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Interview with Signal de La Grave’s Joost van Zundert
I'm not sure if this is in the correct forum to post in but.....   Last season, Mountain Rider's Alliance launched the Mountain Playground Group, a solutions-based initiative to assist community and independent ski areas to be more successful and sustainable by working together.    In year one, we had 8 ski areas and are looking for another 5-7 to join this season. We have lots of great stuff plan including a more robust joint media campaign. Here's a recent article on...
Here's my follow up interview with Howard Katkov. In just 6 weeks, they have raised received over $4.5 Million in pledges.    Interview with Red Mountain Owner Howard Katkov, October 12, 2016
We conducted an interview with the soon-to-be-new owner of Magic Mountain, Vermont. 
If you haven't heard, Red Mountain, BC has just launched the world's first Crowdfunding for Equity Campaign. Here''s my interview with the owner.   Fight the Man. Own the Mountain: Interview with Red Mountain’s Howard Katkov
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Here is our newsletter   Mountain Playground Group July 2016 
MRA Launches the Mountain Playground Group   A nationwide collaboration of community, independent ski areas   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   JACKSON, WY – January 14, 2016. Mountain Rider’s Alliance (MRA) has launched its latest initiative, the Mountain Playground Group, designed to assist community and independent ski areas to be more viable. The consortium of geographically diversified, like-minded ski areas will band together to reduce expenses while increasing...
One of the patrollers posted this picture of Kachina this morning on his Facebook page   
Patrol told me chair 4 would be opening tomorrow. There were several ski patrol tracks on Kachina today. 
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