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Stay Stoked For Skiing All Summer Long

How do hardcore skiers keep the skiing vibe alive after the snow melts? Here are some ways EpicSki's dedicated skiers make downtime more of a fun time.  

How about skateboarding in in an empty pool? Here's crgildart preparing to bust a move!


Or at the park?


Go to the beach for some surfing (and be sure to use sunscreen and a leash, as crgildart emphasizes here):


Take the mountain bike for a ride on the weekend and commute to work during the week. JamesJ says, "Bike commuting: great for the ski legs, good to clear the mind, and light on the carbon footprint."


Then there's waterskiing--here's 4cznskier making the cut!


Snowmiser likes to tip the light fantastic too:


Work on your air in a no-fall-zone, like bumpfreaq:


BOSU jumping is fun and crosses over to skiing beautifully:

Kicking the bag around doesn't hurt either:

In addition, bumpfreaq does a good bit of resistance training, agility training, balance training, kicking the soccer ball around the yard, hits the trails on the MTB, shoots some hoops, and is looking to add road biking to the mix this summer.

Even work with a jackhammer can transfer to better skiing next winter, or so Cirquerider hopes: "I'm removing a saltillo tile floor with a 2-inch deep mortar bed at the new house.  Who the heck would figure 7 cubic yards of concrete and tile could become a new workout regimen. Hauling 8-tons of this stuff really strengthens the back, and works out the whole body."


Once the work is done, he's planning on swimming laps in the pool:


 tries to ski every month of the year, though some years this is easier to do than others. When he can't ski he rides his mountain bike, here coasting down to Two Elks Pass on the Grand Traverse (Vail Pass to Minturn through the Back Bowls at Vail):

He also enjoys sailing in Colorado and Maine. He says, "on Lake Dillon in a 17 foot sloop, you can get on the edge pretty quickly and with little warning." 

Staying in shape is a snap if you do a couple of triathlons over the summer, like Snowmiser:


Others, like Midwest Pete, crank up the air conditioner and hang out in the basement watching ski dvds and videos. ("Sometimes I jump on the Skier's Edge Machine while watching.")


If there's no snow in the forecast, lather up and believe!


And if you can, like MastersRacer, set anchor at sunset at Cocktail Cove:
3dd5b2d2_0807 NE Vacation 139.jpg

How do you stay stoked over the long, hot summer? Please add to the list!


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EpicSki › General Articles › Stay Stoked For Skiing All Summer Long