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Tips For Beginning Skiers

This resource is for people just starting out or thinking about taking up skiing, and is compiled by members of the EpicSki Community. Welcome to skiing, the best sport ever!



Table of Contents

  1. Equipment
  2. Clothing
  3. Lessons
  4. At the Resort/Ski Area






  • The length of your skis should be somewhere between your chin and the tip of your nose.
  • Rent before you buy anything.



  • your most important piece of equipment
  • fitting should be done by a reliable boot fitter
  • Don't tuck anything into your boots. Boots are for feet and socks. One boot, one foot, one sock.  No pants.


  • Learn the correct way to hold poles
  • Straps should go on your wrist and be held in the palm, not hung between the thumb and forefinger, when grip is released pole should  fall from hand but stay attached to wrist    




  • Be prepared for all types of weather.  Waterproof / breathable fabrics are higly recommended.
  • Make sure you dress in layers so you can add / take off layers as the weather changes.
  • Your ski clothes should allow you to move.  Don't wear them too tight!
  • Get a helmet.
  •  Wear regular socks to the area and change into your ski socks right before putting your boots on. Nice dry socks help to keep your feet warm.


  • Have realistic expectations
  • Be on time or early for lesson line up


At the Resort/Ski Area

  • It's much easier to practice when you don't have to deal with large crowds at a ski area. Pick a quiet day and a smaller resort when you're new to skiing/riding. Usually weekdays or late season are good for this.
  • It is especially beneficial to try to schedule a child's first learning experience on a mild weather day.  They can concentrate on technique and having fun, rather than surviving bitter cold conditions.
  • Although the snow may be slushy, there is a lot to be said for introducing newbies to the sport in springtime:  low crowds, mild weather, and often bargain prices.


Frequently Asked Questions by Beginning Skiers

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Don't spend a lot of money on skis. In most cases, your first set of skis should be the cheapest size-appropriate pair, with indemnified bindings, that you can find. Ski swaps are your friend. As you develop as a skier, you will find your preferences quickly changing. Spend actual money on your second pair of skis...
Can someone explain what poles are used for?  Thank you
Poles provide a point to start the next turn. The faster your pole plant the faster you will transition from turn to turn
The main use of ski poles are:  Walking, climbing, getting up from a fall and in the lift line.  More advanced use is for timing the turns and as an aid in turn by blocking the body from rotating through the turn.  In my beginner and intermediate classes I teach foot and boot use first, hand position without the poles in the way next, only when the skier is foot strong and has a feel for sliding does  the pole touch become vital.   Skiing requires muscle memory and trying to learn feet/legs  and body movements are difficult enough without adding a pole/hand movement at the same time.
EpicSki › First Run Articles › Tips For Beginning Skiers