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Learn to optimize the human performance aspects of skiing from professionals and experts in instruction and coaching, fitness and training, and injury and rehabilitation. 

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Teaching Children To Ski

  • by noloESA Coach

  The following threads are recommended reading for teaching children to ski: Teaching young kids to ski  Stance and Alignment of little kids When should kids start using poles? Children's Instruction/Parent interference/Maslov Teaching children > 3 How Young is too young to start skiing Question on Teaching Kids    read more

Children And Good Skiing

  • by noloESA Coach

As these videos demonstrate, even very young children can ski exceptionally well. We hope you'll be entertained and even inspired by the young skiers in these videos. If you would like to learn how to help your own kids ski as well (and joyfully), continue to the articles on preparation, child development, the role of talent, fundamentals of kids' technique, ski lessons, ski racing and other competitive skiing, safety, ski boots and skis, and recommended products and suggested reading for parents.   All skiing parents will have questions about raising their child in... read more

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