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10 Cool Ski & Snowboard Kickstarter Projects

Since 2009 Kickstarter has provided entrepreneurs with a platform for securing the finance required to fund a creative idea. Users sign up to the website, which takes a small percentage of donations to cover costs. They set up a simple profile with information about the product, and a funding target which has to be reached within a set period of time. Those who are interested in a project can then donate money in order to fund the project. And there are some incredible ideas around! Here are a few examples of specifically ski and snowboard related projects:

Click Carabina

This is a great little gadget which packs a number of useful features into a carabina that can then be attached to a belt loop on your salopettes. Functions include screwdriver attachments so you can adjust your bindings on the go, and an all important bottle opener. ClickCarabina is a perfect contrast to other multi-tools that can be bulky and difficult to carry.

PHNX Boards

This project is all about bringing snowboarding to the masses. By developing a board that can be used in back gardens, parks and other public spaces, the makers hope to get more people involved in the sport. You don’t have to have special boots or go to expensive resorts to use these boards, simply hop on in a pair of hiking boots, and off you go!

Deep: The Story of Skiing

This project is not quite as active as some of the others on this list. However, the aim of this book is to highlight the potentially disastrous effects of climate change on skiing and snowboarding. The argument is that in 75 years there could be little or no snow left on earth to ski – a proposition that is seriously uncool.

Glow in the Dark Onesies

Think of them what you will, but onesies are growing in popularity. In some senses this makes them cool, and as such this project makes our list. More and more skiers are slipping into a onesie after a hard day on the slopes. Ski and Reindeer are tapping into the vintage knit market by offering funky festive patterns, with the added quirk of being glow in the dark. Believe it or not, this may be the coolest way to keep toasty this season.

Powderjet Snowboards

One for the purists, these niche snowboards are quite simply gorgeous. Crafted out of environmentally sustainable timbers with a recycled plastic base, this product is truly unique. Safe in the knowledge that this is as eco-friendly as a board gets, if you are passionate about snowboarding and sustainable living then this a piece of kit you don’t want to miss out on.

Far From Home

This documentary project aims to tell the story of Brolin Mawejje. Far From Home charts the adventures of a young man who left Uganda for America in the hope of a better life, and now finds himself with a chance of snowbarding at the 2018 Winter Olympics. The film’s aim is to inspire its audience while reinforcing the message that anyone can overcome difficult circumstances. Let’s face it - snowboarding at the Winter Olympics would be pretty cool!


Str8tline is all about convenience. The project has developed a ‘step-in’ binding system for snowboarders. The idea was inspired by clip-on mountain-bike pedals, and means that users no longer have to sit in the snow and fasten their boots to their boards with straps. Simply put your boots on and ‘step’ into your board – what could be easier than that?

Templar Skis

The primary function of these skis is excellent performance. Using a range of high-tech materials, including carbon fibre, makes these skis incredibly strong and very lightweight – prefect for back country skiing. What’s more, the unique graphics and colour schemes will really help users stand out from the crowd.

Bay Area Snow Park

This might be one of the most ambitious projects on Kickstarter. Snow School Inc hope to create an outdoor ski school where you can learn how to ski all year. The park will be made out of eco-friendly materials, and is aiming to run after school ski clubs and attract tourists to the area (San Jose, California). The idea of an outdoor ski park in an urban area is pretty cool, and the scale of this project makes it one of the most exciting around.

Cthulhu Knitted Ski Mask

Chunky knitwear is definitely trending at the moment, but you may not have expected to find a knitted ski mask- much less one designed to look like a sci-fi monster! However, the creator’s of this unique product have done precisely that. You will certainly turn heads wearing one of these, and probably have good fun doing it.



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