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Bamboo over the shoulder drill

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Bamboo over the shoulder


Ditch your poles. Borrow a stick of bamboo from patrol or ski school (get permission first and return it when you are done please). Ski with the bamboo over your shoulders with your hands holding the bamboo on each side. While skiing, keep the bamboo level to the snow surface throughout all parts of the turn. Once you can do this comfortably, for extra credit you can try to move the bamboo early or late to feel the effect of being out of position (which isn't necessarily bad in all situations).

Progression steps


On flat terrain, practice edge angle changes and stance change to rotate the upper body downhill. On pitched terrain, perform a basic side slip. Introduce variations.


Video Clip




Common variations


Vary the timing of the pole movement to be early or late with matching the change of pitch as the skier changes orientation to the fall line


Skills developed

Pressure - balancing against the outside ski




Comfort with high speed parallel turns

Uncrowded slopes

Common problems


Edge change not simultaneous.

Leaning into the hill at the turn finish

Not finishing turns with counter developing

Cues for success


Bamboo level in the middle of the turns with shoulders square to skis (no counter) when facing directly down the fall line

Bamboo level to the pitch of the slope when skier is out of the fall line.


Safety hazards


Warning: check to make sure that the student does not have shoulder injury issues before trying this drill

Warning: the "instructor" should carry the bamboo on the lifts and observe how it's done safely first before doing it personally. Use the bar and keep the bamboo under the bar.




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EpicSki › Performance Articles › Bamboo Over The Shoulder Drill