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Tornik, Serbia

A vast plateau full of pine trees that get incredible golden glow in the sun’s rays makes Zlatibor one of the most beautiful mountains in Serbia. Serbian capital of mountain tourism, buzzing with tourists during the summer and during the winter alike, is located at an average elevation of 1,000m, and is surrounded by peaks Tornik (1.496m), Čigota (1.422m) and a number of lower ones.

This mountain of great beauty is full of spacious clearings crisscrossed with mountain streams, which attract tourists from all over the world. Because of its distinctive climate and air currents that can only be found here, harmonious relationship between forested areas of pine, fir, spruce and vast meadows covered with colorful plants, clean air, clear water, a large number of sunny days, beautiful ski runs, Zlatibor has developed into a famous mountain tourist resort with the longest tradition in Serbia.

Tornik ski resort is located at an elevation of between 1,110 – 1,490m, 9 km from the tourist resort of Zlatibor. The total capacity of the ski area is about 5,400 skiers per hour. Tornik ski resort is equipped with a six seater chairlift, with the capacity of 3,000 skiers per hour, two T-bar ski lifts with total capacity of 2,400 skiers per hour. Four runs, Cigota, Tornik, Ribnica and Zmajevac are covered by an artificial snowing system, so this ski resort no longer depends on weather conditions.

The ski resort Tornik has a special type of installation, the so called tubing, which, as the chairlift itself, can be used during both summer and winter periods, and provides immense pleasure and excitement to all who decide to try it. The ski resort is equipped with a children's playground and a carousel.



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So guys if have any question about "Tornik" you can post reply, I'm here to help you!
Thanks for the post. I think many people are interested in skiing Eastern Europe, from the Tatras to the Balkans.
How far from Belgrade is it? Would one get there via bus, train, rental car? How is the skiing? How long is the ski season there? What are the accommodations like? How much does it cost to stay there and to ski there? Is Tornik near the town that Emir Kusturica has revitalized?
Wow, you are welcome! And thank you for your reply! Well first I have to ask you, have you ever heard for Zlatibor? Zlatibor is the most attractive resort in Serbia, and Tornik is 10km away from Zlatibor. And i didn't say, Zlatibor is 220km far from Belgrade. You can come here via bus, train, or rental car... What ever you want! A bus ticket from Belgrade to Zlatibor is round 10 euros in one way. And when you come to Zlatibor you can stay here. About accommodation... One day rent is , I think .. 20 euros. There are lot of suits and room so you can find acceptable price for you. Ski season here is from December to end of the March (it depends on the snow) And ski pass is about 15 euros (one day) ... And Emir Kusturica's town is 60 km far away from Zlatibor. If you want a can post some photos from Tornik, I think you will like it!
Great. I intend to ski there and elsewhere in the former Yugoslavia one of these seasons, hopefully before the prices get to alpine levels. Thanks again
EpicSki › Mountain Article › Tornik Serbia