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1000 Shuffles

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1000 Shuffles


While making medium radius turns, shuffle your feet constantly back and forth

Progression steps


Shuffle the feet back and forth on the flat to ensure that the student knows what we mean by shuffling. Demonstrate how hard it is to shuffle in the back seat.

Shuffle in a traverse.

Attempt to shuffle continuously throughout an entire turn.


Video Clip




Common variations


Only shuffle two times just before turn initiation.


Skills developed

Balance - you can't shuffle effectively from the back seat



Proper fore/aft boot alignment.

Proper skiing posture in a static position

Common problems


Weight in the back seat.

unable to shuffle during edge change

Cues for success


Rapidity of shuffling

Evenness of shuffling


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What is Shuffling?  A video might help.
EpicSki › Performance Articles › 1000 Shuffles