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Dalbello Boots Product Guide 2010 2011


Dalbello 2010/2011: Ski Boot Collection Highlights


Despite extraordinary challenges in the US winter sports market in 2009, Dalbello ski boots increased its US business, both in sales and in market share. Dalbello is now the USA’s Number 3 ski boot brand. The secret to its success can be explained simply: Dalbello is focused on building excellent fitting, top performance ski boots that represent extraordinary value for the skier. Dalbello is the world’s only independent manufacturer of ski boots. Now in its 35th year of business, the Dalbello ski boot company, headquartered in Asolo, Italy, is owned and operated by the original family founders of the company. Dalbello continues its forward movement in 2011 with a committed focus on innovative products and uncompromised performance!




  1. Scorpion Series
  2. Krypton Series
  3. RDP (Rider Development Project)
  4. Virus: AT/BC/Freeride
  5. Fit for Women
  6. Kids


Scorpion Series

Developed under the guidance of Austrian skiing legend and two-time Olympic Giant Slalom Medalist Christian Mayer, the new SCORPION series delivers pure, unadulterated, precision ski boot performance. Incorporating key technological advances in fit and kinetic power, Scorpion’s are all about transferring energy directly from your skeleton to your skis, but doing it with a high level of comfort thanks to Dalbello’s innovative Contour 4 technology fit system. C4 technology mates anatomic shell relief points with innerboot foot mapping contours to accommodate 4 critical fit points (ankle, heel, 5th metatarsal, navicular). C4 Technology provides an incredibly close fit with minimal need for shell punching or stretching. High performance has never felt so comfortable, out of the box!The top model in the Scorpion series (SR 150) also features the Balance Concept footboard; interchangeable footboards that permit the skier to adjust footboard angle for optimum stance balancing. The Scorpion collection features 6 models (4 men’s, 1 women’s, 1 junior)


LAST: 95 mm & 98 mm


SIZES: UK 3 - 10½ (most models)



  • Scorpion SR 150  SRP N/A  (NEW MODEL)


World Cup Race/Top Performance. For the most aggressive racers and performance skiers. Plug fit 95mm last with firm 150 flex. Powerful and precise featuring Dalbello’s innovative Balance_ Concept interchangeable footboard system.


  • Scorpion SR 130  SRP N/A (NEW MODEL)


Racing/Top performance. For top skiers and professionals. Precision fit 98mm last.130 flex.Slightly higher volume, more flexible version of the SR 150.


  • Scorpion SR 110  SRP N/A (NEW MODEL)


Top performance model with precision fit 98mm last.110 flex. Softer flexing cuff materials and dynamics with more cushioned fit for lighter weight racers.




  • Scorpion SF 130 SRP N/A (NEW MODEL)


Top performance big mountain freeride model for the most aggressive all mountain skiers. Precise fitting 98mm last with 130 flex. High elastic modulus polyether construction for dynamic flex, energy transfer and shock absorption.


  • Scorpion SF 110 SRP N/A (NEW MODEL)


High performance big mountain freeride model for more versatile fitting and performance. Close fitting 98mm last with 110 flex. Softer durometer polyether construction with cushioned innerboot materials for comfort and shock absorption.


  • Scorpion SF 100 SRP N/A (NEW MODEL)


WOMEN’S: Top performance big mountain freeride model for women features lower profile cuff geometry flex tuned for lighter weight skiers. 98mm last 100 flex.



Krypton Series

The KRYPTON series for 2010 has been updated and upgraded with a major shell re-styling. Krypton technology incorporates 3 piece “Cabrio Design” construction. Featuring a 98 mm fitting last, the anatomically sculpted lower shell is open above the instep in order to comfortably accommodate varying forefoot shapes and instep heights. “Cabrio Design” permits the use of plastics that are more rigid, more supportive, and more responsive because flex and entry are not compromised by the need to use soft and pliable structural materials. Unique Dynalink rearfoot retention system prevents shell bulge and distortion thereby maximizing power and quick energy transfer. Krypton is quickly becoming one of the most imitated skiboot architectures in the industry and is the choice of many of the world’s most talented and notable skiers such as Glen Plake, Brad Holmes, and Kim Reichhelm. 


LAST: 98 mm


SIZES: 22 – 29.5 (most models)




Developed for top level, aggressive and accomplished expert freeride skiers and competitors seeking a close and precise fit. Interchangeable tongues & footboards make this the most versatile and adjustable Krypton model. Available with optional ID Thermo “Gold”  Custom Fit Liner.


  • Cross & Cross ID   SRP N/A(MAJOR RE-STYLING)


Slightly more forgiving in fit and function than the Krypton Pro. A softer flexing tongue and “Power Sole” rigid footboard are standard equipment. Available with optional ID Thermo “Silver”  Custom Fit Liner.



Developed specifically for aggressive all mountain riding with maximum performance customization and personalization. Inverted forefoot buckle doesn’t break or get in the way during grinds and transitions. Full length “elastomeric” foot board for shock absorption.



RDP (Rider Development Project)

Dalbello has held a leading position in the freestyle ski boot market since introducing the Krypton Rampage in 2002.

Since then, Dalbello innovations have become the benchmark technologies in ski boots specifically engineered for the performance needs of the New School rider.  The RDP (Rider Development Project) is a core group of Dalbello athletes, engineers and product managers who work together to constantly evolve the freestyle collection enabling riders to push the envelope of the sport. RDP models are uniquely engineered to hold the foot securely, minimizing foot sliding/lifting, and at the same time providing shock absorbing and cushioning, protecting the rider from impact and injury. New Dalbello Il Moro T and Il Moro models have earned almost cult-like status within the freestyle & freeride skiing community. Higher volume lasted models, Blender & Voodoo, have a more relaxed fit.  The Tango is a specialty freestyle model for women, and features an exclusive construction assembly that is uniquely proportioned for women’s feet & lower legs


LAST: 98 mm & 103 mm


SIZES: 24– 29.5 (Il Moro)

SIZES: 25 – 30.5 (others)


  • Il Moro “T”   SRP N/A (MAJOR RE-STYLING)


Inspired by X Games Gold Medalist Tanner Hall, the IL Moro “T” is a limited Pro model featuring a stiff   shell and interchangeable tongue configuration, ID Thermo Gold liner, and multi -color sublimated graphic design shell. 


  • Il Moro & “ID”   SRP N/A


Similar to the “T”. Featuring a mono-color, transparent shell and Hyper Band cuff + closure system.  Available in two versions (liner options): TRUFIT Custom, or ID Thermo Custom “Il Moro” liner.




Major restyling for 2010. Comfortable and cushioned 103 mm last featuring sublimated graphics on    transparent shell. Extremely effective shock absorption and cushioning system + heat moldable TRUFIT innerboot.


  • Voodoo SRP N/A


Similar to the Blender, the Voodoo features a lighter weight construction and assembly. High performance 3 Piece Cabrio design with 3 buckle closure system makes Voodoo an extraordinary value.



Virus: AT/BC/Freeride

Big mountain, back country & off-piste terrain skiing, along with alpine touring, have seen an increase in popularity over the past several years. Accordingly, there has been a heightened demand for back country gear; particularly boots and bindings that make trekking/walking on skis easy and comfortable. The problem is that traditional downhill skiers using modern shaped “wide” powder skis find that most of the touring boots on the market are not particularly precise and powerful. They’re just not powerful enough for many of the wider ski designs in deep or heavy snow. The Virus was developed from the beginning to be a high performance ski boot with all the precision and power of our top performing Krypton boot, yet with innovative and original patented technology that makes it especially functional for walking/touring in the back country. When the walk-mode is engaged, the Bio Stride tongue separates into two hinging parts permitting a long range of rearward movement to enhance walkability and gliding. When flexed forward, the two tongue pieces lock together to function as a solid, one-piece tongue.

In development for more than 3 years with a team of Dalbello designers/engineers led by Glen Plake, Virus has been tested all over the world: Himalayas, Alaska,  Andes, Alps,  Sierras.


  • Virus Lite   SRP N/A (NEW MODEL)


3 Piece Cabrio + 3 Buckle closure design constructed from extreme lightweight Pebax®. 100% heat moldable ID Thermo liners. Vibram® AT bootsole.  Last:100 mm, Flex: 80, Weight 1675 grams.


  • Virus Tour   SRP N/A (NEW MODEL)


Identical 3 Piece Cabrio architecture in lightweight polyurethane. Firmer flexing tongue. 100% heat moldable ID Thermo liners. Vibram® AT bootsole. Last:100 mm, Flex: 100, Weight 1780 grams.


  • Virus Free   SRP N/A (NEW MODEL)


Precise and powerful for AT/Freeride crossover. Shock absorbing polyether with traditional TRUFIT innerboot fit system. Solid and stable. Last:100 mm, Flex: 110, Weight 1850 grams.



Fit for Women

Dalbello’s “Fit for Women” ski boots are specifically engineered for the unique fit and performance demands of women skiers. All Dalbello women’s boots feature lady’s only fit and function. Dalbello women’s innerboots use unique textiles and insulating materials that are relatively softer, warmer, and more cushioned than corresponding men’s innerboots . In order to comfortably accommodate the specific anatomical requirements of the women’s foot shape, all Dalbello women’s models feature tapered rear foot lasting that fit women’s foot shapes, as well as innerboot constructions that are narrower than men’s models and feature luxurious fleece and “faux fur” lining textiles. All models in Dalbello’s women’s collection also use structural materials that are lighter and more flexible than those used in corresponding men’s models. 


KRYPTON Series for Women – Dalbello’swomen’s top performance 3 Piece “Cabrio” design, Krypton series models incorporate unique constructions that are dynamically and geometrically proportioned for women.


LAST: 98 mm


SIZES: 22 – 26.5 (all models)


  • Storm & Storm ID   SRP N/A (MAJOR RE-STYLING)


Developed to technically skilled and advanced women skiers, the Storm features personalized dynamic adjustability with smooth and progressive forward flex, women’s specific boot cuff height, and a special flex adjusted tongue. Innerboot options: TRUFIT medium density fit, or, ID Thermo “Silver Lady” Liner.



One of the most popular women’s specific skiboots in the world, Lotus is the top choice for strong all mountain skiers. Soft flexing “women’s” tongue and anti-shock footboard are standard equipment. Soft, comfortable “Faux Fur” lining for extra comfort and warmth.



SYNTA Series for Women –Replacing the Electra series from 2009, Synta’s are built for strong and ambitious all mountain/big mountain performance skiers who prefer the fit and flex of a classic 4 buckle overlap construction boot. feature a 100mm fitting last with a generous toe box and tapered rearfoot fit. New 100mm performance last accommodates a wide variety of feet comfortable and securely.


LAST: 100 mm


SIZES: 22 – 27.5 (all models)


  • Synta 85  SRP N/A (NEW MODEL)


Developed for advancing and athletic women who rip it up all around the mountain. Powerful, responsive, and technically precise, the Synta 85 features precise fitting, comfortable TRUFIT “Lady Fit” innerboots and Dalbello’s “fit for women” construction and flex.


  • Synta 75  SRP N/A (NEW MODEL)


Featuring more forgiving flexing dynamics and a more relaxed fit than the Synta 85, the 75 is lighter in weight and softer in flex. Developed for intermediates and ambitious women skiers seeking comfort, responsiveness and control.



RAYA Series for Women – The Raya Series is one of only a handful of 100% women’s specific boot architectures in the industry. Raya models are targeted for athletic and ambitious all mountain skiers. Hot new colors with improved handling, convenience, fitting versatility, and comfort, Raya models’ are loaded with performance features and good looks.


LAST: 103 mm


SIZES: 22 – 27.5 (all models)


  • Raya 10   SRP N/A


For advancing women who ski a wide variety of terrain and snow conditions. Special women’s-only cuff adjusts to comfortably accommodate all leg circumference volumes. The Raya 10 is a quick and responsive performer.


  • Raya 8   SRP N/A


For athletic intermediate skiers, The Raya 8 features all the essential fit and technology of the Raya 10 in a lightweight design. Featuring TRUFIT custom fit comfort and special women’s-only cuff, the Raya 8 is a smooth flexing, versatile performance ski boot.


  • Raya 6   SRP N/A


For athletic all mountain skiers, the Raya 6 is a soft flexing, lightweight, versatile fitting performer. Easy to handle convenience with exceptional comfort and warmth the Raya 6 sets a new value standard in women’s performance ski boots.





Completing the 2010 collection, Dalbello will present the all new VENOM series of performance ski boots for men. Replacing the Proton series from 2009, Venoms feature a 100mm fitting last with a generous toe box and tapered rearfoot fit. Classic 4 buckle overlap architecture with bi-injected construction for a uniform closure with precise foothold. High tech transparent plastics and alu hardware give the series stunning good looks and exceptional value.

Two models:




Powerful and responsive, the Venom 90 is loaded with high technology fit and features for all around the mountain performance. New 100mm last is close fitting and precise. TRUFIT custom fit liner featured for comfortable and stable foothold.




Identical in architecture to the Venom 90, the 80 features a lighter weight construction and a softer flex. Designed for ambitious and improving all mountain skiers seeking a close fit. TRUFIT custom fit system is featured.


LAST: 100 mm


SIZES: 25– 30.5


Returning to the 2010 collection is the AXION series for men featuring three piece Cabrio Design technology; similar to the company’s flagship Krypton Series. Higher volume (103mm) fitting last with high tech bi injected construction. Axion models are easy to put on and take off, and are exceptional precise with smooth, progressive forward flex and outstanding stability at all speeds. Feature loaded with micro precise adjustability for fit and performance personalization: flex control, height adjustability, canting, and heel inclination. Few ski boots deliver so many performance and personalization options at any price.


  • Axion X12    SRP N/A


Developed for technically competent all mountain skiers seeking an alternative to traditional overlap boot designs. A seriously precise performer that is also easy handling, the x12 features extraordinary versatility and high tech adjustability.


  • Axion X10  & ID SRP N/A


For intermediate to advanced skiers who ski a wide variety of terrain at a wide variety of speeds. Quick and responsive with progressive flex control and versatile fore/aft balance regulation to insure outstanding precision and performance. Available with optional ID Thermo Custom Fit Liners.


  • Axion X8    SRP N/A


Developed for improving intermediates with ambitions to improve, the x8 is smooth, responsive and comfortable. Highly versatile functionality and an accommodating foot shape to comfortably fit a wide variety of feet; the x8 is designed to take skiers where they want to go.


  • Axion X6    SRP N/A


Designed for athletic all mountain skiers, the A6 is a soft flexing, lightweight, versatile fitting performer. Easy to handle convenience with exceptional comfort and warmth the x6 sets a new value standard in performance ski boots.


LAST: 103 mm


SIZES: 25– 30.5




Dalbello’s AERRO series for men and ASPIRE series for women are targeted for recreational, all round skiers seeking comfort, warmth, and an easy handling traditional fit. Featuring high tech, bi injected injection construction that provides an optimum balance of rigid support in the shell for steering and control along with extra flexibility in the boot opening panels for easy-on/easy-off convenience. To accommodate a wide variety of lower leg shapes and sizes, Aerro models feature the X-Module Cuff Volume Expansion System- – a unique, two piece modular cuff design that permits boot closure circumference expansion. 


LAST: 105 mm


SIZES: 25– 31.5 (Aerro Men’s)

  23– 27.5 (Aspire Women’s)


  • Aerro 75 & Aspire 75   SRP N/A

1011_Aerro75BlackTransp.jpg.jpg 1011_Aspire75BlackTransp.jpg.jpg

The A75 is perfect for improving intermediates and athletic recreational skiers seeking high performance comfort with high tech convenience. Highly versatile and comfortable 105mm fitting last will accommodate a wide variety of feet and leg shapes. Aspire model features “Fit for Women” technology and construction.


  • Aerro 67 & Aspire 65      SRP N/A

1011_Aerro65BlackTransWhite.jpg.jpg 1011_Aspire65BlackTransp.jpg.jpg

The A67 has been developed for intermediate recreational skiers seeking lightweight, high tech styling with comfortable and convenient function. Dalbello’s legendary Super Comfort innerboots provide all day comfort and warmth. Highly adjustable functionality and adjustability with high tech hardware and componentry.


  • Aerro 57 & Aspire 57   SRP N/A

1011_Aerro55BlackSilver.jpg.jpg 1011_Aspire55WhiteTranspWhite.jpg.jpg

The A57 is the ideal choice for beginning to intermediate skiers seeking all day warmth, and comfort.  Ultra high tech, bi-injected construction provides exceptional support and easy entry functionality. 4 ALU micro adjustable buckles give this model the best look, function, and value in its class.




Dalbello junior boots feature all the essential fit and performance characteristics of the adult boots, but are proportioned and constructed for lightweight, smaller skiers. 3 Piece Cabrio Designs, bi-injected, performance overlap constructions, and a classic comfort/convenience rear entry model are offered for junior and lightweight skiers of all skill levels. New for 2010/2011: the new Junior Scorpion Race/High Performance. 3 Models. New Menace & Gaia: freestyle/freeride series featuring improvements in fit, function with cool new transparent construction with asymmetric left/right graphics.





The real thing. Authentic, high performance/race boot featuring identical construction architecture as adult counterpart. Cuff height adjusted for smaller skiers. 98 mm last, 90 Flex.




Top performance for young skiers who are skilled, ambitious, and athletic.Quick and responsive with versatile fit and performance. Bi-Injected PU architecture with top quality hardware and componentry.




Light weight performance model for lightweight skiers who are advancing.Smooth flexing performance with warm, comfortable fit.



1011_Menace4TranspBlack.jpg.jpg  1011_Menace2TranspBlack.jpg.jpg  1011_Menace1TranspBlack.jpg.jpg

The Menaces are Dalbello’s, new lightweight, sport performance, models for rippin’ kids with attitude. New, transparent design is see-through cool! Lightweight, soft flexing and super comfortable. Three models to choose from: 4 buckle, 2 buckle, and 1 buckle closure (depending on size).


  • GAIA 4/2/1  SRP N/A

1011_Gaia4TranspWhite.jpg.jpg  1011_Gaia2TranspWhite.jpg.jpg  1011_Gaia1TranspWhite.jpg.jpg

See-through transparent shell with hot pink liner & graphics, the Gaia series is built for freeride girls with style Lightweight, soft flexing and super plush & super comfortable. Three models: 4 buckle, 2 buckle, and 1 buckle closure (depending on size).


  • CX 3 / LILLY 3  SRP N/A


Developed for athletic junior skiers, CX models feature3 Piece Cabrio Design architecture. An anatomically contoured shell and cuff closure design and soft flexing tongue for easy entry handling with precise fit and support for tomorrow’s top skiers. The CX 3 features a 3 buckle closure design. CX for boys, LILLY for girls.


  • CX 2 / LILLY 2   SRP N/A


Developed for athletic junior skiers, CX models feature 3 Piece Cabrio Design architecture. An anatomically contoured shell and cuff closure design and soft flexing tongue for easy entry handling with precise fit and support for tomorrow’s top skiers. The CX 2 features a 2 buckle closure design. CX for boys, LILLY for girls.


  • CX 1/ LILLY 1SRP N/A


Developed for athletic junior skiers, CX models feature3 Piece Cabrio Design architecture. An anatomically contoured shell and cuff closure design and soft flexing tongue for easy entry handling with precise fit and support for tomorrow’s top skiers. The CX 1 features a 1 buckle ratchet closure design. CX for boys, LILLY for girls.


  • SX 1.7/ XARA 1.7   SRP N/A


Easy on/easy off convenience, smooth flex, comfortable and warm, the SX 1.7 is one of the lightest, most popular, and most comfortable kid’s ski boots in the World. SX 1.7 boys/unisex & Xara for Girls.


(November 2010, Andover, NH) 

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The Scorpian 130 also has the interchangable footboard.
For first attempt at a race boot Dalbello hit a GRAND SLAM. The fit right out of the box was great. being able to change the Zeppa (footboard) gave me a solid feel for my edge which no other boot has done for me ( 49 years on skis). Flex is smooth, stiffer on the inside than outside of boot.
Everyone will remember you do to the color GREEN. I LOVE this boot
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