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How To Use Galleries

Thanks for checking out the great new EpicSki Galleries. We are introducing not only a better way to share, show off, and browse personal albums, but also Community Galleries where people can all share their images in one album for everyone to see.

Galleries Basic Navigation

Lets walk through the "Gallery" tab which is now in the Main Navigation. You will see several new ways of organizing and finding new cool photos. You will first see "Popular Albums" which is followed by a "Most Thumbed Photos Today", and finally the "Recent Photos" module.


Underneath these you will find the main Gallery Organization. This is divided by Categories and Albums. Categories are top level tools that house Albums. For example, the #1 Square is showing the "Skiing" Category. In it you see 4 albums.


Galleries Main.png


You can also tell the difference between Community and Personal Albums as Community Albums where anyone can upload their photos will have the people icon shown in the #2 Square above. We'll cover uploading photos into a Community Album here in a second.


Digging Into A Community Album

Here is what it looks like clicking into a Community Album


Community Album.png


As you can see there are two Photoset thumbnails in this Community Album. Every time anyone uploads 1 or more photos at a time into a Community Album, a photoset will be created. In the #1 Square, you can see who created the photoset, when it was created, and how many photos are in that photoset. You can also see if anyone or how many people have given a "thumbs up" to a picture in that photoset as seen in the #2 Square.


You can also change the way you are viewing the photos and expand out all the photosets by using the options highlighted in the #3 Square.


When you click on a Photoset Thumbnail, it will take you into the viewing mode shown below. This will expand the pictures to a larger size and allow you to navigate between photosets and drill down into the particular photoset as well.


View Mode.png


The #1. Square shows all the different photosets that you can navigate through.

The #2. Square shows the some thumbnails of the photos within the photoset. To view all the photos in this photoset, you should click "Detail Photos"


Other Things To Do When Looking At A Photo



#1. Square: You can tag the photo with product info or categories of types of things so people can see other content related to it. From this same menu, you can also get the embed code for putting this photo someone else in the interwebs, and view the image in its original full sized glory.


#2. Square: Give the photo a thumbs up. Similar to Facebook, like the image, and leave someone a comment about why you liked it. Be sure to click the "Add to Reputation" button to finalize the process.


#3. Square: Subscribe to the user who posted the photo and follow the awesome stuff they post.


#4. Square: Leave a comment for everyone to see about the photo.


Uploading Your Own Photos!

There are tons of places to get into the image uploader. You can access it from the Gallery Homepage, from your Profile Page, and from any Community Album you are viewing.




We have tried to make the upload process as simple and intuitive as possible. You just need to select the photo (or photos) you want, pick an album or community album to upload to, agree to the T&C, and Submit!


If you are clicking upload from a specific album or community album, the system will automatically select the album you are in as the place to upload your photos to.


To go into a bit more depth into your options of where to upload lets look at the below image.





#1. Square: You can select whether to upload into a personal album that you control, or a community gallery where anyone can post pics that all relate to each other which is a fun way of sharing to more people.


#2. Square: Make sure you album doesn't end up at the bottom of the page under "Uncategorized". Pick somewhere it belongs and get your pics seen by more people!


#3. Square: Select the album, note that this changes based on which Category you have selected.


That it all, we hope you really enjoy sharing, viewing, and commenting on more people's pictures. Let us know if you have any questions!


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EpicSki › EpicSki Information › How To Use Galleries