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Ten Instructional Paradoxes

by Dr. Richard Farson 

1. People learn most when they are talking, not when they are listening
2. More of certain types of learning can take place when one tries not to teach.
3. Some things are learn-able, but not teachable.
4. Everything we try works.
5. What is true for children is probably true for adults too.
6. We think we learn from our failures and other peoples successes, but it is the other way around.
7. We grow from calamities, not from virtues.
8. Don't try to improve people, improve the situation.
9. Students can learn more from each other than from the teacher.
10. We learn to ski in the summer and swim in the winter.

And additionally, 

People Generally Remember
10% of what they READ
20% of what they HEAR
30% of what they SEE
50% of what they SEE and HEAR
70% of what they SAY or WRITE
90% of what they DO!

This document has circulated around PSIA circles for decades. Thanks to Lonnie for posting it in this thread


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EpicSki › Performance Articles › Ten Instructional Paradoxes