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Epicski Instructor Listing Submission Form  

EpicSki Instructor Listing Request Form


What it is: private forums, a badge and an entry on the Instructor List.
Do you teach skiing, snowboarding or coach racing? Why not become an EpicSki Instructor? EpicSki instructors get access to private forums for instructors only. You also get a "badge" under your user name in all of your posts to give you a little "street cred". Finally, you get a listing in the Instructor and Coach listing that everyone in EpicSki can use to search for instructors to take lessons from. It's our way of saying thanks for your participation in the EpicSki community.


What it costs: Passholder status - your time and effort

The instructor listing was started so our members could find out more about the professional participants who are active and positive members in the EpicSki community. Passholder status is automatically awarded when your feedback score reaches 50 points (when other EpicSki members click the thumbs up button below your posts, your feedback score goes up). Once you see the passholder badge appear below your EpicSki id, you are eligible for the Instructor List. We want this relationship to be mutually beneficial. 


How to do it: Fill in the blanks and send to TheRusty

Copy the form and paste into a Private Message. Fill in the fields. Send it to TheRusty.




  Real Name Resort/Location



EpicSki › EpicSki Information › Epicski Instructor Listing Submission Form