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Ode To The No Fog Cloth

Ode to Smith's No-Fog Cloth 

by Skier-in-Jackson


no fog1.jpg



This nifty little item is a vacation saver. It is a goggle saver. It is a health saver. It is small and compact. There is one in a pocket of every coat I own. They are cheap and functional.


I don't make it to the front of the shop too often, but when I do, I like to sell the goggle/no fog cloth combo. I'm amazed by the number of people who will drop ~$160.00 on a pair of goggles but won't spend the extra $2.25 on the no fog cloth.


They work great at keeping fog and smudges at bay.


I like to wipe down my goggles while I'm sitting in the Gondola. There is rarely room on the tram to do this, so I'll go into Corbet's Cabin. I've wiped down goggles on Thunder in gale force winds.


The procedure:


I start by taking my goggles off my face/helmet. Hold them firmly by the frame so that the whole lens is exposed. Hold it firmly, but not firmly enough to pop the lens out or crack the frame.


no fog2.jpg


As shown, fold the cloth over and rub all over till it is clean. Sometimes, I like to put a couple of warm breaths on the surface of the lens to help thing out.


Disclaimer: Our Smith Rep says nothing should ***EVER*** touch the inside of the goggle. Use this advice at your our risk!


As you can guess, I don't find the counsel from Smith to be very helpful and I regularly find myself needing to clean the inside of the goggle lens from dust and the crap that floats around our employee locker room.


Soooo, I take all four corners and bunch them up so that there is maximum cushioning (the inside of the lens has a special coating that will easily pick up scratches or even too much pressure from a finger nail).


no fog3.jpg


Then using the same method of holding the frame wipe down the inside so there are no smudges.


Here is another shot:


no fog4.jpg


This is a No Fog Cloth that has been used for most of last season. While I occasionally drop them off the chairlift, or ruin them by dropping them on the floor of the Gondola. One should last a whole season for the average skier.


no fog 6.jpg


When you are done, simply fold it back up and place it back into the plastic Ziploc baggie. More times than I can count, I see a guy who has just bought a No Fog Cloth, uses it once and drops it into the trash. FAIL!!! It can be used numerous times- I've used just one or two for an entire season.


As you can see from the above pics, my daily driver Smith Prodigy goggles look nearly new for the 400+ days I have on them!  I'm just careful with them and keep the lenses as clean as I can get them.


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EpicSki › Gear Articles › Ode To The No Fog Cloth