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Passholder Program

Passholder Program on EpicSki


In late 2013 the paid Supporter membership program was replaced with a new membership status called "Passholders" (with a fancy badge and everything !). All the same benefits will remain -- access to the private forums, special deals, and privileges such like an extended post editing window. Previously this was a paid membership, but we now offer Passholder status to anyone who earns 50 Feeback Points from the community in recognition of their contributions on the site. 


Passholder Program Includes:

  • Passholder Lounge – Access to private forums with no topic restrictions.  Get to know your fellow EpicSki Members in a relaxed atmosphere.

  • Passholder Badge – Once you gain access, your profile will display the Passholder Badge Passholder
  • Instructor Listing, access to instructors forum and badge - If you are an instructor, you may request an instructor listing, for the EpicSki Instructor and Coach Listing and the Instructor Badge, included only with Passholder Membership.
  • Passholders may link to their web-site, blog, or hobby site. Ski-related businesses should contact our advertising team for information on advertising and sponsorship opportunities.  
  • Ability to upload attachments to your posts!
  • Ability to turn off the home page Carousel.
  • Exclusive discounts with EpicSki's Valued Sponsors!


Do you have a product or gift certificate you’d like to offer our Passholders?  Contact us!  It's a great way to gain friends among the most dedicated community of skiers in the world. 


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EpicSki › EpicSki Information › Passholder Program