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Epicski Posting Guidelines  

Rules of Conduct on the EpicSki Forums

The following are our Site-Wide Forum Rules: 

  1. Respect each other.  This site includes many participants who are professionals in the field of skiing. It also includes non-pros who are looking to tap into the pool of knowledge here. We are open to any idea, concept, movement or technique that can be criticized or discussed without flaming, insulting, patronizing, or otherwise disrespecting the person behind the idea. Sarcasm, even when intended with humor, rarely is understood as such. Avoid sarcastic humor on the forum, even if you think it's obvious. If you fail to abide by this, you will see a friendly reminder (see warnings #5) or become subject to the disciplinary policy (see #6).  If you show respect to others, you'll never run afoul of our rules.
  2. No Labeling: In general any labeling of individuals, skiing styles, or instruction as "PMTS", "TTS", "PSIA" or any other acronym or euphemism is not allowed. This does not mean you cannot state your own affiliations, just don't label other people or their skiing as representative unless they actually are official representatives of that group, such as a member of a National Ski Instruction Association's team. 
  3. Topic Exclusion: Due to past moderation problems some topics are not open for discussion at EpicSki. At this time this includes discussion related to the PMTS teaching system and its related terminology. 
  4. Acceptance: You may not be able to persuade another person (or all persons) to see things your way. Agree to disagree rather than carry out a pointless and endless, repetitive argument on a point of fundamental disagreement or belief. If after a warning to desist from arguing further, the moderation team may restrict your access to a thread. 
  5. Post Reports: If you see posts that violate these rules, please report the post using the Red Flag at the bottom of the post.  Do not engage in a debate or side-track an otherwise good thread by arguing online about something we are going to delete, or ask the poster to modify anyway. 
  6. New Members: Check the attitude at the door, or be prepared to be taken down a notch.  If you're claiming to be an expert gnarly skier, then ask what skis you should buy, the moderators will not pick up after your mess.  Do the forum and yourself a favor and show some respect.  You will get back what your give.  At least try to search for what you're interested in, but don't be afraid to post a question.  
  7. Old Members: No "search newb" comments.  If you don't want to answer, walk away (or don't click).  Not everyone is a gnarly old timer with 200 mm boards on their feet to prove they're cool.  Throw the newb a bone and point them to a article or thread with the answer.  We are a growing community, and we treat new people with the same respect they give us.  If you suspect a post is spam, report it.  Do not post accusations that a new member is a "spammer".
  8. Vendors:  If you are here to sell, welcome!  Just don't spam the forum.  You can give the members some great deals.  We just ask that you subscribe as a  "Sponsor" .  Anyone wishing to establish an effective commercial presence to promote products and drive traffic to their site is encouraged to obtain an Industry Insider relationship with Epicski.  Its easy, cost-effective, and a great way to connect with our community.  This applies to any commercial promotion, posting of links designed to drive traffic to a commercial site, or sales of any kind other than individual pieces of used personal equipment, which you may sell in the gear swap after you have established yourself with the minimum 15-posts on the forum.
  9. Professionals.  Whether you are a professional ski instructor, a representative of a product line, or vendor, remember "a rising tide raises all ships".  Avoid publicly criticizing or, discrediting your peers or their products and services. Epicski especially values that professionals find this forum useful, and will work with them to moderate or delete attacks in violation of this guideline, from lay-people or other professionals that may discredit them.  Please notify us of any posts that violate this guideline so we may act quickly.  We realize our pros have more at stake, and while we value all of our members, Epicski will give deference to the pros in the event of a post report of any labeling or other form of discrediting .
  10. Moderators and Admins: They work hard to keep this place going, and don't need to be publicly criticized for actions they take on behalf of Epicski.  If you have a complaint with a moderator, deal with it privately or contact feedback@epicski.com, and we'll be sure you get a fair shake.   We'll even admit we make mistakes.  Do not post a grievance or complaint on the forum, on any moderator action or warning.
  11. Don't publish the content of private messages without agreement from all involved.  There is an expectation that private messages will remain private. Abuse of the private message system to convey threats, harass, insult or spam other members should be reported to the moderation team using the red flag in each PM.  Use of the report function makes the PM thread visible to a moderator.  Violating any of the posting guidelines via Private Message is also grounds for disciplinary action. 
  12. Visible General Warnings. You may see reminders posted in threads from time to time, or used to replace a moderated post. There is no need to reply to the warning; a warning simply means we want the topic to continue to be discussed, but we consider it to be at risk of having to be locked or deleted.  
  13. No pornography or obvious "Not Safe For Work" (NSFW) material.
  14. No profanity. We don't censor your posts, you have to do that yourself. Show some respect or we'll delete it and send you an infraction warning.
  15. Discussions of a religious, moral philosophy, and/or political nature shall either be reserved for the Politics and Hot Topics section of the forum, not discussed here, or taken to another Forum that specializes in that sort of topic. Political discussions SPECIFICALLY about pending skiing legislation, regulation, and laws are allowable. Users with 50 reputation points are free to post in the Politics and Hot Topics Forum with no problem.
  16. Do not post personal information, pictures or other identifying information of a member without that member's approval. Disputed information will be deleted.
  17. Trolling. Posts made solely for the purpose of "trolling", or starting an argument may be removed at the discretion of the moderation team. 
  18. Ski-P*rn. We know you spell it "p" "o" "r" "n". While we all know that ski p*rn doesn't refer to sexually explicit content, Google does not and it leads to us getting warnings from them. Please avoid using the "p" word as it will result in our pages being blocked by Google. 



Disciplinary policy. Abuse of the forum rules will result in the following disciplinary process. First infraction receives a warning letter. Second infraction receives a 7-day time-out. Third infraction brings possible banning or longer time-out at the discretion of the moderation team.


NOTE:  Understand the Rules of Debate: Members and Moderators need to recognize fallacious arguments in general and ad hominem attacks in particular, and take appropriate action. It is pointless to argue a fallacy. Report trolls, mocking, fallacious arguments and bad posts rather than argue them. Posts or threads based on malicious or fallacious arguments may be removed.



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