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About Us  


EpicSki.com, the online home for dedicated skiers, is the leading Internet resource for ski information and community discussion.


Our community members post questions, answers, thoughts, comments, suggestions, and so forth, on a galaxy of ski-related topics. We are a lively, open marketplace of ski-related content that attracts a vigorous blend of professional and recreational skiers from a variety of backgrounds, nationalities and involvement—all united in our passion for skiing and our interest in everything about skiing. Our diverse community makes EpicSki the discerning skier’s complete source of insider information about the sport. Additionally, there are lively discussions of a wide variety of non-skiing topics, ongoing in EpicSki's "Passholder Lounge" and other Off-Topic areas. 


We have a few carefully selected affiliate marketing relationships that provide clear value and benefit to our membership. According to the wishes of our community, we refuse to host pop-ups, or allow other forms of Internet marketing (spam) on our website.


In summary, EpicSki.com is an eclectic community of ski enthusiasts who enjoy talking about skiing online and frequently meet up to ski and to talk more about skiing in person. No one will confess to naming us the Barking Bears, let alone explain what it means, but the name has (affectionately) stuck!


The EpicSki website operate under the auspices of the Mountain News Corporation. The moderators and administrators can be found on the EpicSki Team page.


Use of the EpicSki forums is subject to the EpicSki Terms & Conditions. "EpicSki," "EpicSki Academy," "Barking Bear Forums" and "Coaching For Dedicated Skiers" are registered trademarks of Mountain News Corporation.


We hope you’ll enjoy the site enough to join in!


The EpicSki Team


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EpicSki › First Run Articles › About Us