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Tuning Tip To Make Your Fat Skis Carve

Describe 'Tuning Tip To Make Your Fat Skis Carve' here If you really like skis with a waist of 90-120mm for almost everyday, you can make them carve groomers and hard pack like a dream by changing the side bevel. I prefer a 3 degree side bevel, and a 1 degree base bevel. What this does is allows the ski to really turn over, so you can dig in and carve, without early wash out. So, next time you get a basic tune on those fattys, ask the tech for a 3 degree side bevel, (a 1 degree base bevel is standard) any good shop can accommodate this request. And if they don"t know what you're talking about, DON'T let them touch your edges.

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the base bevels of 1 is aggresive, grabby and really has no place on these skis. On anything from 100-110 underfoot I run a 1.5 and they still carve fine on edge. On anything higher than 110 I run a 2 so that dont hook up unless at a high edge angle.
seriously more edge is not alway a performance enhancing feature especially to people who ski these skis off trail in tight places.
My fat skis still carve but the higher base bevel is the secert pro freeriders use to making skiing off trail fast easier for all. Only they seem to get it though and most people are stuck in the groomer world of tuning.
Is your comment pretty valid bushwaker? I am new to tuning skis over the last five years and I seem to get better at it every year, but Just use a 1 degree flat and edge............so a 1.5 ehhh, on the base and a 2 on the edge.
Don't even waste you time on the base edge. A half a degree or so you will never feel unless the ski is railed. If you are looking for some more edge hold I suggest a feathered sharping for the fat ski skiers. 1 to 1.5 tip and tip and focus on a good 2 degrees underfoot. Once you got it where you like it be sure to lightly file after some time on the piste just to keep it there. IMO 3 degrees is extreme but may work for you. If it feels good do it.
EpicSki › Gear Articles › Tuning Tip To Make Your Fat Skis Carve