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Ski Instruction Humor

Humor is indeed a valuable part teaching...a big part of inspiring people to move through the heart in their skiing journey. In Strength Based Learning we explore the biomechanical movement patterns as they evolve from "intuitive" to "counter-intuitive" movement. Intuitive: Stay uphill and resist. Counter-intuitive: Move the body downhill and let go. In order to make this evolutionary transition, one must move through the heart...fall in love with the sport. This is the key to getting up eight times after falling down seven and the key to enlightened instruction. Why do we persist year after year still hungry to learn and grow? We fell in love with the sport! Sharing the passion is what we have in common above all else. The organic process of learning feeds on healthy enthusiasm that arrives unmasked and unbridled in a shared passion for learning. After all...what do we instructors really know if it is not how to learn?


-- Leon Littlebird, Ski Teacher Extraordinaire



Leon's "Ski-Bonics"

A state of flux in the angular valving of gravity is achieved by counterroticipational polarity on a reverse lateral base minimizing outward torsional thrust, while anticipating compound peripheral extrusion, and avoiding the counterintuitive occurrence of socassic resonance, while enhancing articulated, forced, dynamic struts with altagyrometric, balance-articulated, solid unobtanium parameter enhancers.



Ski Instructor's Blues


Oh Lord I’ve got that ski instructor blues
Every day I’m putting out the news
Slap on those skis
Bend your knees
Try and miss the trees
Follow me
Six hundred dollars please

I don’t want to ski with never evers
Ya know level ones drive a man insane
They’re always fallen down
They can’t buy a turn
And in the end they get cold and complain


Well I don’t want to ski with no wedge turners
I prefer the folks who parallel
Unless he’s got his Bogners stuffed with hundred dollar bills
Or in her stretch pants she looks cute as hell


Well boss won’t you give me level seven
Super won’t you give me level eight?
I’ll ski em down the steep
And I’ll ski em through the deep
And if they tip me ya know my whole day will be great



I hear it takes one hundred ski instructors,
just to change one light
one to screw it in and the other 99
just to tell him if he got his turns right.



They tell me that skiing's days are over
they tell that snowboarding is the way
You can go form zero to riding like a hero
and you can do all that in just one day


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EpicSki › Performance Articles › Ski Instruction Humor