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Blue Knob Pennsylvania Unofficial Guide

1072 Total Vertical Feet.  Summit Elevation 3172'.  100 Acres.  Avg Snowfall 100" (Record snowfall 225") Mountain Top Lodge. 
Resort Slogans: Ski Good or Eat Wood!  The Skiers Mountain!  Pennsylvania's Best Kept Secret!  Altitude with Attitude!

Blue Knob Four Seasons Resort has a reputation of being an advanced mountain relative to the region.  The mountain has long runs, consistent pitch, glades, narrow chutes and quirky windy runs!  It's not all advanced and there is plenty for skiers of all abilities but there is something to the local adage that if you can conquer all aspects of this mountain you will be well suited to ski almost anywhere!


The majority of skiers at Blue Knob are folks in the Bedford Valley from towns like Altoona, Johnstown, Bedford, Indiana, State College and Huntington to name a few and those seeking some steeps who can't make the drive to Upper New York/Vermont. It is only 160 miles from Baltimore, Washington D.C. and points south east, and 95 miles from Pittsburgh yet this is still 60 and 30 miles farther then those cities closest resorts, so the crowds do not attend in overwhelming numbers. Looking for reasonably uncrowded East Coast Skiing? Look no further.
























Amenities/Lodge/Roads up the Mountain

The lodge is at the top of the mountain, there are two ways to ascend the mountain, from the northwest through the State Park or from the east from Claysburg.  The east road presents the greatest challenge on a snowy day, you have to continue 1 mile on a dirt road (usually in better condition once snow has fallen actually) past the 'Alpine Village' and the Tubing Park to get to the lodge.  There will be days that the 2 wheel drive with bald tires might not make it up, but there is a shuttle available from the Alpine Village where the Condominium Rentals and Buildings are. The lodge houses the rental shop, ski school, tickets booth, concession stand, bar and pro shop.


The Alpine Village at mid-mountain has quite reasonably-priced condominiums, much better fare at the Clubhouse Pub and a more sit-down experience at the Black Bear Inn (only open weekends and holidays), I have had some great meals at the pub.  The condos are very nice and there is private ski-in, ski-out lodging available to rent/buy.  It is a great experience getting snowed-in at Blue Knob.  The Alpine Village is ski in and ski out only to the adventurous in spirit, but it can be done.


Weather and Snow:

Average snowfall is about 12 feet (3.7 m) annually, while temperatures usually are 10 to 12 degrees cooler than in the surrounding towns.

Blue Knob's weather can be attributed to its aspect and elevation. The mountain rises approximately 500 + feet above the plateaus to the west. The prevailing winds hit the mountain's slopes, accelerating up and over its bald summit. It is these conditions that can cause wind chillfactors to dip below zero during the winter months.  Many of the trails seem to stay in the shadows of the mountain and hold there snow well, but might take some time to soften up, when that is what you want.

Blue Knob has many freeze and thaw cycles so it can get quite icy, but it seems to perpetually flurry and often squall on the mountain so it is truly variable.  The mountain has snow even when nearby valleys are dry.

Powder days happen several times a year, but unless it is a huge dump they can be tracked out quickly.  When it snows during the day, conditions are excellent.  If you want to make pure fresh tracks it needs to snow between 10 PM and 9 AM as there is night skiing. 


Various "areas" of the mountain to ski- Beginners Area (Snow Drop Triple Lift),Top of the Mountain (Double Chair Mid-Station Loading Area), Upper Mountain (Express Triple Lift) and Lower Mountain  (Double Chair).

The Beginners Area has it's own Triple Lift and a nice wide, shallow slope to take those first turns on and make those first falls.

The Top of the Mountain refers to all trails serviced by the Double Lift's midstation loading area such as Upper Route 66, Upper Mambo Alley, Upper High Hopes and the Terrain Park. The midstation loading area allows park rats, Nastar racers and beginners to take loops.  It is also the highest elevation and opens first every season. The lodge is at the top of the mountain as well.

The Upper Mountain refers to all the trails that run to the Triple Lift. This area houses several beginner and intermediate trails that run @575-600 vt ft down to the base of the triple lift.  There is plenty of challenge here with fantastic fall line steep cruisers, winding beginner trails and great glades when they are open.  One note here the base of this area can get congested and be dangerous, 5 trails all merge here and there is little run-out area with beginners and advanced skiers sharing the area so be careful.

The Lower Mountain area refers to the advanced trails leading from the Double Chair's midstation unloading area to the base of the double.  These are advanced trails and not for beginners, there is some truly steep and challenging terrain.  If you accidentally exit on the midstation unloading area and are not ready, hang far lefts across Deer Run and take Burma Road to gentler waters!  For advanced riders use the midstation exit and enjoy the 700 vt ft and long runs as it is much faster to ski the lower mountain via the Double Chair midstation unloading area and the upper mountain via the Triple Lift.

Night Skiing

Blue Knob offers night skiing usually staying open until 10 PM most evenings. The map clearly shows which trails have lighting as does the guide below. They have many trails open and offer good terrain, lighting some advanced trails (Stembogan and Deer Run) although conditions can often get icy at the end of a long groomed day. Weekend night skiing is becoming very popular again and BK offers bargain rental/riding deals for Friday and Saturday nights which harbor some really fun youthful nocturnal gatherings. On weekday evenings the crowds are smaller and you can have the trail to yourself and get in some solid runs. The lighting is adequate (a bit shadowy and according to some locals it "isn't what it used to be at all.")  On Tuesday nights there is a moonlight ski league- you can get information via the Allegheny Ski and Sports Club Website:  http://assconline.net/


Blue Knob simply does not have the huge crowds that nearby competitive resorts can get.  There is rarely any lift line wait and although the lifts are slow they keep the long slopes uncrowded and the people spread out.  Obviously weekends can get more congested but what usually brings out the crowds in my experience is excellent conditions.  People know Blue Knob is a great place to ski when it snows! The advanced terrain offers additional escape from crowds as it is completely separated from the beginner terrain- 'advanced' skiers always get a kick out of the sign warning beginners to 'keep-out' of the advanced areas. 

Ski Patrol

On regular patrol, the headquarters is located in the main lodge near the rental area. Employees can be found at each lift loading and unloading station. The ski patrol at Blue Knob is excellent and made up of passionate dedicated members.

Trail Guide

BEGINNER                                                                                                                         SNOWMAKING  lights

Upper Mambo Alley-  An easier section of Mambo Alley on the upper part of the mountain.  One of the first trails to open.  A new skier might take the midstation lift back up and do this a couple times before attempting the lower half of Mambo which is slightly more challenging.


Upper Mambo Alley curving into Mid-Mountain.


Lower Mambo Alley- Mambo Alley is a great beginners trail. It is not boring and twists and turns down a ridge to the bottom, combined with Run Out it is quite a long ride.  It is only the 3 mile trail boasted by BK if there is natural snow and you ski a mile or so past the lifts and either hike back up or hitch a ride.  Mambo Alley has several chutes of its sides and it does unfortunatly pass right through the middle of the blue run Expressway. The final pitch at the Triple lift can be a bit challenging, to avoid this, hang the last left and cut to the last dip of Jack Rabbit, which has a shallower final descent.


Looking down Mambo Alley from Mid-Mountain.


Snow Drop - Beginner's Area, wide and shallow with a dedicated lift, completely separate and safe from the rest of the mountain and advanced skiers.  A great place to learn how to ski.  The ski school offers group and individual lessons of various lengths and costs.  I live in Western WA now but had excellent experiences with the New Generations Ski School whom have an excellent program for young skiers.


Looking down the Snowdrop area.

Fox Trot-  Short little connector from Jack Rabbit to and crossing Expressway cutting over to Knee Bend! Feels more like a narrow connector then an actual trail. No No
Run Out-  Connects the base of the Triple lift to the base of the Double lifts.  Slow, rolling and wide.  A few trials such as Extrovert and Short Way connect to this trail- as do the lost Boneyard and Mineshaft Glades but you couldn't tell where! Try to find them on a natural snow day! Good for beginners, way to get somewhere for the rest. YES YES
Upper Short Way- Starts as part of the Upper Route 66 face, but hang a right after the NASTAR gate for a shallower approach and you will be rewarded with a slightly steeper drop with a little more sustain to the mid-mountain area. The trail continues through the mid-mountain area down an enormously fun descent to the middle of Deer Run (this section is just called Short Way on the official map.)  When at the mid-mountain area do not go left down Mambo Alley or right across the flat to the mid-station lift, but straight ahead and down! YES NO

Upper Route 66- The home of BK's NASTAR course and the signature run of the Top of the Mountain.  A fun, not-to-steep drop, runs right under the Route 66 double lift.  Racers can take the midstation lift back up or continue on from the mid-mountain which allows access to many trails.  This is one of the first trails to open every year. This trail is almost always groomed. At mid-mountain there is the Mountain Oasis or what the official map calls the Mid-Way Barbecue.  You can catch food here during some events but mostly it houses NASTAR needs and usually has a fire during races and events.


Looking up Upper Route 66, Upper Shortway is what the drop on the left is called. The Mountain Oasis on the right, getting ready to set up for NASTAR races.

Knee Bend- On trail map as a green trail, listed as a blue on the BK website.  Either way it is an easy little drop in from the terrain park (hang a left) to Mambo Alley.  When there is natural snow, it carves a path down next to the terrain park on its left.  You can use it to dip into Skyline Glades. No No

Jack Rabbit- A fun cruiser on the far west side of the resort.  It borders many private ski homes and has many paths out to these homes.  The shelf on the left run offers some challenging terrain riding at times like a tight bump line with no exit at times! Keep an eye out for the log 'rasta' shack on the left of the trail.  Runs to the base of the Triple lift.  It starts and ends fairly shallow although it has one fairly steep drop, so while it is an easier 'blue' run it does present some challenge.  On a day with natural snow you can access the Triple and Forever Glades off the right of this trail as well as cut over to the very bottom of Mambo Alley. Runs about 575 vt feet although it feels much longer and it is not crossed by other trails or lifts giving it a more isolated and wandering feel then many on the mountain.  This trail is usually groomed.


Looking up Jack Rabbit. Photo by Jim Keeney.


The 'Rasta' Shack!


Upper Expressway-  Upper part of a nice blue cruiser with a nice pitch.  The different sides of this trail offer fun lines and seem to have unique character.  Feel free to hit some trees on the right side on a nice day, I have seen the trees on the left skied but if I were you I would expect to eat some wood. The conditions on Expressway change, it is usually groomed but is allowed to bump up for a couple days after a snow.  I have seen the grooming team only groom one side for a couple days after a big snow. There are freshies to be had on a powder day for a couple hours. The Triple lift runs up this trail and on the upper portion is centered more on the right of the trail allowing room for larger turns on the left side. The complete trail descends about 575 vt ft.


Looking up Upper Expressway.


Lower Expressway-  Lower half of a great fall line cruiser with consistent pitch.  The trail is cut in half by Mambo Alley, so be careful at this point. Same conditions as Upper Expressway allthough the lift poles seem more centered.  It also descends into the same bowl as Mambo Alley, Laurel Glades, Jack Rabbit and Deer Run so control your speed at the end of the run.


Looking up Lower Expressway.


Looking down Lower Expressway.

Upper High-Hopes- Houses the terrain park. Technically the trail to the right of it now. YES No
Burma Road- A little connector trail that takes you from the midstation and traverses across towards Mambo Alley eventually feeding into that trail and getting you to the base of the Triple Lift. Acts as a bail out for Deer Run and therefore its is also a way out of the top of Lower High Hopes too.  Hang lefts!  Not really a trail, just a connector. No No

Ritchey's Run-  A short chute that connects a bend in Mambo Alley.  It is a fun little drop though and always has natural conditions and is never/rarely groomed.


Looking down Richey's Run.


Looking up at Richey's Run.


Deer Run- A classic fall line BK run.  Home of the Blue Knob race course and program.  The left side and center is groomed and great for fast GS turns and the far right side is usually left to bump up. Nice wide steep trail with a consistent pitch. You can get to Deer Run via the Double Lift midstation or Upper Shortway merges with it. Access Lower Shortway on the right in good conditions for a challenge. Careful at the bottom as the trail merges with 5 others.


Looking at Deer Run from the Triple Lift! Don't worry they groom it sometimes! Photo by jamesj.


Looking over Mambo Alley at Deer Run!



Skyline Glades- Some of the easier glades on the mountain.  Blue Knob has never planted spruce or fir in great numbers, so you tree ski past 2nd growth deciduous hickory, maple, oak, locust and 3rd generation scrub.. Skyline Glades is found in between the terrain park, Expressway and feeds into Mambo Alley.  They can be accessed from the Terrain Park or Expressway.  Lots of fun, needs natural snow.


Looking up the Skyline Glades.


Looking down the Skyline Glades.

No No

Forever Glades- Great natural trail, a bit steep and a little challenging.  Never groomed but in places it is wide enough to be. Not too many trees.  Accessed off of the lower portion of Jack Rabbit or the right side.  Hang a left and access more terrain through the trees.  Usually a jump at the bottom as it connects into Mambo Alley. Or hang a left down a little track and come out where Jack Rabbit and Mambo Alley meet.


Looking down the Forever Glades!

No No

Laurel Run Glades-  A lovely drop past a few large trees.  Access from Mambo Alley or use Burma Road to cut over to it on Mambo.  Sheltered by trees in between Expressway and Deer Run. Ski carefully at the bottom as you merge with other several trails.


No No
Triple Glades- A really fun intermediate glade that drops from the upper portion of Jack Rabbit to Expressway.  True wide glade feel, lots of line choices, like the rest of the glades you need natural snow! No No




The Playground - Terrain Park  Located at the top of High Hopes, under the High Hopes Double usually features 3-4 Jumps with 2 or so Jibs. Nice pitch.



2011 Big Air Competition


Lower High Hopes- A great trail, stands on its own, it does not feel like a continuation of Upper High Hopes at all.  It can be accessed from Upper Route 66 by going around the mid-station, by hanging a hard right at the top of Deer Run or from the offload side of the midstation (which is most common.) It is a great trail, double fall line, fairly narrow and has a consistent pitch but is slightly shallower at the top, the steeper then finally levels out a bit on the bottom quarter. The trail cuts across the great steep trail Extrovert. Before it crosses Extrovert, snow quality is always great, after it crosses Extrovert the lower portion can become icy.  This trail has a double lift that is rarely used running up the middle but it makes for great turns and varied lines to the terrain- the right side is narrow but up against a graded wall the left side is wider and up against a steep drop. This trail has snowmaking and usually opens fairly early in the season. It is a great one to hit after a storm, it holds snow well.  Watch for rocks in both early and late season rides.


Looking up Lower High Hopes!


Looking down High Hopes!


East-Wall Traverse-  Not really a

trail, just a connector to get to Stembogan.


Edgeset- A wonderful little natural-snow-only trail with lots of character that connects from the top of Extrovert to Stembogan.  Very narrow and coming-round-the-bend, access it by taking the very top of Extrovert and continuing to the right.  Try taking Edgeset to D-Trail to Stembogan to Ditch Glades on a snowy day for a leg burning challenge. Edgeset bumps up (sometimes big) after the powder is tracked a bit and can be very challenging; to be skied well requires a tight line, but it is just wide enough for short turns.  Once you hit the main drop it levels out and traverses toward Stembogan.  Accesses East-Wall Glades and D-Trail.


Looking up Edgeset!


Looking down Edgeset!

No No
Stembogan Trail- See below. YES YES
Stembogan Bowl- See below. YES YES

Stembogan Field-  Stembogan is another classic BK trail, and while it has three sections to it, it rides like 1 trail.  Has a mini-mid-atlantic-bowl at the entrance that is fun allowing for lots of different lines and then it tucks into a series of switchbacks down the mountain.  The first time down this trail is challenging as you attempt to anticipate the next turn.  Once you know it well, you can take your favorite drop and then bobsled down this run leaning into the tight turns.  There are a couple decent drops but nothing too crazy. For some this is the trail to come back for- it is very unique, has been pointed out as being reminiscent of Stowe's "Nosedive" and therefore a great deal of fun.


The first two turns of Stembogan!


Dropping in on Stembogan. Photo by Jim Kenney.


Ditch Glades-  A natural half-pipe tucked in on the East side of the resort.  There are few large trees left from early pictures I found of this run, but there are a few, especially at the steeper start of the trail. The trail starts fairly wide and funnels down to a tight pass.  It is at some of the lowest elevations on the mountain so it needs quite a dump of natural snow to open, but when it does, this is one of the best rides on the mountain or at least the most interesting.  If you poach it in low coverage conditions expect things to get a bit rocky. Access from the fourth big turn on Stembogan.


Looking down the Ditch Glades! Photo by jamesj.

Looking up The Ditch Glades.  Photo by jamesj.


No No

Lower Shortway- A fantastic natural snow only, non-groomed trail running up a double fall line.  It is fairly narrow and has a nice pitch, getting steeper towards its lower third and its fairly long.  This trail was probably originally cut and graded as the power line path for the summit.   The end of this trail is actually a little steeper then Short Cut but is a little wider. Note*  You may find two trails called the Mineshaft and Boneyard Glades on older BK maps, that are not on current maps.  You accessed these from Shortway, the glades are disappearing. Good lines are harder to find without lots of snow.


The top of Lower Shortway. Photo by Laurel Hill Crazie.


Telemark riding down the left side of the Mine Shaft Glades. Photo by Jim Kenney.

No No
Upper Extrovert- See below. YES No

Lower Extrovert- This trail (along with Lower Route 66, Stembogan and off-piste skiing) is what brings advanced riders to BK and probably its signature trail. A total 28.5 degree pitch with occasional pitches up to 55 degrees on the upper half with occasional drops and a little cliff on the right side line.  Lower Extrovert is left to bump, and the different sides ski uniquely the right having a more consistent descent and the left being more difficult.  Perhaps it has to do with snow gun placement which is on the left.  Upper Extrovert can be a little icy, well windswept.  It is a very challenging run and on par with expert runs at much larger resorts.  Sometimes intimidating during icy conditions and endless amounts of fun on a powder day. Lower High Hopes and Lower Route 66 cross the trail so be careful at this point when on any of these trails.  The lower portion is long and can be a leg burner. It does have snowmaking but it is often the last trail with snowmaking to open and BK will not open it without it being a cold winter.  Thing is, its good when its good and crazy-icy when its bad.


Looking up Upper Extrovert.


Looking down Extrovert!!! Lookout folks!!! Photo by Jim Kenney.

There are not many great videos of skiing at Blue Knob, this video shows Extrovert in incredible and rare ideal conditions.  I challenge the riders of Blue Knob to capture some decent footage and do some quality editing- maybe we can get Meathead Films to stop by!


East Wall Glades-  This natural snow only trail is considered by BK regulars to be one of the most challenging on the mountain.  It descends over small drops and rock outcroppings down a steep and true glade.  

Coming down the East Wall Glades.  Photo by Jim Kenney.

Looking at the East Wall Glades from the Route 66 Lift.  Photo by jamesj.

No No

D-Trail- Very steep drop into Stembogan from Edgeset. Towards end on left side. At least a 75-100 vt ft steep drop, short but long enough it must be skied with skill. Perhaps the steepest drop on the mountain.


Looking down D-Trail! Photo does not do justice to how steep this is! Photo by Jim Kenney.

No No

Lower Route 66-  BK's Liftline.  This narrow trail (natural snow only) bumps up into one of the sweetest, most challenging descents on the mountain.  A favorite of regulars when its available, the quote I always get is, "When it's nice, its as good as it gets!"  Go around the mid-station or hang a right off of Upper Extrovert before High Hopes crosses it.


Lower Route 66 looking down.


Lower Route 66 looking up! Nice!

No No
Short Cut- A drop off of the bottom of Lower Shortway. Hang a left once you get near the bottom.  This is a nice, narrow drop dipping into the trees. It is slightly more narrow then Lower Shortway, usually requiring a very tight line, but it is not long. No No


Looking down Shortcut. Be sure to duck at the bottom! Photo by Laurel Hill Crazie.


Backcountry Skiing-

I have seen every bit of BK skied. During a big snow every bit of terrain can get some tracks.  But there are miles of backcountry trails at Blue Knob on both sides of the resort both on resort, state park and private property.  There are no maps and to truly experience these trails (probably best late January to late February) you need to find a local to ski with you.  Without giving away too many secrets and highly prized and defended first-lines, know that there are several backcountry trails that connect with the in-bounds trails.  There are trails that connect the Alpine Village to the east of the resort to lifts and trails that connect the private residence village west of the resort to lifts.  There are also several trails that descend the face of the knob in different manners (winding, down dirt roads, etc...) all over the mountain if you can find them and are willing to earn your trails, meaning you may have to hike/skin for them. It is also possible to ski down to a car and drive back to the top of the mountain. Many of the nordic trails offer some great alpine challenges too!  It is also possible to access the road that leads to the base of the lifts and get a ride. Search for the Blue Trail that feeds into Jack Rabbit, descend from the condo village, hang a right off of Stembogan.  Ski Bunny and Jack Rabbit road as well as the tower road offer some great lines.  But do so at you own risk, trails are unpatrolled, unmaintained (they mean it) so follow the rules, have the right gear and go in groups!


This map of bike trails offers some amazing Nordic and Alpine backcountry trail networks!



Nordic Skiing-

There is great cross country and nordic skiing to be had at Blue Knob.  The resort offers rentals (at Alpine Village Golf Course Clubhouse) and grooms a nice loop on their 9 hole golf course.  There are miles and miles of trails on all sides of the mountain offering all the terrain one could want. As far as I can tell there are no maps of resort trail, allthough this is greatly needed.  The resort also connects to Blue Knob State Park which also has miles of trails sure to challenge skiers of all abilities, there is a map available of the park but a little experience helps, many trails particularly at the resort are not clearly marked and easily missed, so try to bring someone who knows the area, and continue to ask for these trails to be marked again! www.dcnr.state.pa.us/ucmprd1/groups/public/.../dcnr_004901.pdf


Trail Maps of Blue Knobs History:


Map (Click to show)



LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01




Blue Knob History:


Until 1921, Blue Knob was believed to be the highest mountain in Pennsylvania at 3,034 feet until the U.S. Geological Survey determined a summit of 3,213 feet (979 m) was higher (later named Mount Davis). In the 1950s the summit was cleared of vegetation and was the location of Claysburg Air Force Station until it was deactivated in 1961.  The Air Force station was mainly a radar base searching for possible attacking planes and missle attacks as can be read about in this Pittsburgh Gazette article:  https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1144&dat=19600821&id=XUYqAAAAIBAJ&sjid=ik4EAAAAIBAJ&pg=3297,1999594&hl=en


I recently found that the Blue Knob Ski Patrol has created a history page on their site: http://www.blueknobskipatrol.org/history.html




Shortly afterward the Blue Knob Ski area was developed. Signs from the former station remain on the summit and one building remains as part of the resort complex. Ski lifts, a ski lodge and a couple of maintenance structures occupy the broad summit of Blue Knob; and a few ski chalets are downhill of the bald summit

The resort enjoyed large crowds in the 1960's and 70's. As can be seen in the above older trail maps, the two double lifts have always been present and been the workhorses of the mountain.  Other lifts and tows have be moved around to serve different needs, racecourses and beginners areas.  A second triple lift was built and the now popular trails Expressway and Deer Run were cut, adding wonderful fall line drops but forever altering the experience Mambo Alley and Bunny Hop (now Jack Rabbit offer.)




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You did some great updates! Thanks for doing that. I'm excited one of my pics made the cut :). I'll be doing a number of trips over from Columbus this winter as long as they get a good bit of the good terrain open. 
I'm really, really glad they replaced the broken chair. I love lapping that 700-750 ft of expert terrain over, and over, and over again. You just can't find that in this area. Do you know any details of the chair? Also, do you have any idea if they will ever bring the Mine Shaft and Bone Yard Glades back into play? The times I have been there I have check them out and even made the mistake of taking one of them once. I don't think those things would be skiable with less than a 90 inch base which isn't likely. Hopefully they at least maintain the other glades on the map. 
It is really interesting to see those old trail maps. 
Anywho, enough rambling from me. 
Very thorough.  Good tag teaming by ChimneyRidgeTC and LHC to put this together.  Minor corrections, Mine Shaft Glades and Lower East Wall Glades are the locations of the respective photos captioned as Telemark riding down the left side of the East Wall Glades and Looking at the Laurel Run Glades from the Triple Lift.
Also, here is a photo of Lower Shortway with a fantastic base of natural snow from the mid-Atlantic Snowpocalypse of Feb 2010, in case you want to add it to the guide:  http://www.snowjournal.com/images/gallery_snowjournal/4c9fcbe1cdd4a.jpg
Just to be sure credit goes where credit is due, the Unofficial Guide was solely the work of ChimneyRidgeTC. The photos were a contribution from other members here notably Jim Kenney (Jamesj). I was the staff editor responsible for overseeing our member's contributions to our Unofficial Guides. Our site software added my name to the by line when last year I added an update on the repair of the double chairlift.
Thank you for such a great guide and review. This helps a lot of people see what's available at Blue Knob
After years, I fixed those image captions!  Been a while since I logged on. I now live 45 miles down the road from Stevens Pass in Western Washington and am loving it!
@ChimneyRidgeTC so nice of you to drop by and make some changes. I know you checked out our Steven Pass UG shout out to @Posaune
Did you know that Blue Knob Resort featured your Unofficial Guide on their web page? They liked it that much it's been up 2 seasons running. http://www.blueknob.com/ scroll down if the winter page is up.
Hey there!  Yes I saw that, thats great!  Blue Knob is an awesome place.
The Stevens Pass UG was super helpful and its been an epic season for me.  Wish I was out today- blue skies and sunshine!
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