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Guide to the Ambassador Program


Guide to the EpicSki Ambassador Program


·         Post relevant news and events in the forums.

·         Answer questions about your area.

·         Review your ski area.

·         Tag threads about your area.

·         Maintain your resort page.

·         Create an unofficial guide.

Relevant news

One primary way an ambassador represents their area is by reporting on relevant news. For instance, if you know that your area is getting a new lift installed this summer, create a thread about it. Tell the community what this means for their terrain options, how it works with the existing terrain, what it’s replacing, etc.

Something to keep in mind is that we are trying to create the ultimate central location for information at EpicSki. While a blog post might cover an event post very well, try to rehash or quote the article on EpicSki (but remember to credit your source for the info); don’t just post a link and say “read this”.

Answer Questions

It’s not too often this comes up especially for smaller areas, but if a user posts a question about your area in the forums reach out and help them. Share your knowledge, although you’re allowed to hide the location of your powder stash.



Having reviews is good for the resort page. Ultimately I want to see all the ambassadors get a chance to create an unofficial guide to their area, but at the bare minimum you should have a fairly detailed review of the area.

Here is a good example of a review recently posted on the home page. This is only part of the review. There are also pictures included in it later in the review.



Creating a Review

First go to the page for your resort. Then in the top right there will be a button that says “Write a Review”




When you click that a dialog box will pop-up that has everything you need for creating a review. After putting in all the relevant information, simply hit submit in the lower right and your review is posted.




Tagging Threads

This is a really important thing to do that I’ve noticed most ambassadors probably aren’t aware of. Tags serve a couple purposes. One is for searching. It makes the information that we have more search engine friendly so sites like Google can better browse through the forums and find relevant information.

Tags also link threads to your resorts page. Sticking with the theme of centralized information, tagging threads makes your resort page the go-to location for information about your resort. If you have created a thread about a trip report or infrastructure improvement there will be a link to the thread on your resort page if you tag it.

Tagging is really quick and easy. In the top right of every thread there is a heading that says “Tags” and underneath that a button that says “Add/Remove”:




Once you click Add/Remove a dialog box pops up that allows you to tag your resort.





Once the box pops up, start typing the name of your resort. It will suggest tags and your area should show up. Once you select it, it will appear at the top of the page under a section that says “Tags you’re about to add (press “Submit” below).” Once you hit the submit button in the bottom right the thread will be tagged and connected to the resort page.


Maintaining Your Resort Page

The resort page is the central location for all the information we’re using. For most the larger North American resorts the information is already filled in, although it still needs to be maintained. For some of the smaller resorts or international areas, I am creating the pages manually and really don’t know the area to fill in the informational containers.


For simplicity’s sake I am going to go top to bottom on a resort page and show things that you can do to improve and maintain the page.


Assuming you’ve added a review, the first thing you can do is add images of the area. (That is a relatively new addition to our forums so most pages don’t have existing images.)



Clicking the “Upload your own” button will open the image uploader:




Then you can select the picture you want to upload.



Unfortunately you have to upload them one at a time, although I believe there is a forum upgrade in the future planned to improve this functionality.


Once you select the file and his submit it will be on the resort page:




The next thing you can do is place the location of your resort on the map. For some resorts it’s a simple as putting in a street address and it finds it automatically. Other resorts you will need to use Google Earth to get the Latitude and Longitude of the area to pin it manually.


I’m using Bretton Woods as an example. I typed “Bretton Woods Ski Area” into the address box and the map narrowed in on it. As you can see it is very close to its actual location. All I have to do is click on the map and drag it across the street to the actual ski area (note: unlike some applications where you drag the pin, you drag the actual map while the pin stays static):






After the map, the next section that needs filled in is the description. This is a basic synopsis of your area. It includes perhaps the history of the mountain; approximate stats on size, lifts, lodges, etc.; and other misc. important tidbits.




To add to or work on this description simply hit the “Edit” button and it will turn into an editable text box. The “Edit” button turns into a “Save” button at that point. When you are done just hit save.




The next editable section on the page is the informational containers. (Actually above those is where the unofficial guide should reside, but we’ll get to that in a bit).


A quick side note. If you notice the little tag at the top identifying the ambassador, that is placed manually. I will quickly show you how to do that for your page, as it is a manually added edit to the page.

The first step is hitting the edit button in the top right. Once you do that a series of editing options will appear similar to the new post options. One of those on the far left says “Source”. That will show you all the HTML Code that causes the post to display as it does.



I’m assuming that the majority of you are not familiar with HTML Code. For simplicity sake I will post the HTML that you need to add here:





<p style="text-align: right; ">

                <img alt="skiericon.png" src="

http://www.epicski.com/image/id/423367/width/200/height/199" style="border-style: initial; border-color: initial; text-align: right; width: 30px; height: 30px; margin-left: 1px; margin-right: 1px; vertical-align: middle; " /><em style="text-align: right; ">This resort guide is maintained by EpicSki Ambassador:&nbsp;</em><a href="http://www.epicski.com/user/tylrwnzl" style="text-align: right; ">tylrwnzl</a></p>

<p style="text-align: right; ">




The only thing you need to do is change my username (highlighted) to yours. If your username has a space in it, you will need to use the underscore key for the spaces. After you have changed that copy paste the code to the very top of the section. Then click save in the top right and you are good to go.

After adding that, the rest is a simple as editing any normal post on Epic Ski. Once you hit the Edit button you can scroll to the containers that need edited and make changes.

This is what it looks like when you hit edit:



All you have to do is add or edit hyper-links as necessary.


For the unofficial guides the process is exactly the same as above. You edit and save. If you want to add pictures simple do so as normal (for instructions how-to add pictures see the above section about adding pictures to the resort page). If you want to see a good example of what I’m looking for in an unofficial guide please see the guide I made to Bretton Woods.


Comments (4)

Shouldn't most (all?) of the information that would go into the review of our area be in the various sections of the resort page? I'm not seeing much benefit in the self-review besides an additional set of ratings for the various categories.
The first thing I want to do is create a list of major Japanese resorts in the Japan section, preferably in sub-categories, but I can't how to do that. When I get to the Japan page, there's one article on Happo-one and no way I can see to add to that page, only a link to write a review of Happo.
thanks for the link to this detailed 'how to' guide. (I'm so behind on technology this'll help me get into the 20th Century).
I have struggled to get my resort page the way I like. I will try again with your outline and see how it goes. Maybe its because I am on a MAC!
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