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Unofficial Guide to Perfect North Slopes, Lawrenceburg, IN

Perfect North Slopes - Lawrenceburg, IN - Unofficial Guide

Getting Here & Parking


How to Get Here

Perfect North Slopes is located just 10 minutes off of I-275 in Lawrenceburg, Indiana and is accessed via IN-1. The closest airport is Cincinnati/Northern KY International Airport (CVG), which is roughly a 20 minute drive. See below for Lodging options.


Parking Lots

Perfect North Slopes offers an extremely large, free parking lot outside the lodge. The lot is fully lined, well paved and accessed via a narrow, winding road upon entrance to the complex. Follow the signs upon entrance for ski or tubing parking so that you end up the correct area.


Caution: It is VERY common to have deer on the access road (especially at night), so use caution if visiting for night skiing.



Lift Passes/Rentals/Lessons


Lift Passes/Rentals

Perfect North offers approx. 100 acres of property. Skiing/Boarding and tubing options are available. Adult General admission (skiing) runs $47/8 hours, with discounted rates available in the evenings/half days. During the day, all lift tickets can be purchased on the east side of the lodge (right as you are facing the front) at the outside windows. At night, they will close the outside windows and you will need to purchase your passes inside on the east side of the lodge. There will be signs directing you in if you cant find it. Lift passes are the old-school clip on type (no RFID) and they will not be scanning you throughout your visit - they just verify the date on your pass occasionally.


If you are looking to rent equipment, you can do so at the time of lift pass purchase. To pick up your rental equipment, proceed down the stairs to the left of the ticket windows (right of the main lodge doors) and you will head to the ground level of the lodge. They will have you complete a quick form (height, weight, waiver, etc.) and move you into a very large room with all of their rental boots arranged in rows (by size). One you have obtained the right size boots, you can proceed forward in the room to a long, elevated area where they will help you size your skis.


The downstairs ski rental room is also home to 2 important areas as well:


Lockers - $.50/small locker (one-time use). Quarters only and a change machine is available.


Tuning Shop - From binding mounting to a quick wax, they offer most services you would expect at a reasonable cost.


Walk out the rental shop and you will be on the back deck facing the slopes.



One of the best parts of Perfect North is that they offer a free lesson with all lift tickets. The lessons begin on the hour. All lessons meet under a large rock wall to the right of the base area (far east of the lodge). You will see a large sign. They additionally offer private lessons, next-level lessons (above the beginner level) and weekly clinics.


The Lodge & Deck

The lodge has two main entrances on the front. Inside the lodge on the main level, you will find restrooms, the food court, a coffee shop and plenty of places to sit and eat - even by a nice warm fire. The pro shop can be found in the lodge as well. Downstairs in the lodge you will find the rental shop, season ticket lockers and a very nice (and free) equipment check window for those who don’t want to leave things on a rack.


Let’s Talk About the Slopes


Perfect North is an approximately 100 acre ski area with peak elevation of 800’, vertical drop of 400’ and a longest run of 1 mile (The Far Side). There are 23 named trails, 5 chair lifts and 2 magic carpets. They also have 2 terrain parks (one “beginner” one more advanced). The average season at Perfect north is approximately 100 days. With average snowfall between 15-20” a year, most of the snow on the “Mountain” is man-made, but they do have a very good snowmaking team that does a great job making the most of the climate (and altitude) they have to work with. The lifts are all fixed grip and with the average clientele new to the sport, they can be stopped/slowed a good amount on nights/weekends, in the beginner area. Lift lines can be more than 15 minutes on a busy weekend (or Holiday) and depending on your skill level, you may be limited in how much you can “spread out” on the property.


Upon walking around the lodge or going out any of the back doors you will be in the middle of the mountain, with multiple options on where you can start. Let’s break it down by skill level:


Beginner Runs - all beginner runs will be straight to your right as you leave the lodge. There is a magic carpet that takes you up a small hill and feeds into the beginner runs. There is a small practice area where most beginner lessons take place (Rehearsal) and the longest green run you will find is called Broadway. Broadway is serviced by a triple chair lift (Green Lift). In total, there are 5 green runs and they are very forgiving. On busy days, these runs will be very crowded, but the green chair is usually empty.


Intermediate Runs - the intermediate runs at PN are spread out well, with options on both the east and west of the hills. This gives the intermediate skier a chance to spread out from the beginner crowd by heading to the left as you exit the lodge and taking the Red Chair or White Chair. Note: The White Chair can be closed at times when traffic is low. The Far Side is the longest run on the hill at approx. 1 mile, and the run is banked from left to right. If you would like to try some tree-skiing, then I would take the Orange Lift and head over to Runway which leads to Special Effects which offers some very short, basic tree skiing. On the west hills, Backstage offers a decent length run with some fun terrain and trees you can cut in/out of at the start.


Tip: When taking the Orange Chair up to the east blue runs and its your last run of the day, make sure you head left off the lift (most people dont) and take Hoyt Connection to Clydes Super Slide. It will lead you back to the lodge and avoid a lot of skating on flat or uphill terrain.


Difficult Runs - This is not a large place and there are 6 labeled expert runs (Hollywood and Showtime being marked as expert only). Center stage is a short run, but does have bumps at the top and flattens out after about 35%. The remainder of the expert runs are deemed such due to the angle of the terrain.



Terrain Parks - PN has two terrain parks, Audition & Jam Session. Jam Session is a beginner train park and a great place to get your feet wet into the terrain park world. Audition is a little more rounded with a couple bigger jumps and a few rails.


Night Skiing

Like most resorts in the area, Perfect North offers night skiing with 100% light coverage. Crowds usually empty out by 8pm, so if you don’t mind skiing later in the day, you can usually get a lot more runs in. Conditions on the slopes obviously deteriorate throughout the day, so keep this in mind when choosing to ski at night.



Snow Conditions

With extremely limited natural snow, you will usually be skiing on man made granular snow. Temps can fluctuate greatly in this area, so many times you will find ice throughout the slopes. I like to think that if you can ski in these conditions, you can ski on anything…


Dining Options

PN has an onsite cafeteria called the Chow Corral that is the primary area to get food/drink from while on site. Normal grill food (burgers, chicken), pizza station, sandwiches, snacks, ice cream and drinks. In the lodge right across from the cafeteria is a small coffee counter for those looking for something warm. I recommend the hot chocolate with whipped cream - solid choice and good price.


PN also grills on their outdoor deck most weekends during the day. If you are tubing, there is a small snack shack there as well.

The lodge has plenty of seating spread out in two large rooms and some big screen TVs for you to watch. The lodge has nice views of the slopes, especially at night when lit up. There are some glove dryers in the room as well.


Where To Stay

Lawrenceburg, IN is not a large town and there isn’t that much from a lodging/dining perspective to offer. The main hotels servicing the resort (all less than 10 minutes away) are:


Comfort Inn - This is my preferred hotel in the area. It is clean, well run, nice beds and usually the best price of the chain hotels in the area. It is also right next door to a La Rosa’s Pizza, which is terrific food. They have good breakfast, free internet/parking, slashes and popcorn in the evenings usually. Located at 1610 Flossie Drive, 47025.


Holiday Inn Express - I have stayed here a couple times and was never that impressed. It is typically much higher in price than other options in the area and the rooms are pretty beat up. I would put this low in my list. 765 Eads Parkway, 47025.


Hollywood Casino Hotel - Always the most expensive option, as it is part of a riverboat casino. The rooms are nice, the casino property is very nice as well. Expect $200+/night on weekends. 777 Hollywood Blvd, 47025.


Doubletree by Hilton - Newest of the properties in the area. Rooms are in great shape but I have heard it is also owned by the casino, so prices will be similar and their overflow will end up there. 51 Walnut St, 47025.


There are a couple other options (Modern Inn, couple B&Bs), but these are the main players.


Other Things To Do

As mentioned above, there is a casino located within 10 minutes of the slopes (and less then 2 minutes from all the hotels mentioned above) if that is your thing. The dining options there are good, the gaming is fun and it is a great place to have some fun and have a drink. The Creation Museum is a short 15 minute drive from Lawrenceburg and is an interesting visit if you are into that sort of thing. Other than that, there are hundreds of things to do in Cincinnati if you are willing to make the short drive (30 mins).


Final Thoughts

If you go to PN with the correct mindset, you will always have a terrific time. It is a nice hill in Indiana that gives you the opportunity to ski in an area that normally wouldn’t have it. In the immediate area, it is by far the best option (far better than Paoli Peaks in Indiana). They maintain their property very well, have good rental equipment if you need it, and there season passes aren’t that bad if you buy early. If you are in the immediate area and can’t get over to Snowshoe, WV, Perfect North is your best option for skiing in my opinion. They typically open the last week of November or first week of December, and the season lasts about 100 days. Take advantage if you can!


If you have questions about the property or need help with more dining, lodging or transportation questions, please feel free to let me know or send me a PM.


Resort Contact Information




19074 Perfect Lane
Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

Phone: 812-537-3754 or 513-381-7517





Comments (6)

A reliable source has said that all of the snow making has been removed fro Showtime and I would expect Hollywood to suffer the same demise.
Wow. If they effectively get rid of those two runs it would be even harder to get me down there from Columbus. Not an issue for me though since I'm moving to Colorado.
I know there were a large number of ash trees that needed to be removed. I am sure that played a role in any decisions. I definitely hope is more of an adjustment but the lack of attention those two runs received last makes me wonder.
Cstreu nailed it - they finally confirmed that due to the ash trees being removed, they are combining Encore & Showtime to make one new, wider run - Prime Time. They did indeed add enhanced snowmaking capabilities to the new run, so no drop off in snowmaking capacity. Looking forward to checking it the new look soon at the ski swap.
Showtime is gone/done/kaput. It was the best run they had.  It appears it was more of a safety decision as they have routed the traffic around the beginner area with snow fencing.  Hollywood is now the next best run but can be hard packed (out west term for ice). The above article states Center Stage has bumps.  It is normally made corduroy every morning and with enough traffic, it can bump up to acceptable fun.  But that is usually done by the time it becomes dark.
Many people would agree with you on that - showtime was considered a favorite by most. I hated to see it lost but they stated it was a necessity and quite frankly for the average visitor the change will have no effect on their visit. Hollywood is definitely getting more traffic then it ever did in the past, but is still empty 90% of the time. 
My experience with center stage has been hit or miss on grooming - over the years, I would say a good 80% of the days that I have been there first chair the run has been un-groomed. Could just be my luck, or maybe the days of the week I have visited - not sure. But you are definitely right - weather groomed to corduroy or not in the morning, it is going to bump up by about 5-6pm each day. It is a fun run if it isn't busy and full of beginners in over there head who were egged on to give it a go by their idiot friends.
On a fun side note, Nick Goepper was out there last night and spent a lot of time taking photos and signing autographs for fans, which was really cool. He's in town for the rail jam today and will likely be around all weekend. Always nice to have a local legend out there who shows that you can make it big, even off a small hill like Perfect North.
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