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First Decents- Part 3: Hotel Hill

This post is sponsored by SkiEssentials.com     It’s funny the things you remember. I recall some years ago there was a car advertisement that ran in all the ski rags. Maybe it was for Audi or maybe it was for Subaru, but for some peculiar reason it latched on to some dimly lit part of my brain. The car in the ad was seen driving along a snowy alpine setting, fantasizing like a skier about making a smeary turn or two on the appetizing embankment next to the road. I think the tag line was something like, “Yeah, we see it too.” Much like the car in that ad, I’ve... read more

First Decents: Part 2 - Cobb's Hill

This post is sponsored by SkiEssentials.com Throughout my travels in Rochester and even before my relocation here I had heard of Cobb’s Hill Park. Located in the city’s Southeast the park features many acres of woods, hiking trails and a reservoir that supplies drinking water. Around the fenced in perimeter of the reservoir is a widely used walking path and at one of the highest points is a grand view of the city. During one of my inquisitive scouting visits I found this overlook intriguing. Below the opening that offers this view falls a steep grade down into the... read more

2015 Geezer Ski Bum Tour – EpicSki #5

2015 Geezer Ski Bum Tour – EpicSki #5   Family Time in Summit County. March 28, 2015 By Jim Kenney (all photos by Jim Kenney)   I’m entering the last week of my nine week trip.  For the last 30 days of my geezer ski tour I’ve been based in Summit County, CO.  I rented a two bedroom townhouse in Silverthorne off VRBO for what I thought was a reasonable price (~$115 per night, no motel tax for 30+ days) and this gave me a nice place to host my wife and children for some outstanding family time.  This commentary has a more personal flavor than some of my other posts... read more

2015 Geezer Ski Bum Tour – EpicSki #4

2015 Geezer Ski Bum Tour – EpicSki #4   Six Weeks In, March 13, 2015 By Jim Kenney   I’m now six weeks into my nine week ski tour.  I drove out from Virginia and arrived in Colorado on February 1.  Since then I’ve skied in CO, UT, CA, WY and I’m now back in CO until I head home in early April.  Today I plan to spend the afternoon at Breckenridge (three inches of new snow last night) and if you include one day of cross-country skiing this will be my 30th ski day of the trip.  My list of resorts skied includes Beaver Creek, Vail, Breckenridge, Park City, The Canyons,... read more

2015 Geezer Ski Bum Tour – EpicSki #3

2015 Geezer Ski Bum Tour – EpicSki #3   Hail to SkiNEwhere, Fatbob, and Rickg, February 17, 2015 By Jim Kenney   I've completed the first two weeks of my geezer ski bum tour and have about seven more weeks to go.  I skied 12 of my first 15 days in the Vail Valley area.  This report will largely be a photo tribute to three terrific EpicSki members I’ve made tracks with here in Colorado:  SkiNEwhere, Fatbob, and Rickg.  These guys generously shared one or more ski days with me.  Their knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm really elevated my experience for the best and... read more

2015 Geezer Ski Bum Tour – EpicSki #2

2015 Geezer Ski Bum Tour – EpicSki #2   First Week Highlights and Lessons Learned, February 9, 2015 By Jim Kenney   a.       I had a few waves of emotion on the two day drive from Virginia to Colorado as I reflected on my life and recent retirement.  The key word seems to be GRATITUDE. I arrived in Colorado on February 1. The long drive helped me work on the huge attitude adjustment necessary for successful ski bumhood.  Spending a night in Denver seemed to help with altitude adjustment.   b.      I was totally solo my first couple days in ski country and I made... read more

First Decents- Part 1: Sniffin' Out the Suburbs

This post is sponsored by SkiEssentials.com First Decents- Part 1: Sniffin' Out the Suburbs Three years ago I found myself 400 miles west of the quite beautiful and snowy backcountry of Northern Vermont. There I was standing on the cold grass in the suburbs of Rochester, NY. I had moved here with my wife to be with family and advance our careers. Western NY is not exactly what you would call a ski mecca, and thus it was a decision I grappled with for a long time. I grew up skiing on a small mountain in central New Hampshire, where my father was the marketing... read more

2015 Geezer Ski Bum Tour – EpicSki #1

2015 Geezer Ski Bum Tour – EpicSki #1 By Jim Kenney   The Prologue, January 28, 2015   I retired on January 2, 2015 after 37+ years as a U. S. Government employee.  This Saturday, January 31, 2015 I’m going to take advantage of this crossroads in my life and head west for the months of February and March to pursue a dream long deferred.  The yearning to go “ski bumming” comes from my deep and insatiable love of skiing, but it’s also a response to a missed opportunity I had many years ago to do something similar after I graduated from college (Go Terps).    In... read more

Cat-Skiing with Valhalla Powdercats, Nelson, BC.

  Our two-day cat-skiing adventure with Valhalla Powdercats started on Sunday December 28th, early in the morning at their operations center located outside Nelson, BC.  After our first initial safety meeting, we loaded the biggest, baddest bus in the snowcat industry and headed to meet the snowcats.   Our group included skiing legends, twins and all around hilarious guys, Phil and Steve Mahre, pro-skiers, Andy Mahre, Shannon Skouras, and Robbie Mahre, as well as the crew from Peak Travels.   Everything from the skiing, the professionalism of the guides and... read more

Cat-Skiing with Big Red Cats, British Columbia, Canada

Current conditions at Big Red Cats are awesome and only getting better with all the new snow.  Our group, which consisted of skiers from the Peak Travels crew, which included pro skiers Andy Mahre, Shannon Skouras and Robbie Mahre.  We met up early Saturday morning, December 27th, in the Red Mountain village, conveniently located right up the road from Rossland, BC.     The day started with a delicious breakfast next door to the BRC office and then before we knew it, we were loading the shuttle bus to take us where the cat would meet us.  Upon arrival, an... read more

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