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Deep Snow Poweder Skis Guide


These skis are generally flat, with a 110mm+ waist, with greater amounts of rocker, reverse camber, and taper sidecut for skiing in deep snow and powder. These skis are most at home in soft, "three dimensional" deep snow. The rocker in the tip and tail allow the ski to porpoise in deeper ski. These skis tend to be a complement ski to a quiver, whereas the Big Mountain Ski could be a mainstay.
Lengths: 177, 185, 193
Dimensions: 143-113-132
This is a shape and profile of a ski that just works as the new benchmark of a "Resort Powder" ski replacing the perennial winner, the Rossi S7. The Patron, with it's less elf like tip and tail profile, makes it one of the most playful tree/powder skis on the market. The camber underfoot still allows the Patron to ski well in the cut up snow after the mountain is tracked out so you don't need to waste a run by having to head back to the car to swap skis out. 

Who would have thunk such a big ski could ski so easy.
Lengths: 179, 186
Dimensions: 140-114-130
This is Blizzard’s highly anticipated entry into the "Resort Powder" segment. The staples in this segment include the very popular Nordica Patrone, Rossignol S7 and DPS Wailer 112RP. The Gunsmoke will surely be a viable contender here simply by the fact that it is a darn good ski. Where I like the Gunsmoke over some of the other skis in this category is in the tail. Many of the RP skis have a bit more taper in the tail and where I like having a traditional -10mm (tail is 10mm less in width than the tip) taper is how the ski can finish a turn and come around as expected, along with having a more solid foundation when landing off of drops. 

Blizzard’s new smokin’ gun is one of the most playful skis in it’s class.
Lengths: 168, 178, 188
Dimensions: 139-113-131
The Rocker2 115 is a grownup version of the Rocker2 122, from the top it is visually the same shape as its brethren but the profile is different, primarily from the waist back. There is visually less tail rise from a shorter distance, and, IMHO, that is what I look for in a ski like this. Flexing the 115, it is also a stiffer ski, which adds some strength and versatility. We have seen "resort powder" skis emerge lately, skis like the Patron, Gunsmoke and DPS112, and there are charging skis like the Cochise, Shiro and Bodacious. But now we are seeing the gap bridged with skis like the 115, Helldorado and the ('13) Line Prophet 115 and that is a good thing, these are some of the most versatile powder skis ever offered. 

Salomon’s 3rd generation of Rocker, shouldn’t it be the Rocker3 115?
Lengths: 179, 186, 193
Dimensions: 130/117/119
The Automatic was the brainchild of a few too many beers in the Atomic skunkwerks when the bright idea was suggested, What if we combined the playfulness of the Bent Chelter with the power of the Atlas? The Answer was “Automatic” – a great ski and, where sometimes these combinations don’t come out that well, Atomic struck oil with this one. The Automatic with its early rise tip, camber underfoot then a mild rise in the tail (much less than the BC that wants to be skied switch as much as forward) makes a ski that skis 70% like the Atlas and 30% like the Chelter, which is a good thing. I liked the Automatic in its playful versatility that is in the class of the Gunsmoke, Prophet 115 and Salomon Rocker2 115. But the Automatic had the edge in hard snow and mixed snow performance putting it as a winner in this class. 

The newest of Atomic’s big mountain skis.
Lengths: 168, 178, 184, 190
Dimensions: 141-112-128
Yeah, the Banana. It is crazy how a ski can just get hot and everyone wants it. The DPS 112 is one of those skis. While DPS uses the RP in the 112 designation (with the RP referring to "Resort Powder," meaning it is a great powder ski that is still a great all mountain ski), I have been just using this as a pure powder ski. What I really like is how nimble the 112RP is in the trees even in the 190cm length. I skied the Pure and the Carbon, both are great skis and, while the carbon is a bit lighter and better for climbing, the Hybrid is more stable and a better crud buster for the decent. As some have said, the Wailer 112 is the ski the S7 wanted to be.

DPS is the one boutique manufacturer that makes a serious mainstream ski.
Lengths: 168, 178
Dimensions: 140-112-128
Since I demo'd and purchased the Yvette Pure, and had not tried the Hybrid version of her, I was happy to seize the opportunity to ski the Hybrid version of the Yvette when I met up with TheDad and his lovely wife at Alpine Meadows one fine spring day. Her Hybrid version is the same length as mine, which made for a great side by side comparison in "same" conditions. The Hybrid is slightly damper and calmer, which was more noticeable when I got back on my Pures and felt the feedback from the carbon construction. I thought I'd feel the weight difference but I believe that was lost in the demo binding that I still have on mine.

Who said there are no friends on a powder day? Yvette is a girl’s best friend on a powder day.
Lengths: 168, 177, 185
Dimensions: 143-113-132
Expected the La Niña to ski well in the powder but I had no idea she'd be so easy to ski.  I mean, all I had to do was think about turning, popping off little pillows and dancing in the trees and it was like the La Niña read my mind. I really didn't have much of a chance to ski firm snow on these except for the run out back to the demo tent, so I haven't put her through the paces in that type of snow, but then…that's not why you buy an amazing ski like this, right? Nordica deserves a big thumbs up for this one.

The powder ski that will open up powder to every woman.
Lengths: 165, 175
Dimensions: 126-115-123
Review: The Armada VJJ (yes, I said VJJ), which is the women's version of the JJ, is just what you're looking for if you want quick responsiveness and playfulness in deep powder. She has a little camber under foot so you can make your way back on the skied out groomers at the end of the day and know that she'll let you relax a little. But most of all, the Armada VJJ inspires you to call in sick and head for the slopes when you're blessed with a big storm.

The VJJ will inspire you to call in sick when the storm rolls in.


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Of course the Armada VJJ is the women's version of the JJ!
Hey Phil, need to fix the dimensions on the Automatic and blame Atomic for the typo! Dimensions are 140.5/117/129.5 for the 186cm.
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