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Whitefish Mountain Resort Unofficial Guide

Some essential truths about skiing at Whitefish:

  • It's not glitzy or crowded
  • It's not known for being sunny, there are some foggy days.  
  • Whitefish has a great town in the valley, but the base area is less "destination" than most ski areas of this size.
  • Being off most people's radar, it's a great value for the budget conscious skier. 


skiericon.pngThis resort guide is maintained by EpicSki Ambassador: Sibhusky

Sibhusky has taken a decidedly different approach to the Guide (which has its own website), concentrating on a trail map interface and tons of pictures, with descriptions, photos, comments about traffic, history of the trail name, etc. Presented are not only marked trails, but those little gems not shown on the trail map.  Click on an unlabeled section and see what comes up! 


A new feature is the Orientation page, which lists "tours" you can take of the mountain so that you can feel comfortable with what is available and how the trails are laid out.  The tours are all on intermediate trails, but you can get a good look as you go at most of the advanced and expert trails available for later exploring.  Pictures on that page are limited to make it more mobile-friendly.


For those who haven't been to Whitefish in a few years, be sure to spend some time perusing the Flower Point section.  Not all the tree skiing opened up by the additional lift has been documented yet, but you can be sure that will slowly come.  


There are also pages about the climate and resort trivia, recommendations on off piste skiing for various ability levels beyond the standard green/blue/black markings, tips for dealing with the fog, local breweries, etc.  


Click on the icon below to go to Sibhusky's Local's Guide:



Comments (3)

Impressive work !
Better than their website.
Thank You to sibhusky for being a gracious and patient host when we visited Whitefish Mountain Resort last month.  We enjoyed it so much we hope to return in 2016.  Its a long way from New Zealand so to find a gem like Whitefish that has great skiing and is not to crowded it a bonus.
Regards jbwilco
EpicSki › Unofficial Guides › Whitefish Mountain Resort Unofficial Guide