOST of the cable. The chair (and the cable too, obviously) makes a sharp turn right after loading. I agree it's odd and awkward. Somebody must have designed it for a reason, but what that is beats me.
Ahh. The gaps in my education are showing.
Well, I've practiced self-arrest in a lesson, which is related to falling.
Oh, did you want them for one particular drawing?
I didn't turn my dins down because they aren't really set by the chart. I turned them down gradually until I started coming out and then put them back up 1/2. But the age 50 thing was one of the motivators.
Not fully vacation, but two colleagues who happened to be dating were on vacation in Aspen when they got a call for emergency customer service in Hawaii. So they dragged their ski gear to Hawaii, took care of business, spent a couple days in the surf, and then went back to their vacation.
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