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Wedge Turns

Wedge Turns by Bob Barnes


  • NOT “beginners turns”
  • Embryonic turns of experts
  • Shows all the fundamentals of basic turns
  • Wedge is not intentional
  • Positive movements only
  • Independent Leg Rotation guides skis
  • Inside half of body leads
  • Edge release to start turns
  • Gentle brushing NO push or twist of outside tail to a skid
    • Tactics, not technique


Common errors

  • Upper body rotation
  • Twisting or pushing outside ski
    • Causes telemark entry
    • Excessive skidding


PSIA-RM Wedge turns




Comments (2)

Wedge is not intentional ? Why would it occur if it is not intentional ?
This answered a lot of questions I had. Is there any chance you've got a similar video for Wedge Christies and Open parallel? It was very helpful to see a well executed task followed by common errors and what they look like as well.
EpicSki › Performance Articles › Wedge Turns