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Money And Time Saving Tips For Parents Of Young Skiers

Some people do not have to worry about the cost of skiing. Others need to pinch pennies. This list is for people who are trying to save some money.    Please add your ideas to this list! 
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1)      Have your kids take ski lessons mid-week and ski with you on the weekends. If your kids are good, they will probably have no one else in their class mid-week giving them a private lesson for the cost of a group lesson.
2)      If you find a great instructor for your kid, be sure to tip him/her well. Then tell the ski school director how great the instructor taught your little Bode or Lindsey. You will likely get the same instructor again.
3)      Consider a Marker Tracer Jr. or similar helmet. It is adjustable and will last several seasons.
4)      Make certain you know the resorts that do not charge for children’s lift tickets. For example, The Canyons near Park City doesn’t charge for kid’s under 7 year old. Deer Valley charges over $40 per day.
5)      Little kids don’t know the difference between Heavenly and Homewood. Take the little groms to a smaller area while they are learning and save a bundle.
6)      You can save 70% or more on long underwear , socks, etc. at Sierra Trading Post and other on-line outfitters. The sales on Labor Day are even better!
7)      Instead of washing white and dark clothes separately, just buy dark everything and don’t worry about it. My wife is still wondering why I only buy black underwear and  turtlenecks for the kids.
8)      The best place to find babysitters is at the ski school desk. Lots of staff are looking to earn extra money.
9)      Kids need a break from skiing an entire week. Consider a full or partial day when you go tubing, visit a museum, take a train ride, go x-country skiing, etc.
10)   It is too tiring for adults to ask little kids to do anything if the little ones are exhausted after a day of skiing. For example, sticking a toothbrush in their mouth is much easier than asking them to brush 10 times. They will listen again in the morning (maybe).
11)   Save 70% or more by purchasing good used ski jackets off eBay. I am amazed at how many people who live in warm states like Florida have quality children’s ski clothing for sale on eBay.
12)   Consider Obermeyer ski pants and jackets for their “I Grow” feature, allowing the pants and sleeves to be let out another inch or two. Obermeyer also has nifty clips to keep gloves from getting dropped or lost.
13)   Save 50%-75% by purchasing “new” skis that are last years or earlier model. Usually only the tops change on basic kids skis from year-to-year. Buying equipment is much less expensive that renting it if you ski 10 days per year. Best of all, you can sell your equipment and recoup at least 50% of the cost.
14)   If you can tune your own skis, consider purchasing used equipment in good to excellent condition and then make the bottoms perfect. We all ski on the bottoms, right?
15) Day tripping families can save big by brown bagging their lunch and bringing a cooler full of drinks. Some ski areas may even permit you to plug in your own crock pot.
16) When vacationing at a resort visit the local grocery for lunch materials to eat at your condo. If your group covers a lot of ground drop-off the food in a backpack and/or small cooler at a mountaintop lodge or other convenient gathering spot on one of your morning lift rides. Return later for a cheap, scenic group lunch.

Thanks to Quant2325 for starting this wiki!


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EpicSki › Mountain Article › Money And Time Saving Tips For Parents Of Young Skiers