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I happy to announce that I have relocated to Taos for the season and will give an update from time to time. 
 Thank you for that astute observation. 
Here's an article describing the financial model used to purchase the solar panel project   Would you like solar panels on your home hill? Here's how   Teton Gravity Research, December 23, 2014     
The crowdfunding campaign will be ending on Monday at midnight.   So far, over $11,000 has been raised.    Here's a sneak preview of the new T-Shirts that are available.     
Mt. Ashland, Oregon is recovering from last season's inability to open. The 501(c)(3) non-profit owned community ski area just launched a Crowdfunding campaign.   The Next 50 Years of Mt. Ashland  
MT. ASHLAND PARTNERS WITH MOUNTAIN RIDER’S ALLIANCE PRESS RELEASE Mt. Ashland partners with Mountain Rider’s Alliance  ASHLAND, OR – November 4, 2014 The Mt. Ashland Association and Mountain Rider’s Alliance (MRA) have announced a partnership, effective immediately. The partnership will help both organizations accomplish their shared missions of creating and supporting sustainable community-oriented ski areas. MRA’s CEO and Co-Founder Jamie Schectman, who has been...
I'm please to announce that MRA's prototype Mountain Playground is installing a large solar array to offset roughly 70% of their annual energy consumption.    Solar Switch on for Maine Ski Area   Mod note: moved with permission of the Thread Starter
I've felt for a long time there should be an ski industry focus group, made up of both veterans and up and coming leaders.   Clearly the status quo is not working, as shown by rising lift ticket costs, Gen X and Y not entering the sport as much as Pre Boomers and Baby Boomers are exiting, and continued closures of smaller, independent, community-foucsed ski areas.
Here's a great article that was written up after the survey results were reported.   Fighting for the Little Guys Powder Magazine, May 28, 2014
Here's a post we did on the New Zealand Nut Cracker, which certainly falls under the category of uphill ganr.   http://www.mrablog.com/the-new-zealand-nut-cracker/
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