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Skate to shape drill

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Skate to Shape


From the finish of one turn, lift the old outside off the snow and use a flat land skating move to roll the old inside ski onto the new edge for the new turn, then step the new inside ski down directly onto its new inside edge. The step move should be down the fall line just like if you were skating on the flats. From there, shape (e.g. carve) the finish of the turn until you are ready to skate into the next turn,

Progression steps


Start with skating on the flats until you can power quickly across the flats with long glides. Then skate directly down the fall line on a slight pitch. Then skate directly down a fall line on a pitch steep enough to achieve max speed in 3-4 skate steps. At max speed, convert the skate move to short radius turns. Then do the skate move from one regular turn into another.


Video Clip




Common variations




Skills developed

Rotary: the skate move sets up getting the outside leg to steer under the hips through the end of the turn). Balancing against the outside ski (the push to the skate forces this)





Common problems


Not rolling the new outside ski onto edge to start the skate move

Not stepping the new inside ski far enough into the new turn

Weight in the back seat.

Shoulders turning with the skis.

Cues for success


New inside ski lands on the new inside edge.

Turn finish is carved or only slightly skidded parallel

Balance against the outside leg on the new edge above the fall line



Comments (1)

All my skis are pretty much old.  I don't mix new skis with old as I like to keep them in pairs.
Again, a video would help me to understand.  Or maybe even a sequence of photos.
EpicSki › Performance Articles › Skate To Shape Drill