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EpicSki's Special Correspondents

We are pleased to recognize the following Special Correspondents whose regular contributions to the Articles and Reviews on EpicSki are greatly appreciated.


Brian Finch (iriponsnow), Fitness & Health

Brian Finch PT, CSCS, Rutland Regional Medical Center, lives in Vermont with his triathlete/skier racer/cyclist wife, Kerry, and their daughter. He is the Sports Medicine moderator at epicski.com, an avid Alpine skier and aspiring runner.




John Fritz (Fritzski), Travel

John “fritzski” Fritz lives with his family in Phoenix, AZ where he’s been an airline pilot for the last 25 years. As a property owner at Durango Mountain Resort, he skis 40 to 50 days a year and is a promotional rep for Purgatory as well as the "resort ambassador" for Epicski. He is also the author/administrator of www.DesertSnowJunkies.com, an informational niche web site/blog, and www.meetup.com/DESERTSNOWJUNKIES - an on-line ski club, and the DSJ facebook page, all serving snow rider community of the great desert southwest. His other interests include hiking and rock climbing, as well as competitive water skiing throughout the 80s and 90s.




Jim Kenney (JamesJ), Travel

Husband, father and civilian employee of the Department of Navy, Jim Kenney is a Washington D. C. area native and has been skiing recreationally since 1967 with visits to approximately 80 resorts throughout North America and Europe.  Jim's online ski travel reporting began in 2000 and he garnered the 2009 West Virginia Division of Tourism's Stars of the Industry Award for Best Web/Internet/E-Magazine Article.  Jim has participated in the EpicSki forums since 2002 and enjoys the chance to make real tracks with virtual ski friends from the community.




Bob Legasa (freeride), Video Adventures

Bob's FREERIDE MEDIA is a production company specializing in snowsports and outdoor related experiences. Our goal is to take our viewers on an adventure utilizing our visual storytelling skills.




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Great to see the faces behind the Epicski names, wonderful to see their contributions acknowledged. Thanks Philpug, and thanks to these guys! Winter is coming. :-)
oops thank you to you nolo, my mistake.
EpicSki › EpicSki Information › Epicskis Special Correspondents