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Join EpicSki and Get Into Skiing!

What is Epicski and Why Join?

1. EpicSki is a community of dedicated skiers.

We are here simply to share our mutual passion for sliding down mountains all over the world and all that entails. Our many forums reflect the spectrum of topics of interest to dedicated skiers, including gear, resorts, instruction, travel, family, adventure, nutrition, fitness and health, and more! 


2. Just about every place you can ski has some local Bears.

Start a thread or PM them to let know of your plans and ask for advance information. Many resorts have ambassadors on site that have contributed Unofficial Guides to their resorts, such as this one from Bob Peters on Jackson Hole and this one by alexzn on Squaw Valley.


3. Experts in all things skiing hang out here. 

The experts on our Ask the Boot Guys and Ask a Ski Pro forums are certified experts, but EpicSki also abounds with experts who earned their knowledge through experience. If you have questions pertaining to skiing, you'll find great answers here. Good questions can start great conversations!


4. You don't have to wait for answers.

Our community has hundreds of active members online at any time of day to answer your questions. If you want to get a cumulative opinion, you can ask your question as a poll. 


5. The site is designed for sharing the passion.

You can contribute to our forums, poll the membership, post pictures to community or personal albums in our galleries, join different groups according to your special interests, write reviews, share your lists, and write articles on topics of interest in your area of expertise. If you're not into contributing content yourself, you can comment on others' content. Your Profile links the community to you by showcasing the information you share on the site in one convenient spot. Likewise, you can access anyone else's stuff in the same way. If there's a member whose contributions you don't want to miss, you can "follow" them. You also can subscribe to any threads that you want to follow. Your Profile page is the gateway to customizing your user experience here. 


6. Ski with other Bears at EpicSki Gatherings.


These get-togethers are scheduled at ski resorts all across the country at convenient times throughout the ski season. Last year we had events at Blue Knob, Vermont, and Montana. Next year our early planning has Blue Knob, Stowe, the Salt Lake City Areas, Mammoth and possibly a European Gathering in the offing.   


7. Access to special deals, contests, and privileged information.

EpicSki works with a number on online retailers who offer special deals to EpicSki members, manufacturers who provide prizes for contests, new product developers who want our members to test their designs, travel agents who need to fill spaces on exotic trips, all of whom want to target your needs as a core skier. 



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EpicSki › First Run Articles › Join Epicski And Get Into Skiing