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 Well, the "common wisdom" used to be tickets were cheapest 2 months before the flight.  Of course, it is like search-engine-optimization: once the public knows the rules, they change them, precisely because we know them. A quick google finds cheapair.com says, on average, 7 weeks ahead is best, with lots of caveats.  For example, further ahead is better for holidays, and some markets are completely different. A nice summary from...
Cheap(ish) zinc from long-time grape farmers recently turned winemakers. Subtle? Not really. Big, jammy yet tannic and yummy, yes! They make a petite syrah too, which we haven't tried yet.
Here is a more charitable way to look at it: For intermediate skiers, a large part of the enjoyment is exploring. It's fun to go from one end of the resort to the other and back. I remember this phase very well from years ago when my son was twelve or so. Writing this, it occurs to me that a funky, inefficient lift layout might actually be a virtue in these cases!
He is picking up really old threads but missing the middle aged ones. Weird. There were two or three active acl threads when I had my surgery (January 2013, 56 years old, injured 3-ish years previously). They were good threads and largely reused by the next year's class. Fabienzen, try to calm down and trust your surgeon. If you can't trust him, find a different one.
 If I had known about those (and if they existed then) I might not have bought a pack.I'm pretty used to the pack and set in my ways now, though....
And here I am carrying skis on my pack headed up to the radio tower at Alpine Meadows.
Here it is on top of my suitcase. Took this in case they lost the big case or the ski bag.
Nah. It was from Lands End of all things! It is probably close to 20 years old. Also had a matching ski bag whose zipper finally failed a couple of years ago.
I have an old bag similar to the Dakine boot locker that I have always carried on airplanes. The top compartment on mine tapers towards the center and I don't pack it full, so it can scrunch down some.
I ski with a very small pack all the time. I bought it because it was the smallest one with ski - carry straps that I had ever found. Just carry a snack, Leatherman, water, the other lens for my goggles, dry socks and an extra neck gaiter. Often times I have skied with people where getting the stuff they stashed (in a mid mountain lodge, for example) at the end of the day was a problem. Oh yeah, and my reading glasses. Getting old is annoying. Another edit --it is a...
New Posts  All Forums: