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Side Slips Drill

EpicSki Skill Development Exercises

Side Slips


From a standing position sideways across the hill, roll your edges flat until you start to slide down the fall line.

Progression steps


On flat terrain, practice edge angle changes and stance change to rotate the upper body downhill. On pitched terrain, perform a basic side slip. Introduce variations.


Video Clip




Common variations


Vary speed or length of the slip, Falling Leaf, stop and go, right side downhill versus left side downhill.


Skills developed





Comfort with terrain steep enough to slip on

Proper boot alignment

Common problems


Flat ski does not slide.

Sequential edge changes

Skis do not stay parallel

Cues for success


Hips and shoulders face downhill

Smooth ski track in the snow

Safety hazards


Sticky snow can cause the skier to catch an edge



Comments (2)

Do you do anything to take the goals of sideslipping into the student's regular skiing as part of the progression? In other words, after you have done straight sideslipping, falling leaf, different edge anges, etc,, do you then have your students do round, skidded turns? Or do you do something to have them maintain the same stance that they adopted in sideslipping when they go back to regular skiing? Or do you have them alternate skidded turns with carved turns?
One of the problems with drills sometimes is that students do not understand or get into their muscle memory what the point of the drill was for their normal skiing.
I'm sorry I missed this comment when you offered it, Tom. I use side slips to teach tipping to intermediate skiers without the distraction of having to change edges or point the skis into the fall line. I also teach sideslips as an "out" in terrain that's steeper than the student's comfort level, but as pertains to skiing, sideslips can be the first step in a progression toward tipping right to go right, tipping left to go left. Then again, I also use them to play with pressure control, encourage a neutral stance, alignment over the inside edge of the downhill ski, and promote "little toe-big toe" foot action. Like most good drills, the side slip can be a tool for teaching/anchoring any of the skiing skills.
EpicSki › Performance Articles › Side Slips Drill