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Buy, Sell, & Trade Rules  

You must be an active EpicSki Member to post gear for sale. Only members with 15 posts and 10 Reputation Points can post thread starters, any member can reply. Be aware that EpicSki merely provides the forum, the exchange is entirely up to the buying and selling parties. EpicSki plays no role in the transaction and bears no responsibility for any problems that may arise.  Please do not post personal information like email addresses and phone numbers, handle those details by Private Message.


The Market Place gear forum is for personal sales only. Only a current EpicSki Sponsor or EpicSki Insider may post commercial sales of new gear from a shop, clearance sales of rentals, demo and similar used gear, etc. You may post your own Ebay auction to notify members or a "Buy it Now" auction of general interest. 


You may leave feedback for any buyer, seller or trader that you have done business with on this site.  We ask that your feedback be honest and considerate of the reputations of the member you are providing feedback on.  Abuse of the feedback system will be subject to moderator intervention.


Reason for the Rules

We have had a influx of people coming in and trying to use Epicski as a Craigslist for selling of their wares (and not always ski related). The Gear Swap is for Epicski Community Members. We all would prefer purchasing (and selling) to people we know and trust. For someone to come in to Epic and try to sell an item, that benefit will now need to be earned and approved by you and the community. Anyone can leave another member a Thumbs-up on a post (it is the little green thumb next to the MULTI - QUOTE - REPLY buttons). Once you have received 10 reputation points (more senior member's thumbs up count for more than one point) and 15 posts you will be approved to post sales. Campaigning for Thumbs Up will not be tolerated. 


EpicSki › EpicSki Information › Buy Sell Trade Rules