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Aspen Highlands, CO - A Pictorial

Aspen Highlands, CO - A Pictorial   By Jim Kenney, aka JamesJ EpicSki Travel Correspondent   My 23 year old son Vince and I skied Aspen Highlands, CO last season on a beautiful, partly sunny, 30 degree (F) day. It was New Year's Eve 2013. We carved-up long groomers (lightly trafficked even during the Holidays), tackled challenging glades and bump runs, and rode a free snowcat to Highland Bowl for one of the most spectacular off-piste experiences in US recreational skiing. Did we have a good time? It's hard to speak in absolutes, but from a guy who has skied ~85 ski... read more

Hunter Mountain, NY - A Pictorial

Hunter Mountain, NY – A Pictorial   By Jim Kenney, aka JamesJ EpicSki Travel Correspondent   What can I say about Hunter Mountain?  It is one of America’s quintessential daytripper/weekender ski areas.  If you learned to ski or snowboard in the greater NYC metropolitan area chances are some of your formative moments came at Hunter Mountain.  As the mother of all “feeder hills” it has the reputation of a somewhat frenetic, high volume ski area reliant upon one of the greatest snowmaking systems in the world.  But Hunter is also a very fun and striking place to ski,... read more

Snowmass, CO - A Pictorial

Snowmass, CO – A Pictorial   By Jim Kenney, aka JamesJ EpicSki Travel Correspondent   I got a chance to ski Snowmass, CO during Christmas Week 2013.  Conditions were excellent for late December and the vast majority of the 3,332 skiable acres of this Colorado colossus were open for business.  My 23 year old son Vince joined me and we spent most of the day in the upper heights of the mountain with clear visibility, good snow, and light trail traffic.    Snowmass is huge with 150 miles of trails, 21 lifts, nine on-mountain restaurants, and a vertical drop of 4406’... read more

Sugarloaf, ME - A Pictorial

Sugarloaf, ME - A Pictorial   By Jim Kenney, aka JamesJ EpicSki Travel Correspondent Many visitors typically drive past numerous fine ski areas to get to Sugarloaf. Once you’re there here is what makes it a worthy destination:  a big (elevation 4237’), single-summit mountain with 2820’ of continuous vertical,1230 skiable acres, and a location secluded enough to moderate the crowds.  There is also a unique weather pattern that is often far cooler and snowier than where you came from! I visited Sugarloaf for two days of great skiing in mid-March 2014 as part of a... read more

Aspen Mountain, CO - A Pictorial

Aspen Mountain, CO - A Pictorial   By Jim Kenney, aka JamesJ EpicSki Travel Correspondent   The dog days of August 2014 are halfway behind us.  It's not too soon to begin thinking about next season's ski vacation destinations.  I plan to post a few pictorials over the next month of some fine ski areas I visited last winter.  First up is Aspen, Colorado, one of the oldest and best ski resorts in America. Between the four ski areas of Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Snowmass, and Buttermilk there is something for everyone and plenty of it within a ten mile radius.... read more

About Those German Trail Names at Taos

About Those German Trail Names at Taos by Jim Kenney (Jamesj) Northern New Mexico's Taos Ski Valley (TSV) features one of the more eclectic sets of trail names that you'll find at a U. S. ski area. There are over 100 runs and slopes at Taos with names drawn from many sources including Mexican influences, ancient mythology, tributes to local figures, and random humor. Given our sport's Alpine origins it's not surprising to also see generic German trail labels like Blitz, Edelweiss, and Lorelei. But did you know that several ski trails at Taos are named after the... read more

Colorado Road Trip Recap

Colorado Road Trip Recap By Jim Kenney                                                                                                             INTRO 3,993 miles. My son Vince and I made a nine day blitzkrieg road trip from Northern Virginia to Aspen, Colorado right smack in the middle of Christmas Week. In between the long drives out and back we enjoyed three sunny ski days in the Aspen area and two powder days at Loveland. When we eased back into our home driveway on the evening of January 4th, 2014 the automobile trip odometer registered just a few miles shy... read more

Uphill Ski Passes Might Change Ski Resorts Forever

This post is sponsored by SkiEssentials.com Uphill Ski Passes Might Change Ski Resorts Forever   The other day as I was wasting time on Facebook, a picture caught my eye. It wasn't one of those gimmicky "Like or Comment" photos, and it wasn't a link to some celebrity tabloid. In fact, it was relatively simple. It was a picture of someone's season pass. The odd thing about it wasn't the picture, shape, or color. The interesting part of this particular pass is that it read "Uphill Travel Pass." The pass I was looking at was for Killington Mountain here in Vermont,... read more

5 Unusual Places To Ski

Everyone has heard about world famous skiing destinations in the Alps and North America; from Val d'Isère to Whistler. But snow covered mountains can be found the world over – there are plenty of ski resorts virtually unknown to the majority of Western tourists, just waiting to be explored. Although the European and North American ski resorts are known to be some of the best in the world, going off the beaten track to ski in Asia, Africa or the Middle East not only allows you to be able to say you’ve skied in some pretty unusual places, but also enables you to... read more

Sugarloaf Mountain to Open Above Treeline Chutes

This post is sponsored by SkiEssentials.com Sugarloaf Mountain to Open Above Treeline Chutes     Sugarloaf Mountain in Carrabassett Valley, Maine has been hard at work since being purchased by Boyne Resorts in 2007. Since their acquisition, Sugarloaf has upgraded and renovated just about everything you can think of. The list of projects has included hundreds of new snowmaking guns, thousands of feet of snowmaking pipe, millions of dollars of building renovations, a new chairlift, and most importantly, hundreds of acres of new trails and glades. The most amazing... read more

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