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EpicSki Team  

Administration Team

Tyler Wenzel (tylrwnzl), Site Manager  


Tyler started skiing when he was four years old at Smuggler's Notch, VT. Despite the -20 degree temperatures plus windchill and repeated wrecks on the rope tow he fell in love with skiing. He lives in Costa Rica as a missionary, but uses EpicSki to cope with the hot weather and lack of snow. He comes back to the US in the winter to ski and meet up with other EpicSkiers. Tyler maintains the EpicSki social pages, and handles much of day to day administration of EpicSki. 



Rusty Carr (TheRusty), Head of Moderators

To shave or not to shave, that is the question

Rusty came to Epic to learn more about skiing. He has stuck with Epic in order to help the skiing community. Rusty's last day job was with a little phone company you may have heard of (hint: Can you hear me now?). Now Rusty golfs in the summer and teaches skiing and snowboarding in the winter. He started skiing when the snow was all natural, the skis were made of wood, the boots were made of leather and the clothes itched a lot. He has skied at over 100 resorts on 3 continents. His favorite resort is "the next one". Rusty leads the moderator team, maintains the EpicSki Instructor listing and was instrumental in redesigning the EpicSki Resort Guide section.



Rob Davis (Laurel Hill Crazie), Volunteer Resorts Editor

Rob first began skiing in at age 10 using wood skis that came up to his wrist with arm held overhead, cable bindings, and leather boots. He was taught by his German mother in the classic Austrian style employing the stem and christie for decent and the sidestep and herringbone to pack the towless trail on the ascent. Over the next decade, lift served skiing was only an occasional occurrence. Rob began skiing in earnest in the seventies on that same equipment until a toe piece continually released and an alarmed rental shop manager gave him rental skis and boots to use for the remainder of the outing and advised him to retire the old stuff. It has been mostly downhill since that day. 



Moderation Team

Chris Geib (cgeib)

Chris started skiing over thirty-five years ago on the slopes of Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania. In later years, family vacations were spent skiing in Vermont, Colorado, and British Columbia. Chris's passion for skiing has never stopped growing and he has been aptly deemed a "fanatic recreational skier." Finding EpicSki in 2002 and attending the first EpicSki Academy soon after in 2003 rekindled the drive to improve his skiing; as an enthusiastic supporter of EpicSki Academy, he has attended at least a dozen events, to date. Most of Chris' life has been spent in Akron, Ohio where he owns and operates a family business, now in the third generation. In the summer of 2008, the family relocated to Dillon, Colorado to be in the mountains where they love to play and explore during all seasons.


Colin Martin (CEM), Head Boot Fitter

Colin started skiing age 13 on a school trip to Switzerland. Being a bit of a tech geek he started working at the local artificial ski slope not long after that; various roles in ski shops followed along with studying pedorthics at NYCPM and Eneslow Pedorthic institute in 2002 becoming the first Brit to certify in Pedorthics. He is the owner of Solutions 4 Feet which was established in 2005 to offer the best fitting ski boots (and other footwear) available. Working with all levels of skier from recreational to national team level athletes and coaches, he is an ex-ski racer and coach who doesn't get nearly enough time to go skiing as he is chained to the fitting bench most of the winter.



Terry Terry (T-Square)

 Terry learned to ski way back when “modern” bindings released the toe in two different directions. Too many thumps in the head from windmilling skis on short leather “safety” straps may account for his sense of humor. He took a short (25 year) break from skiing for college and the Navy; after all, there are no ski resorts on Guam or Midway Island. Terry finally got back to skiing in 1996. He still had his old gear and actually went to the slope with it! He learned quickly that new equipment was a really smart idea. Shortly after learning to ski again he became a ski instructor. He began teaching alpine skiing and then, totally by accident, he stumbled into adaptive ski teaching. There he found his real passion. Now, he’s a Level II Adaptive instructor. He joined EpicSki in 2003. In the “real” world Terry is a professional engineer doing home and building inspections. (The job slows down in the winter and he just gets forced to go out and ski.)


Meimei Ma (marznc)

Meimei was pulled onto the Moderation Team after getting a great recommendation for a lesson out west from a Bear.  She learned to ski on straight skis and lace-up boots in the NY Adirondacks over 45 years ago.  Not much time on snow after that until it was obvious in 2004 that her daughter loved to ski too.  In recent years, she is taking full advantage of being retired to travel and explore skiing at big and small mountains.  She gets ready for the big mountains at Massanutten in Virginia and finishes the season at Alta/Snowbird in April.


Dave Bostedo (Dbostedo)

Dave has been skiing for 25 years, but has skied more in the last two seasons (2014-2016) than the previous 23. He grew up outside of Pittsburgh (Go Steelers, Penguins, and Pirates!) and learned to ski at the local 160 foot hill (Boyce Park). After many years of occasional skiing in the mid-Atlantic, he finally booked a trip to Vail in 2014 with some friends. Between that trip, and wanting to get better to keep up with his friends, he started to research things more. That research lead to EpicSki, and he's been (more) hooked ever since. He's found that as he's gotten better at skiing (improving intermediate), whether alone or with friends, at small resorts or large ones, in cold or warm, it's always a good time.


Mike Shaughnessy (Freeski919)


Mike has been skiing since he was 4 or 5 years old, the first couple years are a little fuzzy. He grew up outside of Boston, and skied mostly in New Hampshire growing up, receiving private instruction from his ski instructor brother-in-law. After graduating from UMass, he moved to Vermont and became a full-time ski instructor at Okemo for three years. After running out of money doing that, he moved to Pennsylvania, where he continued to work as an instructor on a part-time basis at Blue Mountain. While there, Mike met his future wife, and convinced her that leaving her home state would be a fantastic idea, and got her to move to Burlington, VT. Mike began working at Stowe as a part-time instructor, and continues to do so in the Stowebusters program, which is a seasonal children's program. Mike is currently a PSIA Level 2 certified instructor, and has worked primarily in children's programs for the duration of his instruction career. When skiing on his own, he has an affinity for trees, bumps, ungroomed stuff, and exploring far beyond the boundaries of the resort. When off the mountain, Mike enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, watching his Pats, Sox and Bruins, hiking, kayaking, and enjoying local craft beers. 


Read Blinn (LakesPapa)

Read grew up, went to college, and married in the midwest, far from anything resembling a mountain. After eight years in Northern California (and after acquiring a stone shack in Ireland), he moved in the 90s to New York for graduate school (writing). Then he and his wife crash-landed in New Hampshire (where he inherited another shack, this one by a lake). Read first skied in 1987, at Whaleback, and gave it up after one run. He was persuaded to ski again when his son turned four, and he hasn't looked back. Read has been a school bus driver, a writer and photographer, an editorial assistant, a college lecturer in writing (creative and mundane), and a (very slightly) published poet. He now teaches French at a Catholic middle school, where he runs the alpine club.



Emeritus Members

AC (AC), Founder of EpicSki

Stuck in office-cubicle hell at one out-of-town consulting client after another, wishing he was in the mountains, AC started playing with HTML code on a whim to escape the doldrums of his corporate life. Driven by AC's skiing obsession and his tendency to daydream about epic powder days, the website's focus and name felt obvious from the start. In 1998 EpicSki.com went live. It was a sad little offering of personal reflections and vacation photos, and the most featureless, utilitarian discussion forum application the web has ever seen. AC told some friends about it, and they told some friends about it, and then strangers appeared but were not strangers for long. As momentum grew, talented writers, photographers, illustrators, and computer experts offered to contribute to the cause. New software was installed once, twice, three times to facilitate the shared online experience. Skiing newbies and celebrated industry gurus alike all started to participate on a regular basis. Friendships formed, and a wider and wider range of experts and skiing enthusiasts contributed time and ideas and energy to EpicSki. Now AC just shakes his head and smiles at the living, breathing entity EpicSki has become.


Joan Rostad (nolo), President, 2004-2013

BB joan 3120048-2.jpg

Joan started posting on EpicSki in 2002 and helped organize and coached at the first EpicSki Academy at Brighton, Utah, in 2003. She managed website operations from 2004-2013 and administered ESA events until 2010. A lifelong skier, she started teaching and coaching junior racers at Showdown Ski Area in Montana in 1981. She was a PSIA examiner for 14 years and served on the PSIA Board of Directors for 13 years. She retired from the Bridger Bowl Snowsports School in 2006 to work full time for EpicSki. Her retirement plan is to go hard. 


Tricia Pugliese (trekchick), Site Manager 2013-2015




Tricia began skiing in 1984, and skied occasionally until she began volunteering at her nephew's school ski program. The energy of the young people was infectious.  Tricia came to EpicSki while searching for information on a ski purchase and immediately felt at home in the EpicSki community. When she was asked to contribute to EpicSki as a part of the moderating team, she agreed so that she could give back to the community.  She now lives in the Lake Tahoe region with her husband Phil.


Phil Pugliese (Philpug), Gear & Reviews Editor 2000-2015



Phil is a self proclaimed gear junkie, equipment collector and historian. Phil started skiing in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania then worked his way into the industry working and managing ski shops along with consulting with various manufactures through the years. Phil has been active on Epic since 2000, and has earned the reputation of being one of the most respected gear reviewers and equipment consultants on the web. He now resides in the Lake Tahoe region with a good amount of his on snow time is testing the products that are reviewed here on Epicski. His favorite terrain is trees and bumps with a cornice thrown in here and there.



Bob Barnes (Bob Barnes), Technical Director



Author of The Complete Encyclopedia of Skiing and EpicSki’s foremost authority on the Technique and Instruction forums, Bob is a highly respected PSIA Examiner and Clinic Leader in the Rocky Mountain division and a Trainer at the snowsports school at Copper Mountain, CO. He has been teaching/posting at EpicSki since the early days and was the first and only Dean of EpicSki Academy, from the original event at Brighton in 2003.



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