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Skiing Is A Way Of Life

This is not what I do. This is who I am.

Something happens when you go from being a person who skis to being a skier. A person who skis can take it or leave it. It's discretionary and in competition with all the other recreational options. For a skier, sliding down a mountain is a necessity of life, not a pastime--it's follows food, housing, and clothing in the budget hierarchy. In their quest to understand and express their love for skiing--like any lover, wanting to sing the praises of the beloved--ordinary people have been inspired to write beautifully about skiing. Here's the place for such poetic musings.


What is Skiing?

Skiing is a sport/recreational activity enjoyed by men and women, young and old, both fully functioning and the physically challenged. Skiing is really not a macho sport. Skiing is an event. Skiing isn't supposed to be something you can put in a box, take it out, use it, and then put it away on the shelf. No, skiing is, and always has been a way of life. Like surfing, sailing, hiking, biking, etc. To some it is a sport. For these skiers it's about going the fastest, the highest, the farthest, the most radical, etc. To rest rest of us it's like golf, and wanting to enjoy the spectacular mountainous views and scenery, as well as being at peace with nature, and most of all having fun. Even the fastest skiers in the world still understand the pure enjoyment of schussing briskly down the back Bowls at Vail, or Squaw Valley in knee deep powder. Knowing that they are laying down virgin tracks. It just dose not get any better.


Everyone, you owe it to yourself to forget about the "ego" when thinking about skiing. Skiing is for recreation, and most of all for young and old, male or female to have fun!







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EpicSki › General Articles › Skiing Is A Way Of Life