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2013 EpicSki Gear Guide

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Excellent job here Phil and Trek enjoyed reading your informed opinions . You guys are very good at this and I hope you catch the attention of a lot of people in the industry and create nice opportunities for yourselves. Unfortunately now I want more gear!!!
Phil and Trek, just a suggestion for future guides, but it would be nice to know what skill level the skis are designed for. Also along this line, have at least one from skill level from intermediate and up. And this would be for all types of skis. Not everyone viewing this guide is going to be an expert.
Good Suggestion voelfgar.
I believe that the links to the reviews share the level skier the skis are for, but I'll double check and make sure that they are listed in future editions.
EpicSki › Gear Articles › 2013 EpicSki Gear Guide