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Flamingo drill

EpicSki Skill Development Exercises

Flamingo Drill


To start a turn, lift the tail of the old outside/ new inside ski and the tip that ski onto the new inside edge

Progression steps


You may need to start with the tip tapping drill to get weight out of the back seat.


Video Clip




Common variations


Javelin turn


Skills developed





Comfort with balancing on one ski

Groomed snow conditions

Common problems


Weight in the back seat.

Not getting the new inside ski tipped onto edge

Heel push

Cues for success


Balanced against the new outside ski

Core moves to the inside of the new turn

Outside ski follows onto the new edge and tracks parallel to the inside ski

Safety hazards


Sticky snow can cause the skier to catch an edge




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EpicSki › Performance Articles › Flamingo Drill