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Returning Your Liner Into The Boot How To

  1. Kneel on your living room floor (OK, any location really)
  2. Place the shell in front of you with the toe pointing at you...(Have the shell unbuckled.) (A warm shell is MUCH easier to work with.)
  3. Start to 'feed' the toe of the right liner into the right shell, as it starts to slide in place your hand into it with your palm facing up finger tips touching the front of the toe box.
  4. Drive your hand down and in to the boot, reaching toward the front (toe area) of the shell.
  5. The liner will slide right in.
  6. Buckle up the shell. Done.


Problems?  Try touching the inside toe area of just the shell of your boot with your hand. How did you do it? If you have your palm facing up and reach into the boot while the toe faces you, then you can use your wrist to 'go around' the L shape of the boot, right? Now try it with your hand in the liner, maybe use the other hand to push down and in at the back of the heel.

The goal is to not just stuff the liner toe straight down into the heel of the boot, use your hand to guide it (and to flex/ bend the liner) through the instep area and into the front of the shell.

Hard to explain, relatively easy to do. Brute force also works, you're not going to break anything.


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EpicSki › Gear Articles › Returning Your Liner Into The Boot How To