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Side Wall Planing And Cutting

For context and terminology used in this article, the related article: Tuning skis, please explain what to do with these things  may be useful. 

Planing & Cutting Back Side Walls


While sharpening and polishing side edges and in order to cut the metal side edge only, the sidewall material needs to be planed or back-filed. Otherwise the cutting tool will get clogged with the sidewall material and reduce the efficiency and possibly the accuracy of the desired bevel.



A Sidewall Planer with a carbide blade or bit will remove a nice, clean fillet along the edge which can be further sanded to smooth out any irregularities and provide a smooth surface.




Here’s a clip from the SVST Tuning & Waxing DVD on Side Wall Planing:



As a specialized tool, it can be a bit pricey for the casual tuner, however. A viable alternative is to use an adjustable multi-angle guide or a dedicated edge guide with a short panzer or coarse file to cut back the sidewall so the diamond, stone or file cutting tools are not obstructed.



Many Multi-sjde edge tools like the Tools4Boards Razor or Xact work very well as multi-angled tools when set from 5° to 6°. So do dedicated edge guides of 5°/85°/95° to 7°/83°/97°.


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EpicSki › Gear Articles › Side Wall Planing And Cutting