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A Night in the Life of a Snowcat Operator

  For most people, a day at the ski resort ends around 4:00PM. But for a few twilight warriors, the day is just beginning. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a groomer, here’s your chance to get a sneak-peek into a “Night in the Life of a Snowcat Operator.”   Your job is to spend the night undoing what the skiers spent their day doing. You cut off bumps, you fill low spots, you move snow back uphill and toward the center of trails. You resurface and refresh the snow, so that the skiers can enjoy it all over again the next day. Your job is both art and... read more

Top 5 Fridays - FIS Drone Ban, Discovery News, Crested Butte, Silverton, Ski The East, and More!

Top Five Fridays - January 8, 2016 // Ski Industry News Image: TrailSource.com's Flickr Account   #1: Parties Over! Fat Skis May Cause Knee Injuries: There’s no doubt that if you’ve been a frequent skier over the last few years you’ve noticed an incase in waistlines. No, we’re not talking snowpants- we’re talking ski widths. Thanks to serious advancements in rocker technology, skis have been able to increase their width without the traditional sacrifice of maneuverability. For the most part, skiers have embraced the change as today’s skis are more stable,... read more

Arapahoe Basin, CO - A Pictorial

Araphahoe Basin, CO - A Pictorial   By Jim Kenney, aka JamesJ EpicSki Travel Correspondent   I skied Arapahoe Basin (aka A-Basin) five times during the month of March 2015.  I have made several visits to this exceptionally challenging mountain in the past as well.  I love the place.  It is steeped in history, scenery, and expert ski terrain. A-Basin opened for skiing in 1946 and is deservedly referred to as The Legend. The retro A-Frame base lodge once served as a missile testing facility. The massive interior wood beam framework could withstand a direct hit from a... read more

Top 5 Fridays - North Pole Temps, Protect Our Winters, North Korea Ski Resorts, FIS Drone Ban, and More!

Top Five Fridays - January 1, 2016 // Ski Industry News #1: North Pole Temperature Rises Above Freezing for Second Time: Image: Meteorologist Ryan Maue's Twitter Account Here’s some troubling news: for just the second time in recorded history the temperature at the North Pole rose above freezing temperatures. This is exceptionally abnormal as it’s currently Winter at the North Pole, meaning it’s been kept it total darkness and presumably at its coldest temperatures of the year. However, not this time. In part due to the warming patterns caused by El Nino, warm... read more

SkiEssentials.com - Lenz Products Heated Socks Review

Lenz Heat 1.0 Ski Sock Review // Ski Reviews Do you suffer from cold feet and toes while skiing and during other winter activities? Lenz heated socks provide an alternative to existing ski boot heaters on the market. Instead of having your heaters installed in one specific pair of boots, with Lenz you’re free to change up your footwear from ski boots to any other winter footwear! If you’re unfamiliar with Lenz, they’ve hit the market recently with a series of high performance ski wear, including heated vests and gloves. They also have a full line of non-heated... read more

Top 5 Fridays - Kaya Turski, Hunter Mountain, Mikaela Shiffrin, T-Bar Films, and much more!

Top Five Fridays - December 4, 2015 // Ski Industry News Image: Jackson Hole's Facebook Page   #1: Hunter Mountain Ski Area Sold: Image: Hunter Mountain's Facebook Page It was announced on Monday that Hunter Mountain Ski Resort in Hunter, NY is being sold to Peak Resorts, an umbrella corporation that currently owns 12 ski areas, and operates 13. The price tag for the sale came in at $36.8 Million, which is approximately six times the current annual profit for the resort. From an outside perspective, the move seems logical as Peak Resorts has built their... read more

Breckenridge, CO - A Pictorial

Breckenridge, CO - A Pictorial   By Jim Kenney, aka JamesJ EpicSki Travel Correspondent   I went on a nine week ski trip last winter.  I sampled a lot of ski terrain in Colorado, Utah, California, and Wyoming.  My favorite discovery was Breckenridge.  It consistently ranks first or second in America for annual skier visits, but the seven ski days I logged there between early February and late March 2015 were my first ever at this popular mega-resort.  How come I’m so late with my discovery?  I must confess I bought into the myth that it is flat, crowded, and... read more

Keystone, CO - A Pictorial

Keystone, CO - A Pictorial   By Jim Kenney, aka JamesJ EpicSki Travel Correspondent   I’m on a mission with this post to show how fun and drop dead gorgeous Keystone can be.  I skied there nine days in March 2015.  Keystone gets a bum rap for lame terrain and low snow, but everything is relative.  In spring conditions I found it to be a really fun place for all skill levels.  There are many fine intermediate-advanced runs on all three mountains (Dercum, North Peak, The Outback).  The blue square runs on the front mountain (Dercum) are particularly long and have... read more

Top 5 Fridays - Big Air Fenway, West Coast Snowfall, Resort Updates, Double Edit of the Week, and More!

Top Five Fridays - November 13, 2015 // Ski Industry News Image: Mammoth Mountain's Facebook Page   #1: Tickets on Sale for the Polartec Big Air at Fenway Event! : Image: Polartec's Facebook Page If you’ve somehow missed the news, the U.S. Grand Prix announced in September that they were definitely bringing a big air event to Fenway Park in Boston this coming Winter. Along with the announcement came a few event details such as event dates as well as broadcast dates. This week, we found out that the event has an official title sponsor. Late in the day on... read more

Top 5 Fridays - Bode Miller, Bomber Skis, Wasatch Range Updates, D-MOS Kickstarter, and Revelstoke Gets Dumped On!

Image: Revelstoke Mountain Resort's Facebook Page   #1: Big Moves for Bode Miller:   If you follow FIS Alpine ski racing, then you’re probably aware that Bode Miller announced back in July that he won’t be competing in this year’s World Cup season. At the time, Miller mostly cited his increased commitment to training Thoroughbreds for horse racing at his barn in Maryland. This week, we found out that Bode’s split from ski racing may not be as black and white as we initially thought. In fact, Bode has actually recently signed on with Bomber Ski as a brand... read more

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