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Retro Memories

Anyone remember skiing in these.....?

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Remember Lang-Bang, and Solomon boot rear entry slippers? Pain or comfort slippers? Apparently Fisher has a good foam injected molded boot, anyone have any experience with it? after 8 years of comfort from boots no longer made, I am in the market for something to go with my new DPS skiis Narrow AA size 9 , 5' 8" Advanced but not expert, older skier, loves to carve and charge, not a big risk taker anymore, Its not the years, its the milage and maintenance, which has been superb . Looking for boot suggestions. I have a wonderful boot fitter in the Okanagan at Ski Dazzle in Big White, B.C.
To be honest boot fits are very personal.My background is like yours and after skiing a great pair if Nordica Speed 14's for a few years I went and bought a pair of the new F1 Nordica.The long and the short is that I hated them,Couldn't get use to being so deep in the turn and the lack response and rebound destroyed my timing .I went back and to their credit the indipendent retailer went through the entire selection of boots in the store that were of that standard and took the time to test fit them for every aspect of fit,comfort and performance.In the end I settled on the Head RS115 Pro.Not the siffist boot but flex felt like the Big Blues and was so comfortable that I forgot they were there.Being in a race fit boot of the shelf and being very suspect of a boot I hadn't skied before I headed out to the local hill to see how they were and prior to being in the mountains in a boot that was unmanageable I couldn't believe these boots.I must say that they were a match to the Nordica Speeds.
I will some up with this.Go to a stockist that has a good boot fitter,take your time,have a baseline that you can compare to and use these Mar and Pa shops.They haven't given up to the pressures of big money,no service and cutprices.They sell their stock at a good price and they care about the customer.I will plug the store,It's Su,ndance Ski and Sport in Edmonton.AB and the old time shops up here offer that same sort of service.
Try a detuned racing boot.I will say that I am curious about the New Fischer system , but terrified by the price,footbeds and Zipfit liners are worth every penny.Sorry to have rambled on but after skiing.teaching skiing and spending a huge amount of time in my boots<35 years> you need to take your time,batter any form of favours with your boot fitter and keep going through the door of those that use,back and believe in the products on the shelf.
Thanks Davesmad, for your concise and descriptive story. When it comes to fitting, the more info the better. I really liked what you said about detuned racing boots. and smaller stores with senior guys that are committed to a good fit. I will probably be using Lindsay from the Ski Dazzle ski shop at Big White Mountain, Kelowna, Canada. Like your folks in Edmonton, they deeply care and are in fact away taking and giving courses right now on getting a perfect fit. I totally agree with you regarding checking out the lasts and fit on different boots. In fact, my brother in law, who is a very fit advanced skier, with very small feet for his build, just got Head boots last year on new Dynastars and is a very happy and comfortable skier, who has felt his technique improve since the new boots. Because my boots are so comfy, but are now 8 years old, I will keep them for the start of the year on the new
DPS skis, one thing at a time, but based on what everyone is suggesting, that foot to ski connection is enhanced with the newer boots that fit properly and comfortably. My next challenge is also finding a good 8 week cardio and muscle tuneup for my husband and I to upgrade the fitness , strength and flexibility in a measured and progressive way. You seem to be a very knowledgeable guy. We have trained before to get in shape, but this year has been very demanding with our work, and we are legends in our own minds, in the fitness department, and this must change very soon. Have you any sites that you recommend with some good routines? In the past I used Bill Phillips 'Body for Life' book that worked quite well.. Also what do you think of those ski machines that move from side to side, trash or useful? Thanks, Marilyn 'Winni'
One more and this would be a boot that I would wear if I had a smaller foot is the Nordica Doberman Spitfire.This boot fits very well into that" detuned" catalogue.Would be ideal for your narrow foot.I will say again that the Zipfit liners are worth every penny because the dont break down.As to the fitness pre season training your focus on cadio is great but I would also add that moderate endurance training on stairs is also very important as is the use of products like Thera- bands Its great to have a charging mornings skiing but better to do the entire day, and at 50 when I can clampdown my boots, rip a set of sl's and destroy the kids head to head on a tight slalom course still does wonders in the "Ego Dept" and keeps the little buggers attention,feeds the desire to finally beat the old man,when they finally beat me 4 out of 5 the rolls change and the master will become the student.Till them strap them tight and let me see the bases of those skis.Happy hunting and if I can be of further help ,please ask. David.
Thanks David! As this is my birthday today, your message is very motivating! nothing like starting by getting started. I will definitely check out those Nordicas! What areas do you ski in? Banff or western U.S.A?
Mostly the Rockies down to Kicking Horse,That said I wouldn't piss on Ralph at Sunshine if he was on fire.I do like your mountain and Silver Star, so if I come see would you and your hubby act as my guides?
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