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Factory Edge Bevels

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Regardless of what manufacturers claim that their "factory" bevel settings are, ALL skis, ALL models work extremely well with a 1 degree base bevel and a 3 degree side bevel.


Use the simple method to measure what your existing bevel settings are in the Article Edge Bevel Angle Measuring




If you really, really trust the Internet more than you trust yourself, and if you trust secondhand manufacturer literature through the Internet more than firsthand reports through the Internet (but only then) you can consult the table of:

Manufacturer Recommended Edge Angles

Atomic:  3-degree side / 1-degree base


Blizzard: 3-degree side / 1-degree base


Dynastar: 2-degree side / 1-degree base


Fischer: 3-degree side / 1-degree base


K2:  2-degree side / 1-degree base


PMGear: 2-degree side / 1-degree base for riding switch to the road.


Volkl:  2-degree side / 1-degree base


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EpicSki › Gear Articles › Factory Edge Bevels