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How To Show Stuff Off In Your Signature

Want To Show Your Stuff?

The best way to show off any of your contributions, from photo albums to reviews, is to put it in your signature. This way everyone reading your posts can see your awesome stuff. This walk-through will show you how to set up your signature.


First you will need to go to your profile page which you can access by clicking your username in the top right corner of the screen.


profile page.png


Then scroll all the way down to the bottom until you see the "Your Forum Signature" Heading. To edit your signature click the "Edit Signature Text" link shown here.


edit sig.png


This will pull up the area to edit and add all sorts of cool stuff.


Adding An Album

Click the first "Show off stuff in your signature" box. Then select the album you want to highlight. In this case I chose "Sweet Ski Shots"


sig album.png


Adding A List

You can also add Lists to your signature. A list is a compilation of stuff you own, love, want to own and love, or any other things you can think of to group a bunch of products and items together that you want to show other people. If you have never created a list, you can create one just below this section in your profile page, or directly from any product page. I am adding the list "Some stuff that fell off a truck." You can also see below the preview for the album I added in the previous step with the option to remove it.


sig lists.png


Adding A Product Review You Wrote

You can also show people reviews that you wrote so that people will be able to access them more easily and leave you comments. Same process as above. I am adding here the review "I can't get enough of this ski!" This will show the image that is related to the product we reviewed


sig review.png


Editing Signature Text

You can also add some text to your Signature up to 300 characters. Please do not add outbound links to this signature as it will be moderated and is only acceptable for paying sponsors.


sig text.png


Your Final Signature

After these easy additions, your signature on any post will be updated (including all the posts you made in the past!) with the new signature showing off your favorite gear, reviews, and pics.


final sig.png


Can't wait to see what you do to customize your signature!



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EpicSki › EpicSki Information › How To Show Stuff Off In Your Signature